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Work experience

Nov 2001Jun 2012

Stockroom Manager

Crate & Barrel


Sep 1996May 2000

High School Diploma

R.W. Traip Academy


Ordering supplies
I have experience ordering and maintaining inventory of store supplies such as packaging, cleaning, paper products, and office products.
Stockroom Manager
    As a Stockroom Manager at Crate & Barrel my main job duty was to oversee the stockroom staff ranging from 4-10 people. I was responsible for being a team leader, training, and guiding associates. As a manager I would assign projects, oversee current projects, and ensure that daily tasks were completed.
Building Maintenance
    At Crate & Barrel, I would oversee repairs by putting in a work order, or calling a vendor. I would often fix things in the building such as a broken toilet, or broken pallet jack to save my company money. I have been a landlord for about 4 years now, and have light repair skills. I am also experienced at participating and overseeing building cleaning maintenance including; floor cleaning, bathroom/break room/office cleaning, light bulb replacement, wall patch/painting, and general cleaning.
Stern man
    I have worked recently and in the past as a stern man on a lobster boat.
    I am stockroom based, with good organizational skills both for merchandise or filing paperwork. I am used to preparing merchandise for outgoing shipments, or preparing space for incoming product. Labeling, overstocking, counting inventory, and re-arranging are all familiar to me.
Computer Literate
    I've often used common office programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, data sign, as-400 rumba inventory system, and vendor ordering websites. I also have about 9 years of experience using UPS worldship for outgoing shipping packages.
Loading/Unloading trucks
    I am very experienced at unloading tractor trailer trucks filled with merchandise. I can lift 100+ lb. I have used equipment such as; hand pallet jack, upright dolly, and carts to unload pallets or loose heavy merchandise such as furniture. I have a keen eye for shipping errors, checking in merchandise, and sorting items while unloading. I have experience with most forms of recieving paperwork and bills of lading.   
Receiving/Inventory Control
    At Crate & Barrel I gained a lot of useful experience in inventory control over the 10.5 years I worked there. My knowlege increased while I worked in design and often had to fix mis-picks and solve inventory discrepencies. When I became Stockroom Manager, I learned how to receive our trucks and follow up with vendors on missing shipments. I would oversee all incoming and outgoing merchandise including inter-store transfers. I am detail orientated, and will research and solve inventory discrepencies, mis-picks, overages, shortages, vendor quality issues, etc.
    At Crate & Barrel, I worked as a design assistant for about 1.5 years. I gained experience preparing and placing new store merchandise, designing displays to maximize sales.


Pat Kramer

I have known Pat for at least 5 years, and am friends with her family.

Patty Becker

Was the store manager before Michelle Miller. I worked with Patty for about a year.

Michelle Miller

My most recent manager at Crate & Barrel. I worked with her for about a year.

Judith Dow

The former store manager of Crate & Barrel, we worked together for 8.5 years.


Warehousing, inventory control, design, retail, customer service, team work, shipping and receiving.


    As a consumer, I understand the importance of buying local products and supporting local businesses. I would also like to find a locally operated company to work for. My longevity at my former job made my workplace like a family. I strive to find a new company to fit in with and become part of, "the family."


    I am a positive, talented, and dedicated individual seeking long term employment at an innovative, fast paced, and rewarding company. My many years in the warehouse/retail environment has given me skills all across the board. My hard work, determination, and willingness to work with others would make me a great addition to any team.


    Four years ago, I inherited two businesses and properties from my father. I co-own an offshore lobster boat called, "Amanda T." with my business partner Bruce. I also own a boat business, and am a landlord.