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Career Highlights

Currently in The Netherlands, on a highly-skilled migrant seeking employment i.e. 'Zoekjaar hoogopgeleiden' visa.

I come with 13 years of experience, including 11 years in project management and marketing roles, often overlapping with each other. In my last few roles, I have been working in Agile environments and I have been certified as an Agile Scrum Master.

  1. I did my MBA at the University of Liverpool, UK before working in London for 4 years primarily in mobile app development and digital media where I managed multiple projects simultaneously.
  2. Performance from my previous role in London as Digital Consultant & Project Manager spanning over 3 years:
              >Oversaw 360% growth in the number of projects
              >Delivered projects resulting in 1900% growth in users
  3. In management roles, I have recruited, trained and led a team of 22 analysts.
  4. I am a self-driven professional with strong technical grounding, that often requires me to play the role of a knowledge-broker between business and technical teams.

My accepting & extroverted nature coupled with my experiences of successfully working in diverse industries in India, the UK and elsewhere has supported my continual evolution into a person who appreciates and respects others. This makes me a good cultural fit to most forward-thinking organisations.


Detailed Work Experience

September 2017Present

Marketing Consultant

iGrant is a personal data and consent mediation platform for organisations, this platform can be seamlessly embedded into enterprise solutions to enable them to be compliant with regulations such as GDPR. 

I am employed part-time by as their Marketing Consultant. My tasks include (but are not limited to):

  • Managing the marketing budget
  • Building a framework for digital branding (starting from logo design onwards)
  • Driving social media and SEO strategy
  • Coordinating marketing tasks in an Agile environment
  • Developed the go-to-market strategy
  • Stakeholder management (internal and external)
October 2015January 2019

Digital Consultant & Agile Project Manager

RightNow Digital

RightNow Digital is a sports technology company that provides monetisation solutions for rights holders, sponsor brands, and publications.

  • Part of the award-winning team that won the 'Best New Innovation' category at the Sports Technology Awards 2017
  • Project manager (implementing Agile) for app development, app design and partnerships with clients (rights holders and sponsors)
  • Product Owner for Android apps; solely responsible for the entire Android app lifecycle from product specification stage to testing and release into the app stores (over 40 live apps)
  • Communication and negotiations with agencies & other vendors for app release lifecycle to run smoothly
  • Managed the marketing budget by strategising all digital branding and marketing efforts for RightNow Digital (includes analytics reporting, managing CRM and SEO effectively, running campaigns on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, MailChimp etc. apart from being involved in the 'social conversation')
  • Explored and negotiated commercial partnerships for the app
  • Subject Matter Expert (SME) of all RightNow Digital mobile apps including Rohit Sharma's Cricket News, Wasim Akram's Cricket News app, Shane's Rugby and QBE Rugby
  • Coordinated delivery and release of apps by effectively communicating with geographically far-flung teams in a networked office setup
  • Set up all apps using tools such as JIRA, Parse, Google Firebase, Text Wrangler, Google Play Store and iTunes Connect
  • Managed app release events and PR drive for QBE Rugby(for England Rugby), Dragons Rugby, and Wasim Akram Cricket News, Rohit Sharma Cricket News, Scarlets Rugby, Shane Williams News, Isuzu Rugby (for Wales Rugby)
April 2015October 2015

Researcher (Fixed-term internship)

Seven League

My role at Seven League was part of the work-based project during my MBA (followed by an extension for three months). I worked with a set of game-changing professionals servicing some of the biggest clients in the industry.

My responsibilities included:

  • Detailed analysis of digital platforms of clubs, rights holders and brands
  • Conducted analysis using analytics tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook analytics, Twitter analytics, YouTube analytics and occasionally 3rd party analytics tools for other social platforms
  • Contributed analysis for case studies and reports for clients like UEFA, Premier League, Ascot Racing, British Athletics, and US Soccer
  • Provided recommendations for improvement of digital platforms including digital transformation, SEO+mobile strategy, social media revamping etc.
  • Some of the more interesting tasks have been:
    1.Finding information/data that is typically hard to find
    2.Coming up with unorthodox and cost-effective ways to retrieve data that can be included in reports/campaigns
Aug 2014Aug 2014

Arsenal Fan Ambassador (Short-term Assignment)

Interactive Avenues (for Puma - Arsenal)

Interactive Avenues hired me as one of two Arsenal Fan Ambassadors in India to promote the partnership of Puma and Arsenal for the Arsenal kit launch in Bangalore, India.

  • As part of the job, I engaged with fellow Arsenal fans to create a buzz online and offline around the Puma kit launch in India
  • The chief guests included Arsenal legend Freddie Ljungberg along with football pundit Paul Masefield and the Puma India top brass
  • The event attracted over 1000 fans from around India, making it one-of-a-kind and the largest official Arsenal event in India to date
Jun 2014Jul 2014

FIFA World Cup Fan Ambassador (Short-term Assignment)

Foxymoron (for Castrol - FIFA World Cup 2014 campaign)
  • Foxymoron reached out to me after shortlisting the top 15 football influencers in India. I was part of a team of 6 fan ambassadors across India for Castrol. Our responsibilities included:
  • Engaging with fans on social networks with content related to the FIFA World Cup
  • Running contests on behalf of Castrol and picking the winners
  • As part of the campaign, I was also featured as one of the guests of an online show on Google Hangouts  (Cling On to Football) featuring some of the most recognisable faces of football in India including Indian captain Sunil Chhetri
  • The campaign resulted in:
    > Unique reach of 49.5 million
    > 172 million campaign impressions
    > 5 million Hangout video views
    > 671k banner clicks
Feb 2014Jun 2014

Senior Project Manager

CAB ( for Nike)
  • CAB helped Nike execute its on-ground activation in India for the global #RiskEverything/Winner Stays campaign
  • Nike conducted a tournament simultaneously in 20 countries for young footballers
  • I championed the on-ground activation involved end-to-end budgeting and project management starting from client servicing to ensuring that every minute detail of the project was executed
  • Managed a team of 4 site directors, 8 match officials and 32 volunteers across two grounds in Mumbai (North & South)
  • Oversaw branding across both venues to ensure Nike's brand guidelines were followed
  • To culminate the end of the event, chief guests included world cup winner Marco Materazzi, Indian footballer Robin Singh and captain Sunil Chhetri
  • The campaign resulted in the participation of:
    >196 teams
    >1536 footballers (of age group 13-17)
Sep 2012Feb 2014

Head, Marketing

HikeEzee (Now known as GoRoadTrip)

I handled marketing for HikeEzee (now known as GoRoadTrip) much before its launch; from the days when we did not have an office and worked remotely to set up a fully-fledged office, my roles and responsibilities were varying and I enjoyed employing all my faculties to perform diverse tasks.

  • Led all planning and execution of the marketing department
  • Managed all of HikeEzee's social media platforms
  • Implemented SEO strategy to a content-driven platform
  • Negotiated commercial partnerships with new clients and serviced old ones
  • Directly involved in the core decision-making committee that planned and executed strategies & roadmaps
  • Recruited and led a team of 4 explorers and 8 content writers
  • Built and maintained a partner workforce (press, designers, writers/bloggers/influencers, vendors etc.)
  • Created and maintained the Student Ambassador program for conservation and responsible travel initiatives
  • Developed and oversaw all copy and communication of Hike Ezee i.e, marketing web content, official letters, proposals, PR etc.
  • Documented and planned the process for Customer Service i.e. laid out use case scenarios and their resolutions
Mar 2010Sep 2012

Senior Manager, Broadcast & Internet

REPUCOM (Now acquired and known as Nielsen Sports)

Repucom was the leading company to generate sponsorship insights to sponsor brands and rightsholders across 9 major markets spanning 4 continents world over. I was assigned the task to manage one of the three processes as part of the delivery lifecycle for the main product of Repucom.

  • Recruited and led a team of 22 analysts
  • Delegated tasks while simultaneously managing budgets and the successful delivery of multiple time-sensitive projects
  • Redesigned the Broadcast process based on technical knowledge
  • Successfully managed transition to a larger new facility without interruption to delivery
  • Additional department of Internet Analysis was delegated to me and my team, where we successfully delivered projects to Red Bull who was the client
  • In-house consultant for Online process issues from time to time
Sep 2009Mar 2010

Online Manager

REPUCOM (Now acquired and known as Nielsen Sports)

-Setup the Online process at the Bangalore office
-Interviewed, recruited and trained the core Online team of 6 engineers
-As this was a fairly new process, it often required crisis management and handling rush jobs and tending to the needs of client services teams spread across timezones in Australia, Japan, India, UK and USA
-Documented the process that was included in the manual for training future teams
-Maintained and ensured Linux servers ran smoothly at the Bangalore office

November 2007May 2008

Content Developer, Football (Part-time assignment)


OnMobile is a mobile entertainment company that creates engaging content for mobile service providers to sell to their customers as packages.

  • Generated live updates in English (voice & text messages) for English Premier League games.

January 2007August 2008

Novice Systems Administrator

National Centre for Biological Sciences

Maintained hardware and software for the institution, my tasks included:

  • Operating System installation and configuration (Linux & Windows)
  • Troubleshooting servers, workstations, networks
  • Automated tasks using shell scripts
  • Assembled PCs from scratch
  • Created mini-sites using Content Management Systems such as Drupal, Wordpress and Joomla