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My favortie saying is : "Cease cows, life is short."

I use this phrase with the cattle that breed in rapid amounts. I believe this phrase, although is directed at cows, should be lived by. Life is short, once in a while you have to stop and smell the roses and admire the beauty around you. It can't be all about work work work work work work work, it can be about work, and knowing how to plan out your life so that you have time to relax.

What interests me the most, is how people can't find the time to relax or they take certain things too seriously. Like my great grandmother, Ursula, who found it a horrible habit for me to spend so much money on my parties. I agree, to an extent it was a bit wasteful, but I never over exceeded myself. I usually had enough money for the party, the food, the entertainment, and was still able to support my family and the house. It's not that my lavish ways were in vain, in fact they helped advance my connections throughout Macondo.



  • am the son of Santa Sofia de la Piedad.
  • am the husband of Fernanda.
  •  am an honest, driven man who knows how to have a good time and is charitable and accepting of anyone who needs a place to stay, food, and any other want in the world.
  •  am known for throwing luxurious parties where everyone is invited and holding grand raffles and lotteries that benefit the whole town.
  •  have been married to Fernanda for many years, but I cannot seem to stay with only her and frequently visit and at times live with Petra Cotes. I love both women, and treat both of them with the respect they deserve.
  • I am the father of three children which include Renata (MeMe), Amaranta Ursula, and Jose Arcadio.  I love them all very much, and constantly try to spend time with Renata by going to the movies with her. I try to make sure all of my children have money to accomplish their goals in life, like my daughter, Amaranta Ursula wanted to go to Brussels and I promised her I would get ger the money to go continue her studies abroad.

"Aureliano Segundo was so enthusiastic over the progress of his daughter that from a traveling salesman he bought a six-volume English encyclopedia with many color prints which Meme read in her spare time" (Marquez 275).

"It was rare that Aureliano Segundo would not call for her then to take her to the movies" (Marquez 274).

  • love to keep busy and never allow myself to be conquered by idleness. "Aureliano Segundo was one of those who worked hardest not to be conquered by idleness" (Marquez 315).

Work experience

Animal Breeder

Am extremely capable in the raising and breeding of all domesticated animals especially:

  • Cows
  • Horses
  • Donkeys
  • Goats
  • Pigs
  • Chickens/Fighting Cocks

I have very good luck with animals and the ability to make them breed abnormally but productively and lucratively, where normally there would be one baby born to the livestock there are born three in its place.  Even the chickens lay at least three times a day.


Invested and financed multiple business expenditures including:

  • an archeological exploration of the surrounding swamp lands of Macondo
  • laid down the financial foundation and capital for the creation of an Ice Factory in Macondo that latter expanded into a shaved ice factory as well
  • created a raffle and lottery system with the help of my mistress


I design and then create raffles and lotteries, with the help of Petra Cotes, that expand and assists Macondo's economy as well as personal revenue while giving people a chance to have fun and to leave their cares behind.

The raffles are usually accompanied with a party during or after the raffle that all are invited too, no exceptions, except perhaps military men.



Macondo Primaria

I attended my town's only academic institution. Grammar school was easy for me and I got by quite easily.

There was no college, or higher level education avaible to me, but I enjoy reading and was often found reading about different cultures.

"Aureliano Segundo was deep in the reading of a book. Although it had no cover and the title did not appear anywhere, the boy enjoyed the story of a woman who sat at a table and ate nothing but kernels of rice, which she picked up with a pin, and the story of the fisherman who borrowed a weight for his net from a neighbor and when he gave him a fish in payment later it had a diamond in its stomach, and the one about the lamp that fulfilled wishes and about flying carpets"


I am adept in finding things or people that are lost. I've located a woman from across a country, knowing only her first name and profession. "The only real clues that Aureliano Segundo had when he left to look for her were her unmistakable highland accent and her trade as a weaver of funeral wreaths" (Marquez 207).
Party Planner
I am a great party planner. My guests come from all over the area to arrive at my grand parties. The sucesses lie, not in the party accesories themselves, but knowing how to coordinate all the necessary aspects of the party and making it to be a huge sucess. The parties I throw are well known throughout Macondo and are always inclusive of everyone. For example, when I got married, I threw the biggest party ever, it lasted 20 days of food, music, and dancing.
I play the accoridion very well, mostly for the purposes of entertaining my friends and guests and parties. I have been rumored to be almost as good as the well known Francisco the Man.