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A skilled business leader and digital visionary with over 20 years experience driving change for large companies on both sides of the Atlantic. I relish leading companies to the next level of digital ability. Well grounded in the real world of business reality and consumer centricity. Career highlights include:

  • Building a profitable, content-based digital business for the premier newspaper of the automotive industry
  • Successfully launching a new automotive car company as a direct to consumer no haggle no hassle brand in the UK
  • Leading a geographic region of  automotive dealers to consistently exceed sales customer satisfaction and business objectives
  • Developing and selling new business strategies that build on current digital opportunities, generating enthusiasm and buy-in at ‘C’ level.

My career has centered on developing and leading successful digital strategies for large organizations. With deep executive experience, strong analytic skills and a solid understanding of how technology trends relate to business, I will effectively lead your company’s next phase of digital growth.

Work experience

Apr 2007Dec 2008

Senior Vice President, Director Digital Strategy


Recognized as the champion for digitally centric strategic thinking within Campbell-Ewald and a key catalyst for change. Provided leadership on all things digital, with a laser focus on the consumer and client objectives to many of the agency’s account teams, which included:

  • Promoting the digital integration of Chevrolet, the agency’s account. Focusing attention on the use of current and emerging digital opportunities to achieve consumer and Chevrolet business objectives. Content, social media, lead management, analytics and CRM where areas of specific interest
  • Generating over $2 million in incremental revenue for the Agency within 6 months by creating and selling an innovative communications program to the Chevrolet Regions
  • Creating a strategic framework for analyzing Chevrolet’s digital and CRM activity to focus attention on  key business insights, rather than to review of past activity
  • Providing Chevrolet Senior Management with the first well understood analysis of the impact on social media and activity of TV advertising campaigns
  • Moving other large traditional marketing clients toward digital-centric solutions, e.g. negotiating a win-win, innovative partnership between the US Postal Service and new media guru Joseph Jaffe, to leverage his social media properties and ‘celebrity’.

Respected for remaining firmly grounded in the real word while looking to enhance business through digital thinking. Led multi disciplinary teams as the digital advocate and thought leader, quickly gaining the respect and trust at all levels within the agency. Introduced best of breed vendor solutions to accounts to dissuade continually ‘reinventing the wheel’ and instead focus resources on creating the best client solutions.

Mar 2000Feb 2007

Global eCommerce Director

Automotive News Group, (part of Crain Communications, Inc)

Given full P&L responsibility to transform the Automotive News web site from a ‘money-pit’ into the ‘crown jewel’ of the $250 million Crain publishing empire. Succeeded by building a digital publishing business model integrated seamlessly with the existing business, enhancing value to all stake holders. Educated the organization on the best ways to capitalize on this new infrastructure to, increase and retain readership; increase revenue; and reduce costs. Achieved this by:

  • Determining the best course of action through a period of discovery, canvassing requirements from all interested parties
  • Connecting multiple department requirements by way of a development road map
  • Generating enthusiasm and buy-in from key Automotive News constituents in the US, Europe and around the world
  • Identifying and satisfying the needs of subscribers by tightening integration between print and web content and launching new services such as email products
  • Defining the value proposition by negotiating strategic partnerships with content providers (e.g. Edmunds), advertisers (e.g. McKinsey Consulting) and industry clients (e.g. GM, Deutsche Bank)
  • Supporting the sales team, provided training, sales support, preparing proposals, presenting and selling to clients
  • Focusing the organization on site metrics critical to business success (e.g. visitor engagement with content, page views, monthly uniques).
  • Rapidly gaining recognition as the “go-to” digital product director and thought leader, often called on for help and advice across the corporation.
  • Being given additional corporate wide responsibility to help select digital products and service providers, including content management systems (CMS), ad serving, customer satisfaction tools, contextual keyword advertising partners and site analytics.

The role of digital and it’s potential was understood and valued by all, became a key part of the business:

  • The most visited and used auto industry news site globally
  • A stand alone profit center, generating approximately  $1 million revenue
  • Largest annual source of incremental new subscribers to Automotive News, generating $0.5 million in additional revenue and saving $0.5 million in lower acquisition costs.
Dec 1997Feb 2000

Franchise Support Manager

Volvo Cars of North America

Hired from Europe to create new franchise standards and customer satisfaction rewards programs for Volvo Cars of North America and its network of dealers. Concurrently managed the existing $3.6 million program that undertook over 150,000 customer surveys and paid out over $100 million to the dealer network annually. Also responsible for monitoring, developing and presenting strategies to senior management on how Volvo should capitalize on the impact of the internet on; vehicle purchasing; Volvo customers and owners; and the retail automotive business.Representative on a Volvo international team reviewing global brand standards and best practices including; digital marketing; process initiatives; and customer experience programs.


Network Customer Operations Manager

Daewoo Cars UK

Help launched Daewoo Cars UK as a ‘different kind of car company’, a direct to consumer no haggle no hassle retail operation. Responsible for creating the customer experience strategy and the retail sales processes for an automotive sales channel that did not use dealers, an industry first.In its first year, Daewoo Cars UK achieved 1% market share, its third year sales target, and #1 in the JD Power customer satisfaction survey.


Field Sales Manager

Peugeot Cars UK

Obtained a detailed understanding of the automotive business from vehicle wholesaling and sales target setting from the Peugeot corporate graduate program; to service reception and selling cars at a dealership as the first participant in Peugeot's dealer placement program.

As Field Sales Manager secured the trust of my dealers – regarded as a key partner in their business success by offering sound business improvement strategies based on excellent management and interpersonal skills and a clear understanding of their businesses from my own experience.Achieved factory sales volume targets, vehicle wholesale and customer satisfaction targets each year. Often hosted Dealer Award Trips or Vehicle Launch Events.

Achieved factory sales volume targets, vehicle wholesale and customer satisfaction targets each year. Often hosted Dealer Award Trips or Vehicle Launch Events.