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Work Experience

Oct 2013Present

Business Owner

Maid of Sunshine
  • Created and managed Maid of Sunshine, a professional cleaning service targeting residences and small businesses. 
  • Registered business name; obtained business license, business banking account and liability insurance; created a website and registered a domain; created business cards and used them as interpersonal advertising; obtained web listings for online searches.
  • Constantly updated techniques and products to ensure the best possible service.
  • Maintained excellent relationships with clients.
  • Charged many clients uniquely based on their budgets and needs.
  • Created and used invoice and bid forms with Google Drive.
  • Partnered with three different cleaning services depending on our mutual needs and available time. Maintained excellent working relationships with other companies, approaching them as partners rather than competition. Gave finder's fees to referring cleaning businesses.
Mar 2013Present

Communication Assistant/ Interpreter

Sorenson Communications CaptionCall
  • Captioned telephone conversations for the hearing-impaired and Deaf, using voice recognition technology.
  • Achieved weekly recognition for high accuracy on test calls.
Nov 2011Jan 2013

Youth Mentor

Sunrise Residential Treatment Center
  • Acted as a mentor, role model, life coach, and teacher to troubled teen-aged girls in various settings. 
  • Modeled and taught healthy communication and relationship skills, healthy recreation and lifestyle habits, healthy self-expression and personal responsibility, and other important life skills.
  • Worked directly with parents, therapists, coworkers and supervisors on behalf of the students.
May 2012Aug 2013

Office Assistant

Above View Jet Center
  • Assured timely fueling and parking for FBO customers as well as Skywest Airline's planes at the Saint George Municipal Airport; coordinated multiple fuel line personnel.
  • Greeted and assisted customers, answered multi-line telephone, processed payments, reserved car rentals and managed catering services and accommodations for patrons, did data entry and other general office duties.
  • Acted as weekend janitor, maintaining a clean and professional-looking building.
Jul 2011Oct 2011

Archaeological Technician

Bryce Canyon National Park
  • Hiked 60 miles per week throughout Bryce Canyon National Park on a small crew conducting Archaeological field survey.
  • Learned and implemented industry-specific technology, language and skills in a short period of time.
  • Used leave-no-trace conservation techniques while living and working on public lands.
Aug 2008Jun 2011

Instructor to People with Disabilities

TURN Community Services
  • Modeled and taught social and communication skills, money and time management, health, hygiene and other general life skills.
  • Acted as a companion and teacher in group and one-on-one settings.
  • Helped people acheive their goals through motivation and guidance and by using my inherent abilities and privilege to give them access to what they otherwise would not have access to.
Jan 2009May 2009

Co-Facilitator of an Understanding Self and Others Group (Internship)

Southern Utah University; Psychology Department
  • Acted as one of three co-facilitators of an Understanding Self and Others (USO) group with a licensed therapist as guide.
  • Actively used and improved basic group therapy techniques such as active listening, empathy, honest and clear communication, personal accountability, self-awareness, awareness of others, humility and courage to push myself and others.


Aug 2006May 2010

Bachelor of Science in Psychology with Creative Writing Minor

Southern Utah University
  • Graduated Summa Cum Laude with 3.81 accumulative GPA and 4.0 Psychology GPA
  • Member of the Psi Chi National Psychology Honors Association
  • Recipient of the SUU Academic Achievment Scholarship of $1,800.00
Jun 2007Jul 2007


Regents University, London
  • English study abroad program with stay in Regents University dorms in London. Studied the Bronte sisters and Charles Dickens by visiting their birthplaces and reading all of their works as well as biographies on them. 

Specialized Training and Demonstrated Skills

  • Business-development and business-management skills, both self-taught through trial-and-error and directly learned from former employer, Jennica Woodbury (professional reference)
  • Exceptional written communication skills
  • Ability to thoroughly learn new skills in new environments
  • Cultural sensitivity and awareness; experience working well with diverse populations
  • Exceptional interpersonal communication skills
  • Strong community- and team-membership skills
  • Highly empathetic and compassionate
  • Determined, courageous, self-challenging, flexible, passionate, ethical, self-reflective and humble
  • Contemplative and mindful, as a result of regular mindfulness meditation practice


  • Copy editor and fundraiser for The Kolob Canyon Review, SUU's literary and art journal. Cedar City, Utah. 2008-2010.
  • Published in A Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Scholoarship (ACOURAS) for independent research project "Assessment of Predictors and Motivation for Natural Resource Conservation." Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah. 2009.
  • Published in The Kolob Canyon Review. "Giving What Is Yours To Give: An Interview with Carol Lynn Pearson." Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah. 2009.
  • Co-founded "Corner Street Poets," a weekly poetry reading at The Grind Coffee House in Cedar City, Utah. 2008.
  • Took personal interest in a young woman with developmental disabilities who had emotional communication barriers. Helped her develop a communication technique involving writing for when she was "shutting down." Got her involved in the community: found an acting group she became a member of; helped her publish her stories; joined a pottery class with her until she was comfortable enough to go alone; and did role plays with her that gave her basic social skills for making friends. TURN Community Services, Saint George, Utah. 2010-2012.
  • Commended at the highest level on 5 consecutive employee reviews for ability to work on a team. Sunrise RTC, Hurricane, Utah. 2011-2013.
  • Started an over-the-phone book club, with weekly meetings. 2010-Present. 

Volunteer Experience and Community Involvement

  • Member of, an international community of travelers. Hosted 6 people (housed, fed, acted as tour guide) and met with 4 more (tour guide, story sharing) over the course of year-and-a-half-long membership. ( 2013-Present.
  • Vice President of The Feminist Education and Motivation Society club. Helped organize events dedicated to reeducating people about inherent personal power and potential, regardless of gender. Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah. 2007-2008.
  • Volunteer, Center for Women and Families. Acted as community outreach advocate and office assistant. Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah. 2008-2010.
  • Kept a mentoring relationship going with a young woman with developmental disabilities following employment at TURN Community Services. Took her to community events and maintained a regular email correspondence with her. Saint George, Utah. 2010-Present.
  • Befriended and assisted a lonely elderly man who was a former cleaning client at the end of his life. Took him to lunch and family functions and helped him with household tasks regularly over the course of 3 months. Santa Clara, Utah. 2014.
  • Arranged a song with a small group and performed it at the annual Aids Walk sponsored by Saint George, Utah's HIV/Aids Task Force. Saint George, Utah. 2012. 
  • Wrote a song with a small group and performed it at "Women's Week," an empowering community event showcasing women's various talents. Cedar City, Utah. 2011. 
  • Took students to volunteer at the Dixie Care and Share homeless shelter and Deseret Industries. Sunrise RTC, Hurricane, Utah. 2012.
  • Organized family creation and donation of gingerbread houses to the Dixie Care and Share homeless shelter. Saint George, Utah. 2013.
  • Starred in a public service announcement for the Dixie Care and Share homeless shelter of Saint George, Utah. 2012.
  • Regular attendant at the Equality Utah Annual Equality Celbration, dedicated to raising awareness and funds. Saint George, Utah. 2011-2013.
  • Member, Earth Club. Attended and assisted with events meant to support sustainable environmental practices. Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah. 2007-2010. 
  • Organized campus-wide plastic bag awareness campaign. Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah. 2009.
  • Ongoing involvement in various community demonstrations and events in favor of marginalized groups, environmental awareness and positive community-building. This includes writing letters to the editor,  joining in picketing and sit-ins, donating time and resources, and attending/donating funds to performances, screenings, and fundraisers. 2006-Present.

Personal Interests and Activities

  • 10+ year prioritization of self-awareness and self improvement projects and rituals, examples of which include daily meditation, yoga, excellent self-care, relationship-maintenance, and writing (poetry and journalling). 2001-Present.
  • Implemented regular pen-pal-type correspondences with 4 different international friends. 2008-Present.
  • Belief in and engagement in continued education and personal growth outside of the formal classroom; reads, writes, listens to podcasts, watches documentaries, attends lectures, takes classes. 2001-Present.
  • Diverse spiritual education; has studied many forms of spirituality and belief through reading, introspection, and the guidance of multiple spiritual mentors and guides. 2001-Present.
  • Member, SUU Symphony Orchestra (Cello). Southern Utah University, Cedar City, Utah. 2007-2010. 
  • Costarred in Cowgirls, a musical, as a self-challenge. The Space Between Theater Company, Saint George, Utah. 2011.
  • Danced in and headlined at The Space Between Theater Company's annual fundraiser celebration as Nancy Sinatra, performing "These Boots Were Made for Walking." Saint George, Utah. 2012.