Work experience

Work experience
Jul 2012 - Present

Performance Analyst


Worked with the Tech division on the EPIC project to create KPIs and Metrics to help forecast, highlight business decisions and streamline workflow.

 • Creating macro enabled Dashboards

 • Identifying opportunities to improve efficiency and performance

 • Analyzing data for trends and patterns to identify opportunities for forecasting.

 • Measuring and reporting on key performance indicators using defined criteria.

Feb 2012 - Jul 2012

Knowledge Manager


Worked with the knowledge management team to create a highly effective and efficient knowledgebase for the customer support site. Developed overall strategy to generate traction with the customer base and evolve a technical community. Responsible for:

 • Created weekly Keyword reports to improve the search ability

 • Analyzed data to detect trends and emerging patterns

 • Created performance reports, established KPIs and departmental benchmarks

 • Created a presentation of site performance and achievements, shared with all levels of management

 • Encouraged the staff and workers to share knowledge effectively and efficiently

 • Forecasted overall company savings

 • Researched and implemented best in breed standard for knowledgebase

 • Made recommendation to areas of improvement

 • Analyzed the effectiveness of the new knowledgebase by observing its usage and evaluate its impact in terms of the organizational benefits

 • Used statistical and data analysis to sample and test existing databases, determine error rates, establish minimum quality standards, and summarize and effectively presented information to all levels of managements.

 • Created Excel macro to gather and format weekly performance report, reducing time spent by 70%


Sep 2005 - Apr 2011

Bachelor of Administrative Studies

York University




I have: planned, structured and delivered effective presentations the know how to put my ideas across positively the ability to keep calm and confident the ability to select and use a range of visual aids to support my presentation to gain and keep the attention of my audience "It's not what I say, but how I look when I say it." ~ Mae West


Market Research and Project Management experience, combined with Information Technology background. Work experience includes managing marketing communication using multiple Social Media tools and techniques with strong presentation skills; and managing projects from ideation to implementation, including end-to-end project planning, scope definition, scheduling, and cost and performance metrics.


Marketing, Design, Photography, Typography, and Traveling.


I want to engage in programs and positions that push the frontiers of critical thinking in problem-solving, especially those leveraging technology and market-based approaches.