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About Me

I can be best described by my family and friends as creative, considerate, confident and communicative. In almost all team work scenarios colleagues vote me in as team leader which has given me lots of opportunity to be active in post-university activities including to help organize the 1st International Conference on Applied Business and Economics. I tend to enjoy working with people and am adaptable in working with people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Even though I've been at home for the last year I've kept quite active in the home always contributing to help run errands and manage the home. Additionally I'm always learning more online whether through reading or listening to lectures. Additionally I'm also a member of the Sohar Business Club which had its share of interesting activities and exchanges.  I'm looking for a role to begin my career in Business Development, Marketing, and HR/Administration inside a company that provides autonomy to allow me to master my job and exploit my creative tendencies.

Work Experience

  • Helped Organize The 1st International Conference on Applied Business and Economics - April, 2009.
  • Trained at Saham Hospital in the Administration Department doing Data Entry and Secretarial Work - July, 2009.
  • Trained at Sohar University in the Purchasing Department  - December, 2009.
  • Participated in the development of the Sohar Urban Masterplan in coordination with WS ATKINS by running a Business Survey - x, 2009


  • Efficient in analysis and management of organization responsibilities.
  • Working experience in the area of office administration.
  • Ability to lead team and communicating with worker effectively.
  • Proficient in Arabic and English language.
  • Proficient use of MS-Office (Microsoft word, Microsoft power point, Microsoft Access and Microsoft outlook).
  • I have ability to influence others to achive.
  • my interpersonal and communication skills are excellent.
  • Im reliable and hard work.
  • I have driving  license

Personal Interests

Learning new languages. Listing to speeches related how to self development. Travel &photography. using internet (reading books and contact with many peaple in facebook).


Dr. Adil Hassan Bakheet