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Work experience

General Manager

Consorzio di tutela dell'Asti

Previous experiences

1985 – 1987Schiapparelli Farmaceutici Torino.

54 Bio Lire of turnover. As O.T.C.Marketing Manager, I gave a significant contribution to the Company growth by launching several new brands: (O.T.C. contribution margin +18%) .

1983 – 1984SUPERGA S.p.A.

Pirelli Group, 73 Bio Lire of turnover.Brand Manager of the Pirelli Sport Line (sport shoes, tennis balls, and sportswear).

1978 – 1982FERRERO S.p.A.

I started as Assistant Product Manager for Kinder Surprise. During the following years I was promoted to higher responsibilities: in 1981 I became Senior Product Manager for Ferrero Rocher, which was tested and launched throughout Europe in 1982 (Italy, France, Germany, U.K., Belgium, Holland) and reached more than 170.000 pieces in the first 12 months.

Cinzano-Grand Metropolitan

1994-1997CINZANO NMC.Grand Metropolitan/IDV Italian subsidiary: 118 Mio €. As Sales Director, I radically changed and improved the salesforce way of working through the adoption of several new tools:

Customer/Channel Profitability.

I introduced a new study, which provided on a monthly base direct contribution figures by sales channel and by customer. Each breakdown took into account promotional investments, overheads and cash flow performance. The new tool provided a clear perspective of the return on investments and influenced our decision to concentrate our efforts on profitable activities. The 96/97 good results, despite a very negative environment, were mostly due to this strategy: Trading Profit +4,2%.

Ho.Re.Ca. Project.

I hired a team of 7 On-Trade Managers to carry out the following activities: identification of leading edge on-trade outlets in Italy, concentration of consumer investments (party nights, tasting, contests etc., etc.) on opinion leaders and key outlets. On the average, the volume growth within the channel was 30% per year.

Key Account Management.

During fiscal year 95-96 I led the introduction of new training programs centrally developed with Glendinning (IDV consultant) support. The programs included sessions on several subjects: Category Management, Route to Market, Listening and Questioning, Presentation Techniques, Persuasive Selling, Customer Plans, ECR. I also introduced new appraisal procedures, selecting and promoting the best people and hiring new sales representatives. In two years I replaced almost 90% of the positions.

1992 –1993CINZANO NMC.

As Marketing Director, I defined a new strategy for the Company after the merger between Cinzano, Buton and Dateo, integrating them within IDV Europe. I was responsible of huge sales and marketing investment: 25 Million €. I revitalised J&B brand through a communication strategy based on a new commercial that leveraged on the product strengths against the main competitor and substantially improved brand image. I also implemented a new marketing mix, including a different price positioning at Christmas. On the whole, J&B increased its market share by 14%. I concentrated all the Asti Cinzano media investments on a TV consumer promotion called “Gold in the Cork”. Consequently the brand recovered its leadership within the market. Cinzano NMC trading profit increased from 5% up to 19% on turnover.


Turnover: 6 Mio Pesetas, 135 employees. As Marketing Director for Spain, I supported the very good Company performance (net profit after tax +28) with a spectacular growth of the main brands: Smirnoff Vodka market share increased from 30 to 40% thanks to the sponsorships of rock concerts in TV and 500 party nights per year. Granpecher/Granpomier (fruit liqueurs) showed a 35% volume growth and almost 2 million bottles sold thanks to the new strategy implemented: alcohol strength was reduced to 20 degrees in order to make TV media available. An effective commercial for both brands was produced and went on air in 1991.

1988 – 1989CINZANO S.p.A. Torino.

112 Bio Lire of turnover, 200 employees. As Marketing Manager, I identified the opportunity of achieving the sparkling wines sector leadership through concentrating marketing investments on few brands (Asti, Pinot Chardonnay) The overall Cinzano performance was very good: contribution after M&P increased by 30% and profit after tax by 45%.



2005-todayA-CCI Consultants Italy (Milano). Partner. New business development within fmcg and other industries. Focus on Business Process Management, Outsourcing, Corporate Governance, Internal Control, Analysis and Restructuring of Organisations. Several projects successfully implemented. Currently I am working almost full time on the re-launch of the Austrian subsidiary of a major multinational Company (food, 6 Bio €).

Commercial Director

1997 –1999U.D.V. Italy – Diageo

Italian subsidiary of Diageo/UDV: 126 Million €, 130 people. As Commercial Director, I led the implementation of the following projects, which allowed UDV Italy to reach a net operating profit after tax higher than 10% on turnover:

Organisation –Finance. In 1998 I integratedCinzano (Torino) and United Distillers (Genova) salesand trade marketing activities, creating a single structure organisedby processes and based on three main business units: modern distribution, wholesalers, nightlife. The salesforce was designed to call on profitable Customers only. Numerical distribution was increased through a partnership program for selected wholesalers. Main achievements: Overheads –27%, DSO from 120 to 80 days, strong cash flow increase (+13 Mio €).

Organisation – Personnel.In 1997 I implemented “project 2000”, whose rationale was based on transforming two structures of 250 non exclusive Agents into a team of 70 exclusive Agents and 12 regional account managers. The Overheads incidence on net sales decreased from 15 to 13%, in line with European standards. During fiscal year 97/98 I hit the target of saving of 2,2 Mio €. Volume was up (+5,5%), turnover increasedby (+4,4%).

Commercial.In 1999 I started a co-operation program with an important distribution chain (PAM). The study of the alcoholic beverages category allowed PAM to improve their margin by +30% by reducing the number of items from 250 to 165.The UDV position was strengthened. Using the outcomes of the study, we could start other category management programs with most of modern distribution chains (GS, Euromercato, Rinascente).



1999 2004 Amplifon s.p.a., Milano. Worldwide market leader, 500 Mio (Europe + United States). Country General Manager. From 2000 to 2004 I achieved exceptional results in a stagnant market: The Country increased its turnover from 121,4 to 145,2 Mio , EBITDA from 8,2 a 25,8 Mio , market share from 43 to 49% by modifying all main business aspects: new advertising and promotion campaign, dramatic improvement of customer service, product portfolio rationalisation and profitability increase, new prices/discounts policy, partnership with main supplier, relevant selling costs cut, improved production department performance (+60% volume, lead time from 14 to 2,5 days keeping costs flat), management reporting creation, stock (-5 Mio ) and invested capital reduction, new HR policy, creation of information systems departments for Italy, new shops hardware, complete re-engineering of all internal processes and procedures.




Politecnico I.S.S.E.A. of Lugano (Switzerland). Degree in Economy. 110/110.


SPANISH: Fluent.


I am a good strategic thinker. First because I capable of some “out of the box thinking”, second because I always take a long terms approach, third because I am never frightened by challenging ideas. I am also focused on results and very reliable: from 1994-2004 I never missed a target. I have always built a 1st class team out of my first report line. I have been ready to face my own responsibility, close to my people, I always gave them the opportunity to build something on their own.