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Akos Töttösi

mechanical engineer at Bertrand Ingenieurbüro GmbH


Rapid Prototyping
Application of Rapid Prototyping Technologies
experience in tailor made machinery
Experience in unique machine desing, from the beginning, first contact with the customer until the installation of the build machine. Design of mechanical, electro-mechanical, pneumatical systems, including sensors, actuators.
experience in automotive design
Good experience in automotive design, handling of customers and suppliers application of automotive developing processes, and standards
daily application of MS-Office software, like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, OneNote.
CAD skills
Good knowladge in the most known CAD softwares for mechanical engineering. CATIA V5 experience is more then 6 year active usage, Inventor from Autodesk 3 years active usage. With Solidworks, Autocad, Solidedge have the basics, and could get around quickly.   FEM: able to do any FEM Calculations and reviewing resulst with Ansys, Catia-FEM.




Patent Nr.: Hungary P1100481, Issued: September, 2011

Brief Description:

a fully mechanical ariscrew for light, ultralight aircraft, autogyros, with the function to adjust the blades to the optimal angle, depending of motor and flying speed


Work experience

Mar 2011Present

mechanical engineer, brake systems

Bertrandt Ingenieurbüro GmbH

Resident engineer at BMW Automotive OEM Company in Munich.

Responsible for brake system desing for serial produciton, CAD design, packaging, supplier coordination, coordination of prototyping, documentation of results and presentation.

Mar 2008Jun 2010

mechanical engineer, lead engineer

Hepenix Ltd.

Design of Assemblycells, Industrierobots, Measureing cells etc for the Automotive and Nuclear industry.(Task is to design a whole automated machine, to solve an industrial problem, i.e.: measuring, adjusting an ABS sensor, cooling down ABS actuators, positioning, holding and lifting up some heavy water-filters. The work begins at the conecptual design, goes over the final 3D design, producing the manufacturing drawings, coordinating the manufacturing, and assembly, and assist at the installing, and for the first run, and later on, maintance and servicing)

Mar 2009Sep 2009

researcher with internship

Dublin City University

Researcher in the field of Biomedical engineering, Bone scaffolds, implants. (The task is to investigate the 3D printing method, if it is suitable for scaffold production, mainly from the aspect of the permeability. It includes modelling, 3D printing, and testing, measurements, and publishing some papers.)

Nov 2006Mar 2008

mechanical engineer, team leader

Thyssenkrupp Prest Hungary

The position offerd the work on pure eletroncial servo steerings for commercial cars. The task was to design the mechanical parts for the eletric motor, on the steering gear. I had  to cooperate with the customers, manufacturers, and other steering divisions. It was necesseary to make a lot of test, investigations, quality test and reports, FMEA meetings and calculations (even FEM). Later on I became to the supervisior of this mechanical design group. (4 people).


exchange semester

University of Technology Dresden

Exchange semester via Erasmus internship. I countinued my mechanical engineer studies at the UTD for 6 month. Main study fields were mechanical design and manufacturing.

Sep 2001Sep 2006


Budapest University of Technology and Economics