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Work experience

Sep 2008Present

E-Learning Specialist, ICT & Business Studies Teacher

New Cairo British International School
  • Whole class teaching and planning for ICT in KS 3, 4 and 5.
  • Whole class teaching and planning for Business Studies in KS4.
  • Member of the ICT Task Force facilitating direction and vision for ICT use at the school.
  • Member of the Enrichment Task Force facilitating direction and vision for Gifted and Talented students.
  • Introduced social networks and e-learning software including Ning, Moodle and Google Docs to the ICT Department and whole school.
  • Introduced the use of blogs as a learning tool for business studies.
  • Involved in establishing Moodle as a VLE in the secondary school.
  • Initiated a student website, for the students, by the students.
Aug 2010Present

Director of Educational Technology and Head of ICT

Hayah International Academy
  • Leading the school towards obtaining the ICT Mark and e-Safety Mark.
  • Assisted educators in planning for the use and integration of educational technology.
  • Set up and steered the school’s ICT Committee.
  • Wrote and introduced a School Technology Plan, Acceptable Use Policy, Copyright Policy, Technology Guidelines and E-Safety Policy.
  • Contributed to and implemented the School Improvement Plan.
  • Mentored teachers and staff for use of technology.
  • Developed the ICT curriculum for the 21st Century Learner.
  • Mentored staff and completed appraisals.
  • Introduced E-learning solutions across the school.
  • Set up and led the behavior working party towards a whole school policy currently implemented by the school.
  • Teaching IB ITGS.
  • Mapped curriculum using the Rubicon Atlas software
Sep 2006Aug 2008

Head of ICT, Business Studies Teacher & Key Stage Three Coordinator

International Community School, Amman Jordan

  • Whole class teaching and planning for ICT in KS 3 and 4.
  • Whole class teaching and planning for Business Studies in KS4.
  • Managing members within the ICT department as well as writing policies related to ICT use at the school.
  • Setting targets and professional development plans for individuals and completing Self Evaluation Forms for the department.
  • Contributing towards the School Improvement Plan.
  • Dealing with day-to-day as well as short and long term pastoral issues.
  • Managing 20 members of staff and over 100 students in KS3.
  • In the absence of Head of Secondary, responsible for the secondary school.
Sep 2004Aug 2006

ICT & Media Studies Teacher

Benton Park School, Leeds, UK

  • Whole class teaching at KS 3, 4, 5 in ICT.
  • Whole class teaching at KS 4 in Media Studies.
  • Whole class teaching at KS 3 in History.
  • Whole class teaching at KS 3 in PSHE.
  • Observation and application of various discipline and behaviour management techniques within the classroom.
  • Researching different learning styles and teaching methods for a variety of different subjects.
  • Contributing to the school environment through meetings and the corporate life of the school.
  • Organisation and management of the extra-curricular Computer Club.
  • Teaching adults and parents Basic Skills an ICT after school.
Dec 2004Jul 2006

IT Consultant (Operations Analyst)

Trinity Mirror Southern

  • Supporting users at Trinity Mirror and implementing existing procedures.
  • Worked closely with Business Managers in planning and implementing various IT projects.
  • Working with different team members on a consultancy basis.
  • Providing technical support on an ‘on-call’ system.
Jun 2001Sep 2004

Operations Analyst

Trinity Mirror Southern

  • Providing system and application related support to over 12000 users.
  • Providing Operations Support to over 260 titles.
  • Working as part of a team and supporting the IT infrastructure, both hardware and software, of Trinity MirrorPlc throughout UK and Europe.
  • Configuration and installation of new computers.
  • Providing users support over the phone and dealing with all their technical enquires and involved in implementing projects.
Jun 1999Feb 2001

Support Analyst

Virgin Net Plc

  • Team co-ordinator.
  • Solely Responsible for Virgin Reseller Projects, which required liaison with NTL, HP, Bush & Peugeot.
  • Involved in planning & implementing projects such as; Virgin Net, Virgin Com, Virgin Wines & Virgin Travel Office Move; Virgin Net IT Infrastructure upgrade; Launch of new Virgin Net ISP CD; Audit.
  • Configuration of Multimedia Machine on various brands.
  • Supporting remote users throughout UK & Europe.


Aug 2002Present

Cambridge CELTA

International House

Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults



Oxford Brookes University

Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Educational Practice: Leadership and Management in Independent Schools – Action Research focus on e-learning.

Sep 2004Jun 2005

Graduate Teacher Programme

Bradford College

Obtained my Qualified Teacher Status.



University of East London

Units Studied:

  • Information, Technology and the Economy
  • Reading Cultures
  • Culture, History, Power
  • Computer Graphics and Desk-Top Publishing
  • Computers, Users, Organisations
  • New Technology Work and the Economy Theories
  • Information Technology, Producers and Markets
  • England and Empire: After the Revolutions
  • Knowledge, Truth and Power
  • Human Computer Interaction
  • Information Networks
  • New Technology, Information and Consumption
  • The State of the Art in Information Technology
  • Orientalism and Representation 


I am an enthusiastic individual with a keen desire to learn and share good practice. I have a passion for the use of cross-curricular ICT and driven by this interest, I have set up a website to help provide teachers and students with resources to help them in their use of ICT in all subjects.

I also enjoy exploring new media and often spend my spare time experimenting with new technologies and acquiring skills in visual communication. I am an avid reader with a growing passion for journalism and literature. I have read many books and journals, especially related to current affairs, Middle Eastern history, and the role of the media in reporting current affairs.

I had been the Student Representative at Bradford College during the Graduate Teaching Programme and had been an active member within the group taking many initiatives to support my peers.

I have always been involved in working with my local community, particularly the youth, in organising various events, seminars and conferences related to issues affecting the community. I have been participating in such group activities since my school days and have worked closely with the youth in educating and informing them about drug and alcohol abuse, racial discrimination etc.

I am a keen traveller and have visited many countries across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. I have visited the Gulf States, Tunisia, Egypt, Morocco, Turkey and Syria along with many European countries. I take travelling as an opportunity to develop my increasing interest in photography. Some day I hope to have travelled the world.


Abid Khan

Atif performed all his duties to great effect and was a popular and effective member of the technical team.

Atifs particular strengths are his ability to understand complex tasks and to build working relationships with team members as well as internal customers. During his time at Virgin Net, Atif displayed a very mature attitude towards to the work environment. He was extremely punctual and there were no problems with absenteeism.

I would have absolutely no issue with re-employing Atif at Virgin Net.

Terry Higgins

He showed good temperament under pressure and empathised well with the business community involved on the project. He managed a diverse cultural group very calmly and earned their respect in working with them to bring the project to a successful conclusion. Atif displayed good commitment to work and his timekeeping and attendance was excellent. I am sure that he will confidently offer value to a prospective employer.

Osvaldo Spadano

Atif’s enthusiasm and calming influence were beneficial for the team and a motivating factor on its own. His flexibility to be concrete, assertive, supportive and conceptual whenever it was required made his a distinguished employee. His technical knowledge and problem-solving capabilities were excellent as were his communication skills and ability to liaise with internal customers.

I had no problem delegating to Atif, various important projects which he conducted and concluded with success. One of these projects for example was the redesigning, planning and implementing of the internal network infrastructure.

I have appreciated the way Atif supported the internal customers, trained them communicated to them. Very refreshing were his organisational skills, honesty and attitude towards sharing his knowledge. His efforts were focused towards learning and educating.

I am happy to recommend Atif for any career path he chooses to pursue. He will be able to deliver tangible business and educational orientated results.  

Jesse Khan

He has consistently demonstrated his ability to work as an active team member dedicated to his work, working overtime when required.

Atif has consistently demonstrated an excellent working knowledge of his technical ability throughout his time at Trinity Mirror.

Atif has excellent interpersonal skills and presents himself as a friendly personality beneath a quite exterior. He has a sense of humor whilst maintaining a mature attitude to work even under pressure.

I have no hesitation in strongly recommending Atif.

My 15 mins of fame

My Portfolio



I have completed a Post-Graduate research project on E-Learning and have a keen interest in this field. I have introduced and used social networks such as Ning as an E-Learning tool for many of my students across the different key stages. I have also set up blogs for both my ICT and Business Studies pupils to encourage collaborative learning. I have also been involved in establishing Moodle as a VLE for the secondary school to help cater for the growing demands of whole school E-learning in the climate of possible closures due to the H1N1 virus. I have a thorough understanding of the use of VLEs and E-Learning tools and am confidently able to introduce them to any working environment, applying their use effectively.


I have the ability to lead colleagues and students whilst maintaining a healthy and professional relationship with them. In my role as Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator and member of the Senior Management Team, I have been responsible for 20 members of staff and over a 100 students. I have managed the form tutors and heads of department, ensuring that policies are implemented effectively whilst dealing with pastoral issues within KS3. I have also taken an active role in introducing new policies and giving direction to the school’s procedures in implementing them. I have also acted as Deputy Head in the absence of the Head of Secondary. 


I have the ability to communicate and interact well with colleagues and students. Having developed very good questioning skills, I am able to direct students to arrive at the desired conclusions and responses. I have also communicated with parents and carers of the pupils on many occasions and approach them with sensitivity and concern. In my capacity as Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator, I have conducted regular meetings with staff discussing both day-to-day as well as long term concerns. I have been involved in following up matters to ensure that the desired outcomes have been achieved.


I have organised and managed lessons and have been involved in planning for short and long-term teaching. Where appropriate, I have gathered relevant resources to enhance the pupils’ learning and create more interest. As Head of Department, I have written and implemented staff and departmental development plans. As Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator and acting deputy head, I have organised meetings, assemblies and INSET.


I have had extensive experience in using and supporting the following hardware technologies: Compaq, Dell, Toshiba, HP, Sharp, Configuration of Multimedia machines, Printers, Scanners, and Photocopiers. I have worked as ICT Co-ordinator where I have managed the Network within the school and dealt with the server providers to better the school ICT facilities.


I have personal and professional experience in using and supporting the following software technologies: Microsoft Office 97/ 2000/XP, Lotus Notes, Browser technology, MS FrontPage 98/2000, Macromedia. I am confident in using operating systems such as Windows XP/2000, Mac-Os. I have also supervised the Network Administrator in ensuring that Anti-virus software is installed and updated regularly as well introduced back-up procedures.


‘The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.’ – William Arthur Ward

Voluntary Community Involvement

Graduate Teacher Programme (GTP) Representative at Bradford College steering committee for the GTP programme.

Volunteer for the local youth centre.


I have worked in the IT industry for six years. I have worked in Education for eight years during which I have been a Head of Department, Key Stage 3 Co-ordinator, acting Deputy Head and ICT Curriculum Specialist. I am now a Director of Educational Technology and an IB examiner for ITGS. Education is where my passion is. This passion motivates me to lead schools towards development. One such development is using Educational Technologies to enhance the teaching and learning in schools. I have a Post Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management in Independent Schools. I am also a Google Certified Teacher (amongst the first internationally selected ones).


Online Soical Media
No one is ever an Online Social Media Expert. Every week the rules change. However, I am an enthusiast dedicated to life-long learning and sharing good practice. I try my best stay voraciously up to date with all the latest ideas and technology.
Punjabi Language
Arabic Language
Urdu Language