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Imagine living without your collection of appliances for an entire week. Now, how about having to get a replacement for your trusty fridge-freezer? Not so easy in both situations, right? That’s why you need Assuranty Nationwide, Ltd to give you comprehensive insurance cover for your domestic household and kitchen appliances. Founded in October 2010, Assuranty provides comprehensive insurance for an array of domestic household appliances and white goods for customers across the UK. Assuranty offices are in London, Wallington and Sutton. The company has an exclusive toll-free number that policy holders can call to make requests for repairs. The company employs an elite team of nanotechnology experts and engineers on standby to take and respond to repair requests.

Assuranty Nationwide, Ltd is an appointed and regulated representative of Tobell Insurance Services, which in turn is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Assuranty provides policy holders a safeguard against the unexpected. The company makes getting insured easier, simpler and quicker. The company offers cover for some of the most precious appliance items costing less than £6 per month and yearly premiums coming in at only £65 per year. With Assuranty, the costs have never been better suited to the budget of customers. The company guarantees that premiums will never be increased, no matter how many years the appliance owner decides to maintain the insurance cover.

Assuranty Nationwide even enables appliance owners to become eligible for a ‘no claims’ bonus. The company aims to deal with the necessary repairs and replacements within 24 to 48 hours of receiving a claim. Committed to exceeding its customers’ expectations in every way, Assuranty Nationwide provides comprehensive, affordable and easily understandable insurance for some of the most important Domestic Household Appliances.

Assuranty Nationwide is fueled by customer trust. The company focuses much on customer service to ensure consistent customer satisfaction.