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Aida Sofia Rivera Sotelo

Student, Ph.D. in Anthropology, UC Davis


·Student Ph.D. in Anthropology, M.A. in Cultural Studies, Economist.

·Excellent experience in conducting scholarly and policy research and analysis

·3 years of experience in research on gold mining in Colombia and other countries in Latin America 

·Strong initiative, organizational skills, and management by results

·Able to work independently as in collaborative-team environments

·Lived experience in Colombia, Canada, and the United States

·Spanish, native language; English, second language; and French, basic comprehension skills


Seeking for new opportunities




    Political ecology, extractive industries, large-scale development projects, Latin America, political economy, development and post-development studies, postcolonial and decolonial studies.


    April 2012-Present, Canadian Association of Latin American and Caribbean Studies

    Fall 2011-Present, Latin American Studies Association

    Community Engagement

    January 2011-Present, Kingston Latino, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

    April 2010, Participation in the University Forum for Business Women, Fundación Mujeres por Colombia, Bogotá, D.C., Colombia

    January-May 2009, Participation in the Urban Ecological Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the United States

    December 2007-January 2008, and July 2007, Volunteering Experience as Park Keeper, National System of Conservation Areas, PNN Tayrona, Magdalena, and SFF Iguaque, Boyacá, Colombia

    Other Courses and Professional Training

    Fall 2010, English Language Communication Skills for Teaching Purposes, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

    July 2009- July 2010, Educational and Professional Coaching, coach Isabel Londoño, Bogotá, D.C., Colombia

    Extracurricular Activities

    2002-Present, Swimming, October 2010-Present, MASTER, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and 2002-2007, Red Cross, Centro de Alto Rendimiento, Complejo Acuático, Bogotá, D.C., Colombia.

    2004-Present, Yoga, 2010-Present, Yoga Club at Queen’s University, and 2004-2008, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Instructor Jaime Martínez

    July 2009, Vipassana Meditation, Instructor Nubia Blanco

    2008, Contemporary Dance,Danza Común, Instructor Andrés Lagos

    July 2007, Open Scuba Diving, PADI, Instructor Alberto Lotero

Work experience

Mar 2014Aug 2014


Foro Nacional por Colombia

I offered technical support to civil society organizations that participate in EITI Colombia. I conducted research on mining related juridical changes and the national mining strike of 2013. I supported the Program "Democratic Dialogue for Environmental Security" Colombia.

Sep 2013Mar 2014


GOMIAM Project

Research and Policy Analysis.I worked with Álvaro Pardo, Colombia Punto Medio Chair. We supported Dr. Marjo Theije’s research on artisanal and small scale mining in the Colombian Amazon region.

Feb 2013Aug 2013

Consultant- Rural Development from a Territorial Perspective


Development of Policy Proposals engaging with various actors and institutions. I supported the elaboration of a rural development policy proposal with territorial focus for Bajo Cauca, Antioquia, Colombia.

Sep 2012Dec 2012

Intern- Americas Policy Group

Canadian Council for International Cooperation

International Cooperation and collaborative work with civil society partners in Canada and Latin America. I worked with Brittany Lambert in the Americas Policy Group. I supported a research on large-scale mining in Colombia and Peru.

Jan 2012May 2012

Research Assistant

Queen's University

Research and Policy Analysis.I supported Dr. Susanne Soederberg’s research on loans for housing in Mexico for the period 2000-2010.

Jan 2012Apr 2012

Teaching Assistant

Queen's University

Course Culture and Development, Professor Dr. Paritosh Kumar

Tasks: led 2 1-hour tutorials each week with up to 25 2nd year multidisciplinary students, and marked papers and exams.

Sep 2011Dec 2011

Teaching Assistant

Queen's University

Course DEVS 230, “Global Political Economy of Development”, Professor Dr. Susanne Soederberg

·Tasks: marked papers and exams of up to 43 2nd year students of Development Studies

Jan 2011Apr 2011

Teaching Assistant

Queen's Universiity

Course DEVS 100, Professor Dr. Karen Dubinsky

·Tasks: led 2 1-hour tutorials each week with up to 25 1st year multidisciplinary students, and marked papers and exams

Feb 2010Jul 2010

Researcher Colciencias-Universidad de los Andes

Research Group in Economic Thought and Theory (GIPTE)

·Award: Virginia Gutiérrez de Pineda Scholarship 2009, Bicentenary Generation, COLCIENCIAS—Universidad de los Andes.

Journal Paper: Rivera-Sotelo, Aída-Sofía. 2011. “El Utilitarismo de Jeremy Bentham: ¿Fundamento de la Teoría de Leon Walras?” In Cuadernos de Economía, Vol. XXX, No. 55, ISNN 0121-4772.

Jan 2006Jul 2007

Teaching Assistant

Universidad Nacional de Colombia

January 2006-July 2007, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá D.C., Colombia

Course Political Economy I, Professor Dr. José Félix Cataño

·Task: led 2 1-hour tutorials each week with up to 50 2nd year students of economics

July 2005 and January 2006

Course Basic Mathematics, Professor Dr. Carolina Quevedo

·Task: led 5 1-hour tutorials each week with up to 50 1st year students of economics, administration and accountability


Sep 2014Aug 2019

Ph.D. in Anthropology

University of California
Sep 2010Aug 2012

M.A. in Cultural Studies

Queen's University

Research areas: sustainable development; political economy; political ecology; mining; conservation; postcolonial, subaltern and decolonial studies; Latin America; and Colombia.

Thesis: it considered large-scale gold mining in páramo de Santurbán (Colombia) as a case study. It asked why and to what extent sustainable development in the Colombian juridical framework allowed mestizo populations appropriating, negotiating, and contesting large-scale gold mining in their territories.

Acknowledgements and Awards: best presentation, IV CALACS Annual Conference 2012; travel grant, Latin American Studies Center, Indiana University 2012; Queen’s Graduate Award 2010-2012, Huntly MacDonald Sinclair Tuition Fellowship 2010-2012, and Colfuturo Loan Scholarship 2010-2012.

Feb 2004Jul 2009


Universidad Nacional de Colombia

Research areas: sustainable development; social and environmental policy; philosophy and methodologies of economics; history of economic thought; political economy; and global development studies.

Thesis: it traced the idea of the invisible hand by Adam Smith in a particular historical and spatial context. The invisible hand by Adam Smith is considered the sine qua non of modern political economy.

Acknowledgements and awards: nomination to Otto de Greiff National Contest of Best Theses in 2009; Best Thesis in Economics 2009, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogota campus; merit scholarships in 2007 and 2008.


Management Skills
Outstanding management skills displayed by leading tutorials (even in cross-cultural environments), international research and learning experience, and very good grades in spite of an active involvement in community activities.
Communication Skills
· Excellent writing skills acquired through preparation of research papers and theses (acknowledged for best undergraduate thesis in Economics and nominated to the National Contest Otto de Greiff of the best graduation papers 2009) · Oral communication skills improved by presenting at 3MT competition at Queen’s University in April 2012, Fourth Annual Capital Region Latin American and Caribbean Studies Conference organized by University of Ottawa, Université du Québec en Outaouais, and Carleton University in April 20th-21st 2012 (awarded for best graduate presentation), Indiana University Centre for Latin American and Caribbean Studies Graduate Student Conference in April 13th-14th, and the Queen's Cultural Studies Graduate Symposium in October 2011. Likewise, these oral skills have developed through leading tutorials in Colombia and Canada. · Interpersonal communication skills improved by employment as a Teaching Assistant and researcher, cross-cultural experience in the United States and Canada, and community activities (volunteering experience, presentations, involvement in Kingston Latino and a Urban Ecology Center, and other activities) · Communication skills in Spanish (native language) and English (second language), and basic comprehension in French (as result of courses in the Alliance Française).
Basic French Studies September 2009- May 2010, Alliance Française, Bogotá, D.C., Colombia
M.A. studies at Queenès University (an Anglophone university in Ontario, Canada) ESL Studies January-May 2009, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the United States  
Native language