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Business Analyst with strong communication skills, technical acumen, and trend analysis mindset. Strong ability to spot emerging trends and predict future trends to retain existing customers and attract new ones. The business analyst is a hot commodity right now due to business reliance on technology, according to Jim McAssey, a principal at The W Group. "The global delivery capabilities of technology today make the challenges of successfully bridging the gap [between business and IT] even harder," he says, according to a report in CIO magazine. A good business analyst is able to create a solution to a particular problem and act as a bridge to the technologists who can make it happen - one of my strong abilities. While business intelligence enables companies to measure customer behaviors, it is essentially a record of the past. A more urgent and cutting-edge approach is to use predictive analytics. Traditional analytics tools tell you which customers bought the most in such and such region during a specific time. And traditional tools will NOT tell you why these people bought and what they are likely to buy next. My approach is to merge and analyze data from all sources and “predict” future customer behavior. Predictive analytics helps companies get at the “why,” creating a more actionable strategy to drive a deeper, more relevant relationship with each customer. Predictive analytics enables a business to look forward, and make educated decisions that anticipate the future needs of customers. The “why” in customer behavior enables me to spot existing and emerging trends to formulate a successful business strategy. In addition, I have been writing all my life first as a journalist, editor, and professional photographer and then as a freelance writer and now author with my work published in The New York Times, Oceans, Diversion, and American and Popular Photographer magazines.

Work experience


Senior Business Analyst

Developed, centralized, and organized all data-gathering processes and created key performance indicators that helped move the company forward in an increasing competitive landscape. New strategies increased profits by 15%.

  • Provided business intelligence to upper management and all departments
  • Provided analysis of the company's data and web analytics for operational and strategic planning
  • Provided Key Performance Indicators for qualitative and quantitative analysis and planning

Selected Contributions

Initiated the automation of data mining into routine reports for tactical and strategic planning.

  • Created new processes for obtaining and evaluating data into readable reports used by the entire company
  • Initiated the creation of an online ticket request system for specific data reporting

Trained entire staff on the use of Omniture empowering employees to generate their own reports freeing up resources in the Business Intelligence Department.


Business Analyst

Improved overall data reporting to the client by eliminating and improving reports using business analysis techniques. Streamlined export processes with software changes and managed the creation of a Wiki-based internal web communications system for 700+ employees.

  • Coordinated and created all paperwork for US Customs to export IBM mainframes, servers, PCs, and laptops for shipment to all parts of the world.
  • Managed logistics to physically ship merchandise to various worldwide locations..
  • Tracked and recorded shipments and analyzed turn around times to insure the shipping process met IBM-Flextronics contractual obligations.

Selected Contributions

  • Increased export volumes while keeping headcount down by initiating software changes in the export programs.
  • Created new processes for export and shipping to accommodate increased volumes
  • Initiated the creation of a Wiki-software web site for all employees to use as a live interactive communications tool.

Project Manager

In this position I provided detailed support plans for new products in the development stage. I provided plans for repair, customer service, and end of life support for various products including satellite phones, PDAs, communicators, and remote monitoring devices similar to OnStar.



Mar 1999Mar 1999

Earned credits towards a Master's in Telecommunications