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Work experience

Jan 2015Apr 2015


Education Platform, A web site for our school where student and professors can share ideas and documents with an interactive forum. Link Keywords: Python, Django Rest Framework, AngularJs, Bootstrap3. January 2015 BdrBot. A bot that controls Facebook accounts using selenium library, interaction with users by accepting invitations and replying to some messages. Link Keywords: Python, selenium, bs4. June-September Challenge Platform. 2014 A web site for competition between student to test their programming skills. Link Keywords: Symfony2, PHP5, Bootstrap3, JavaScript.
Jan 2013Apr 2013


Mini Projects, (Development of a 2D Game," Snake" Keywords: CodeBlock IDE, C, SDL Library. (Development of a Firefox Add-on: Block malicious Site Keywords: Firefox Add-on SDK, Javascript, PHP. Skills Languages C/C++, Javascript, Python, PHP, Common-Lisp, L ATEX. Frameworks Symfony2, Django, AngularJs, Meteor. Softwares and Tools Git, Eclipse, PyCharm, Netbeans, Cloud9. Embedded systems Raspberry Pi, STM32, PIC, MIPS, Intel 8086. OS Linux(Ubuntu), Windows 8/7/Server2008. Architectures N-Tier architecture, REST(Service Oriented Architecture), MVC(Model View Controller). Databases PL/SQL, MongoDB, MySQL. Networks Computer security, local area networks(topologies, IEEE, Ethernet.), wireless networks, networks IPv4/IPv6, VPN, VLAN, protocols(TCP, UDP, DNS, ARP, ICMP, NAT, RIP, OSPF.).



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