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I hope to once again join the the Liberals in the fight against the Conservatives. I hope to gain the pride, respect, and attention of my father by becoming a Liberal colonel like him. Due to previous experience as a soldier, I feel I have the knowledge and passion to fulfill the responsibilities as a military officer.


  • Enjoys attending the movie theater because it is an entertaining activity that promotes solitude and quiet periods of focus on a single activity.


I am Aureliano Jose Buendia born and raised in Macondo, Colombia. As a child, I was raised in a large but close family environment. Notably absent for most of my childhood was my father, Colonel Aureliano Buendia. He was too preoccupied with fighting the Conservatives and pursuing his thirst for knowledge while inventing new things in his workshop. Therefore, my Aunt Amaranta took it upon herself to raise me. Throughout the years, we have been inseperable and developed a special bond that goes beyond an aunt and nephew. However, when my father renewed his fight with the Conservatives, I knew it was time to leave the comfort of the familar in Macondo in order fulfill my duty to myself, my father, and my country. I had hoped to win my father's attention after following in his footsteps yet he seemed indifferent to my efforts. After a brief return home to pursue other passions, I am now ready to return to the field as a Liberal officer.


Aureliano Buendia

Ursula Iguarian

Work experience


Liberal Party
  • Gained firsthand experience of being in the field actively engaged in war which lead to my desire to experience this feeling again but as an officer.
  •  Learned survival skills and tactics which enabled me to return home to my family alive and intact.
  • Obeyed orders and because many of the officers' orders saved my life, I gained respect for my superiors.  
  • Worked with other soldiers as a team which helped me to develop my social skills which I have trouble doing due to my solitary nature.  
  • Indoctrinated by Liberal values which I could use to motivate new recruits to become passionate about and join the Liberal army.



Recieved a well-rounded education after being homeschooled by my Aunt Amaranta and my Grandmother Ursula, who taught me basic arithmetic, grammar, and of my grandfather's (José Arcadio Buendia) scientific discoveries such as the frozen form of water called "ice."


Ability to Gain Credibility
  Mistaken for Colonel Aureliano Buendia leading to my untimely death.
Risk- taking/ Reluctance to Heed Warnings
  Reluctant to take the advice of others; strong willed which ultimately leads to demise.  
Posesses intense interest in honoring and serving the nation through the military.   Prioritizes the establishment of special relationships with family memebers.
 Relentlessly pursues an objective despite any obstacle or objection whether it is in the workplace or in personal life.
Intense Focus
Performs any task effeciently due to a solitary disposition which lends itself to periods of intense focus.