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Astry Lestary

Astry Lestary S.AB


Business Administrasion

Universitas Padjadjaran   
GPA: 2.97

Training and Workshop

  • (2010) Training Motivation and Publik Speaking, UNPAD
  • (2010) Workshop “How To Win Business Competition”, UNPAD
  • (2010) Training Softskill “Beyond Your Limit”, UNPAD
  • (2011) Training Entrepreneurship And How To Arrange Business Plan, UNPAD
  • (2011) Capital Market Training, EUB Kayhian Securities
  • (2011) Training Public Speaking, UNPAD
  • (2012) Simulation And Business Practice, UNPAD
  • (2013) Practices Class Of English For Jobseekers, UNPAD


Know The Principle of Management HRD
Know The Principle of Management Marketing
Qualificaton in Operating PC (MS. Word, MS. Excel, MS. Powerpoint, MS. Acces, Internet, Media Social)