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Audrey Rebecca Athaëna Kethsia Albert

Photography Student


2 Denham Drive
Marus Bridge

Work experience

Feb 2009Aug 2009

Call Centre Operative

Angel Voice Ltd

This job required me to make outbound sales calls to France. Calls were made to sell different products such as photovoltaic systems for example or to make general sales appointments that targeted specific age groups.

Jun 2010Dec 2010

Radio News Host and Journalist

TOP FM Radio Mauritius

This job consisted of the presentation of the daily news live on air as well as the weather forecast. I was required to write articles, research information, attend press conferences and carry out and record interviews which were to be broadcasted.

Jan 2013Jan 2014


Le Journal du Dimanche (The Sunday Newspaper)

I worked as a photojournalist for a local Mauritian newspaper. The job consisted mainly of writing for the culture and success story section. I was to interview local artists and successful people and carry out on the spot photoshoots with them. I also took pictures of events and produced photos for inclusion in the newspaper.

Feb 2014Feb 2015

Cruise Ship Photographer


As a cruise ship photographer, I was to shoot events around the ship and in assigned studios. I also photographed embarcation and disembarcation as well as took  candid shots of the guests on board. I worked alongside a team of 10 photographers of different nationalities to take photographs as well as display and sell them in the gallery. The sales also included cameras, binoculars, frames, GoPros and various photography related gadgets. Customer service and help also had to be provided to the onboard cruising guests.

Sept 2015Present

Lane Host

AMF Bowling Wigan


Jan 2001Nov 2006


College du Bon et Perpetuel Secours

French Language  : A
French Literature  : A
English Literature : B
English Language : B
Mathematics           : C
Business Studies   : C
Economics               : C

Jan 2007Nov 2008

A Levels

College du Bon et Perpetuel Secours

General Paper       : B

French Language : B

English Language : B

Business Studies   : D

Aug 2010Aug 2013

BSc Political Science Specialisation Media and Communication

University of Mauritius

Degree of Bachelor of Science

Sept 2015Present

BA (Hons) Photography

Manchester Metropolitan University - Manchester School of Art


I am used to working with photo editing software such as Photoshop, Lightroom and In-Design (mostly for book making). I am also adept with blogging platforms and any type of social media. During my years at university, I also had to submit word documents in assingment form as well as carry out visual presentations made with powerpoint.

My job on board a cruise ship has allowed me to communicate with people from very varied set of backgrounds,cultures, nationalities and ethnicities. This has improved my ability to communicate very easily with other people.

In my home country of Mauritius, I was heavily involved in social work. I was the photographer for a local non profit organisation called 'Bring A Smile Link' which focused on working  with children from difficult backgrounds. This not only improved my ability to work with children but inspired me to strive to help others whenever I can. I also closely worked with different non profit organisations around the Island of Mauritius both as a photographer and volunteer. I helped with various events such as the distribution of food and basic materials to people in need, and awareness campaigns targeting young adults.

I fluently speak and write English, French and Mauritian Kreol.

Hobbies and Interests

My personal interests include drawing, blogging, fire spinning and hiking. I like to draw from my own personal inspirations and imagination. I often take a single image that I like an expand upon it to create something unique. I often find inspiration in nature, culture and people.

I run two online blog that contain articles on current affairs and personal experiences such as working on a cruise ship. I also blog about food, politics, cinema and whatever else I feel passionate about.

I like to explore the outside world and often go hiking in new and interesting locations. My job on board a cruise ship has allowed me to travel to a variety of countries with beautiful scenery. My home country (Mauritius) also has a large amount of mountains and coastal scenery to explore.

Fire spinning is another hobby of mine. This gives me both physical and creative enjoyment. Leaning new moves/spins takes a lot of focus and concentration as it often dangerous to play with fire.

I am currently teaching myself how to sing. I often find myself enjoying singing with friends so I am determined to improve myself and start to sing more often.