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Atisha Chatterjee




Consultant, Product Management and Strategy

Inscient Solutions
  • Repositioned brand identity for Signature Estates focusing on its heritage and commitment to social sustainability. Products featured in regional publications including the Boston Globe
  • Managed project life cycle. Implemented product road map. Prioritized rollout. Led product launch in Australia's largest supermarket chain (933+ stores) and 1200+ outlets in India

Product Manager/RA, SignalSilence

Cell Signaling Technology

Established best practices in manufacturing, analyzing and validating siRNA duplexes. Implemented process improvements  resulting in increased throughput and reduced processing times. Cross trained RAs and collaborated with relevant stakeholders to ensure timely product development and release

  • Developed economical, high throughput solution for oligonucleotide purification in record time. Went from 24 to 48 oligos per week, increasing throughput by 100%
  • Designed rapid, sample-safe evaporative technique that reduced drying time by 1.5 hours, enhancing efficiency by 25%
  • Authored and implemented SOPs and process maps for siRNA synthesis and plasmid preparation

Research/Analysis, Cancer Bioscience


Designed and executed cell-based assays for high throughput screening in the preclinical stages of the drug discovery process. Measured the efficacy of therapeutic compounds using GI50


Manager/RA, BCMP Biopolymers Facility

Harvard Medical School
  • Enabled HMS investigators to save research funds and reduce lead time from idea to experiment by providing access to highly specialized technology services like DNA sequencing, peptide synthesis, HPLC, Mass Spectrometry and by negotiating bulk pricing agreements
  • Facilitated administrative, quality control, fiscal and regulatory activities to ensure operational efficiency and compliance with departmental, FDA and OSHA policies. Collaborated effectively with diverse stakeholders ranging from Longwood Area medical labs, universities and biotechnology companies from around the world
  • Reduced DNA sequencing cost by 75% by optimizing usage of BigDye Terminator


Research/Analysis, Center for Blood Research

Harvard Medical School 

Researched activation receptors in Natural Killer cells and their role in conjugate and IS formation using Fluorescence and Confocal Microscopy. Isolated blood cells for immunophenotyping using FACS analysis



Certificate in Management

Harvard University

Relevant Coursework :
Marketing Management, Healthcare Management, Financial Planning, Oral Communication, Human Resources, Productivity Software for Managers


Master of Liberal Arts, Biology

Harvard University

Relevant Coursework :
Neurobiology, Genetic Engineering, Immunology, Statistics


Bachelor of Science

North-Eastern Hill University

Bachelor of Education

North-Eastern Hill University