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Sep 2000Jun 2004

Bachelor's Degree in Communications

  • Scholarship varsity athlete for the University of Maryland for all four years
  • Recruited to play for their Women's Soccer Team
  • Played in the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) - the most difficult conference in the country for Women's Soccer.
  • Member of the ACC Honor Roll all four years. 

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Proficient in Afrikaans (South African Native Language)
Working within a business environment
People Skills - very good at dealing with Ship's Personnel (Officers, Staff, and Crew) Extremely energetic Leadership Experience Very comfortable addressing large groups Excellent Management and Organizational Skills
Public Speaking
Proficient in Spanish

Work experience

Relevant Work Experience

Assistant Soccer Coach, U12 Bethesda Riptide, 2004

Assistant Soccer Coach, the Academy of the Holy Cross (Varsity and Freshmen Teams) Kensington, MD 2004

Intern for Discovery Communications Inc. 2004

P.A. Stadium Announcer, University of Maryland, 2004

Youth Counselor, Norwegian Cruise Lines, 2005-2006

Cruise Staff Host, Norwegian Cruise Lines, 2006-2007

College Crew Hostess, Norwegian Cruise Lines, 2007

Crew Activities and STYLE Coordinator, 2007-2008

Crew Activities and STYLE Coordinator

Norwegian Cruise Line

Cruise Ship Experience:

·        Working on NCL vessels for 3.5 years as Crew Activities Coordinator, College Crew Host, Cruise Staff and Youth Counselor.

·        Working with all ships personnel and reporting to senior management

Name of organization: Norwegian Cruise Line (on board Norwegian Majesty, February-March 2007)

Position :College Crew Hostess

Main job functions, responsibilities, and accomplishments:

·        Together with Ship’s Management and Shore side, pioneered and created a program specifically geared towards College Students on Spring Break (60% of Ship’s population for the month of March 2007).

·        Worked closely with Ships’ Senior Management, Security Teams, Cruise Director and Staff, Youth Program Supervisor and staff to create a fun and safe entertainment schedule.

·        Worked with various concessions on board (Spa, Port and Shopping, Shore-Excursions, Bar) in order to cross promote and make revenue.

Name of organization: Norwegian Cruise Line

Position :Crew Activities STYLE Coordinator

Main job functions, responsibilities, and accomplishments:

·        In charge of providing activities and programs to keep the morale as high as possible for all the crew members working on board the vessel.  On average, there are about 1000 crew members working on board most ships for Norwegian Cruise Lines, however at times I would have numbers over 1100 (ranging from over 64 different nationalities from all over the globe).  It took extreme patience and also passionate dedication to ensure the crew knew they were being looked after.

·        Implementing STYLE in everyday life (STYLE is our company's motto: Service, Teamwork, and Yes Lead to Excellence) and also educating new crew members about STYLE.

·        Implemented BANK OF AMERICA Project for Crew Members (out of 1000 crew members, over 500 participated in program).

·        Offers new sign on’s a full ship tour

·        Single-handedly redid the Crew Bar, Crew Gym, Crew Smoking Area, and created a “Crew Day Room” from a former room used for storage where crew can socialize, play DVD’s and video games, and read magazines.

·        Recently finished the “Educational Nook” in the Day Room—brought in a computer, desk, and storage cabinets so that crew can type up resumes, learn various Microsoft Office programs, or learn languages.

·        Works with various crew and management on board to ensure that our crew mart is fully stocked (every week we send the order in), we have a DVD library (every week purchasing new releases for it), and bike rentals, free of charge.

·        Works with Broadcast Technician to ensure the “Crew TV” is up and running with various programs for everyone’s taste, and sends out an “All User’s” email every embarkation with the TV Guide for the week (complete with images of each movie and TV program)

·        Together with the Shore Excursion Manager, created the “Crew Escort Program for Guest Tours.”Crew can go on guest tours free of charge and then provide feedback to the Shore Excursion Team.

·        Creates a crew newsletter every month.

·        In charge of a crew raffle every month (purchasing various prizes—familiar with the expense form process).

·        Every month, chairs Crew Welfare, STYLE, Meetings, and presents Service and STYLE Awards at Captain’s Monthly Meeting

·        Started various clubs for crew such as Ballroom Dance Classes and Jogging/Walking Club.

·        Hosts the “Norwegian Spirit Crew Talent Show” for the guests.

·        Took over handling of EVP, Friends and Family, and Comp Requests for crew.

·        Took over the handling of the Service Award program for the crew.

·        Single-handedly runs a “Gem Mart” for the crew (including doing monthly inventories, weekly orders, maintenance, updating micros, and hiring helpers) so that crew that are not able to go ashore can still purchase various items necessary for every day life on ships.

·        Provides a link between Senior Management and crew, communicating crew issues on a daily basis.

Worked on board the following NCL Vessels

·        NCL JEWEL

·        NCL SPIRIT

·        NCL STAR

·        NCL WIND

·        NCL MAJESTY

·        NCL GEM

May 2010Present

Personal Cruise Consultant

Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Responsible for selling NCL cruise products directly to consumers
  • Cultivating and maintaining customer relationships
  • Initiating calls to current and future customers
  • Building rapport with future customers
  • Attending various conventions and promotional events as a representative of Norwegian Cruise Line to attract future customers and sales leads.
  • Responsible for putting together comprehensive presentations for up to 200+ about our cruise product
  • Recommending modifications to products and services which promote customer retention
  • Driving direct sales
  • Ensuring an overall superior customer service experience with Norwegian Cruise Line
Jan 2011Present

Sales Trainer

Norwegian Cruise Line
  • Responsible for training all new hires for the Personal Cruise Consultant position
  • Created/developed presentations for the new hires as well as the entire sales floor on our product
  • Delivered presentations to the entire outbound sales department on specific destinations
  • Responsible for training product knowledge, IT, and sales ability to maximize revenue
  • Oct 2008Jan 2010

    Manager, Shipboard Support

    SeaBeyond, Inc.
    Shipboard Support
    • Working with on board team to maximize efforts to make Bingo successful from a revenue standpoint as well as an entertainment standpoint
    • Building relationships and networking with onboard teams
    • Auditing of reports
    • Traveling onboard the ships in order to mentor, evaluate, and train the shipboard staff as well as performing service visits to the ships to assess the bingo equipment.
    • Developing user friendly software manuals


    • Responsible for providing ships with various types of contemporary media
    • Assembling music for Pre-session playlists
    • Assembling Sound Effects for the swiping of guests’ stateroom cards
    • Developing trivia and facts for themed bingo sessions
    • Working with our Graphic Designer to develop various logos, screen shots, ideas for promotional events

    Organizing our Business Training "Boot Camps"

    • Corresponding with each participant beforehand in order to customize an information booklet specifically for their needs.
    • Working alongside respective Cruise Line Shoreside Teams to coordinate travel logistics/dates
    • Coordinating with each participant’s upcoming ship to organize conference calls, handover notes, grids, schedules, and any additional information the participant needs to obtain before joining.


    Contributing to the development of concepts such as:

    • “Go Green” Bingo Sessions
    • Slogans for t-shirts
    • Cross Promotions
    • New ideas for themed bingo sessions


    Jill Colbert-Koumalatsos

    Bonnie Vangalis

    Daniel Hirsch


    Special Olympics Broward County Volunteer

    Currently in training for the 2011 Miami Marathon







    To obtain a position in the South Florida area that will allow me to continue to use my creative talents and energy to motivate and inspire others.  I have been in the Cruise Line Industry for seven years now (working both onboard the ships and from a shoreside position as well).  I am passionate, energetic, and completely open to travel when needed.  I hope you enjoy looking through this Visual CV and I look forward to hearing from you soon!


    Personal Accomplishments

    ·    4 year Varsity Starter, University of Maryland Women’s Soccer Team (earned athletic scholarship). 

    ·    Freshman All American, 2000

    ·    ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference) Honor Roll, 200-2003

    ·    One of The Montgomery Journal’s Top Ten Most Influential People for the year 1999

    ·    Winner of a STYLE Award, created by the Norwegian Spirit Crew called “The Super Participant in the Spirit Sports Super Team” Award (an award created after over 300 crew had signed a petition for it).

    ·    Successfully organized several goodwill Trips to an Orphanage and Boys and Girls Club in Roatan, Honduras and Santo Tomas de Castilla, Guatemala

    ·    Winner of an “It’s Your Ship, It’s Your Business” Award presented by the Norwegian Gem Crew and Officers for turning around the Crew Welfare Program on board. 

    Outreach Projects


    Feb 2005Present

    Basic First Aid

    Norwegian Cruise Line
    Feb 2005Present

    Crowd Management Training

    Norwegian Cruise Line
    Feb 2005Aug 2008

    Basic Safety and Environmental Procedures (as required by SEMS)

    Norwegian Cruise Line