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“Lubo Astinov is a brilliant Product Manager who never stops surprising me...just when I think that something will not or cannot happen he makes it happen. He has a broad understanding of products and markets and knows how to use this knowledge to support the company. He is tremendously organized and talented...his talent is only enhanced by his tireless work ethic. I feel honored to work along side him and be able to call him a friend and colleague.”

August 4, 2009

Boitnott Jim, President/Acting CEO, NOTION Music, Inc.managed Lubo at NOTION Music

“Intelligent, passionate, creative, and analytical, there isn't any job Lubo can't do. I was consistently impressed with what Lubo could accomplish - especially in areas where he had no prior work experience. He always exceeded my expectations with terrific enthusiasm and an impressive work ethic. It was a pleasure having Lubo on our team and I highly recommend him.”

August 5, 2009

Christina Fortner Slade, VP Marketing, NOTION Musicmanaged Lubo indirectly at NOTION Music

“What can I say about Lubo? Dependable, knowledgeable, creative, easy going, eager, and quick to learn - just to name a few. It was a great pleasure to work with Lubo and I consider is a pleasure to continue to know him. I would absolutely recommend Lubo for any and all endeavors.”

May 16, 2008

Ernie Gillis, Media Development Specialist, Berklee College of Musicmanaged Lubo indirectly at Berklee College of Music


My Software Industry Experience:

  • Product Management
  • Product Roadmap and Lifecycle
  • Product Placement
  • Market Research and Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Development Cycle Management
  • Xtreme Development Methods
  • User Testing and Validation
  • Feature Design and Specifications
  • Project and Resources Allocation and Management
  • Rapid Prototype Development
  • Working knowledge of C++, Java, ActionScript and HTML
  • Web and Graphic Design

NOTION Music Achievements

  • Directly contributed with design, development, programming and testing of features and functionality
  • Designed features and feature sets that brought all NOTION products to competitive strengths with the rest of the industry
  • With NOTION3, designed and implemented key features which raised NOTION competitive status above and beyond the competition
  • Directly managed beta test groups, feedback gathering and user tests 
  • Created Marketing and Sales materials and communicated with reviewers and customers
  • Implemented Extreme Development Methods and managed development schedules and priorities
  • Implemented Quality Assurance Cycles parallel to Development which resulted in dramatic (at least 120%) reduction of QA cycles after builds
  • Directly responsible for creating key relations with large customer entities and leading industry business partners
  • Lead cross-functional teams (QA, Development and Marketing) and managed schedules, priorities and requirements to successful completion of product requirements


Work experience

May 2006Present

Product Manager


At NOTION Music I have been responsible for the management of all current and future products since 2007. We have the following product lines - NOTION, PROGRESSION, PROTEGE and NOTION Conducting.

For each product line my responsibilities include, but are not limited to: product lifecycle planning, product feature set definition, feature design and specification, product placement and marketing strategy, marketing research, competitive analysis, and feature development prioritization.

In addition, I am also involved in product development planning, development of features and prototypes, communications between Marketing, Development, QA and higher management.

Aug 2008Present

Quality Assurance Manager

NOTION Music, Inc.

Since fall of 2008, I am also responsible for managing NOTION Music Quality Assurance department, designing and implementing software testing practices and providing final approval on product release candidates.

I have implemented parallel QA testing cycles within the framework of an "extreme development" environment, which consists of testing source code revisions in between builds and communicating problems to our development department even before the build is sent to QA. This resulted in great reduction of QA/Development iterations.

Jan 2000Feb 2003

Developer, Project Manager


I worked at Ingentic GmbH as a QA analyst, HTML and Flash Developer and Project Manager for web based multimedia educational products. We designed and developed training software for various European and Worldwide clients.

Projects that I worked on and managed include:

  • BOSCH Hydraulics and Pneumatics Web-Trainers
  • BOSCH Electro-Hydraulics Web-Trainers
  • SPARROW Energy Conservation Project sponsored by the TEMPUS program of the European Union

Media Developer

While at Berklee, I was employed as a media developer in the Berklee Media Center.

My responsibilities included:

  • Audio editing and CD creation
  • HTML and Flash development
  • Video and Image editing


Music Composition

At Berklee I studied music composition and guitar. Graduated with honors in May, 2003


Audio Editing and Music Production
I am a professional composer, with numerous commissions and credits. My studio is equipped with the latest in music production / creation software and music has been a part of my life for over 20 years now. The software that I use includes, but is not limited to:   All NOTION Products Cubase Finale, Sibelius Logic Pro-Tools VSL EWQL Reason Ableton Live Sonar and many others
Web / Graphic Design
HTML Development
Flash / ActionScript Development
I have been using Flash to program websites and applications since the product was first introduced to the market.
C++ Programming Language
I have practical experience in programming in C++, having contributed with feature additions and bug fixes for NOTION products