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Asmara Yudha Wijayadi

Who are we to tell people what can or can't do?


Grew strong passionate about media, communication, and social interaction dynamics. Been involved in many fields of creative works. Proactive, initiative and always willing to contribute ideas and creative opinions to any project. Committed learner, versatile and highly adaptable whether working as an individual or being part of a team. 

Work experience

Jul 2013Dec 2015

Radio Broadcaster

89.7 HardRock FM Surabaya

"Your 24/7 Lifestyle & Entertainment Station"

Regularly airing for: 

• D'Office Request (Mon - Fri 10 AM - 1 PM)

• Rock The Night! (Wed 8 PM - 10 PM)

• Good Night HardRockers (Sat & Sun 10 PM - 1 AM)


• Voice over talent

• Hosted special programs

• Occasionally hosted primetime programs

Jan 2011Dec 2016

Brand Owner, Designer, Publisher

"It's Not About Fashion, It's About Passion"

• Create design and selling fine clothing by online

• Online clothing management including 8 brand owner with each signatured design

• We have 2 category of products: Pre Order Product and Ready Stock Product

Sep 2009Dec 2016

Founder & Owner, Designer, Publisher

Abber Project

• Create design and selling clothing by online with a lot of design theme

• Joined in with


Workshop Class Instructor

Hitman System /

• Assisted the main regional instructor

• Monthly regular workshop (regional Surabaya) held by Hitman System

• Tutoring participant(s) about social dynamic and relationship stuff

• Taken place in Starbucks, Surabaya Town Square

Nov 2013

Photographer (freelancer)

"Save The Mangroves! Empowering Community"

• Annual event of Cikal International Kindergarten & Playgroup, Surabaya

• Taken place in Zhang Palace Restaurant, Surabaya

Jun 2013

Assistant Supervisor & Field Executor (freelancer)

CV Ersa Mandiri, Surabaya

"Bantuan Pemberian Hewan Ternak RTMS Tuban 2013"

• Annual program owned by Governor of East Java


Band Member, Vocalist

Lithium Band

• Participating and get invited as guest star in several local commercial event


Jul 2007Feb 2013

Bachelor of Communication Science

Airlangga University, Indonesia

Faculty of Communication Studies


• 2003 - Vice Chairman of OSIS SLTPN 5 Sidoarjo

• 2005 - Vice Chairman of OSIS SMA Hang Tuah 2 Sidoarjo

• 2008 - Publish & Documentation Division BSK (Baur Sedalu Komunikasi) of IKOM FISIP Unair

• 2008 - Publish & Documentation Division KOMKAFE of IKOM FISIP Unair

Hard Skills

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Lightroom
Adobe After Effect
Adobe Premiere Pro
MS Office Word
MS Office Excel
MS Office Powerpoint
English Writing
English Speaking