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Work experience

Besides worked on key posts in educational administration I have served many Institution as Teaching Faculty including DHA School. 

Dec 2011Present

Asst. Director quality assurance education

Bahria Foundation

Bahria Foundation was established in January 1982 by the Government of Pakistan as a Charitable Trust under the Endowment Act 1890. The Committee of Administration (COA) headed by Chief of the Naval Staffs as its Chairman consists of eight members including the Managing Director of Bahria Foundation. BAHRIA Education and Training Services (BEATS) a sub head of Bahriafoundation, was established in 1998 with the aim to provide quality education. So far, BEATS has established 45 campuses across the country with an approximate strength of 19,000 students and around 2,000 faculty and non-faculty staff.

In this prestigious  institution I am serving the main cause of the foundation that is to bring quality education at affordable cost to the children of the country at their doorstep. my core responsibility to standardise and improve the quality of education of all the 45 campuses. In this regard I am engaged in the following tasks

  1. Organize professional development projects and programs( trainings/workshops/seminars/conferences) for the Teachers/ Head Teachers and Principals. 
  2. Monitoring & Evaluation through annual inspections.     
Sep 2005Present

Chairperson HEALTH association

Professional Teachers associations' network Network

The Professional Teacher Association Network (PTAN) was founded in mid 2002, with a support from Aga Khan University, Institute for Educational Development and Aga Khan Foundation, Pakistan. PTAN is a cluster of nine voluntary associations striving for the professional development of teachers/head teachers.

Health Education Association for Learners, Teachers, Health Workers (HEALTH) is a forum which provides an opportunity to advocate for health education to be taught in schools and eventually introduced in the national curriculum. The aim is to promote health education in schools as a vehicle to improve the quality of education and health of Pakistani children, their families and communities.

Sep 2005Dec 2010

Subject Cordinator (English language)

Infaq foundation CDSS

CDSS is being developed as a modern and progressive multipurpose social services complex at Lalabad, Korangi, an under-developed locality of Karachi, Pakistan. Over a period of time various projects have come to fruition to fulfil the basic needs of deserving people that encompass economic emancipation, educational and skill development and medical requirements for the sick. Korangi Academy is one of the projects, was established in 2001 to impart quality education and enhance faculties of the talented and deserving children of deprived families. 

1.Here I have been worked successfully for five years as incharge of Multiage class, incharge Students’ Council, member of Young Leaders Forum and as Health Educator. Subject coordinator for English language.


Khatoon-e- Pakistan College Karachi
Jun 2008Jul 2010


Aga Khan University

(Courses for specialization are ‘Effective Leadership and Management, CTLA(curriculum,teaching,learning and assessment), teachers’ Learning, Strategic Planning and Development, Monitoring & Evaluation and School as Learning  Community and Academic Literacy. Another special optional course was done in the discipline in Gender in Education. )


To serve the Institution that serves the nation through Education



1.Joint Secretary H.E.A.L.T. H Association PTAN.

2.Executive Member of PTAN’s Steering committee for representing Health Association.


4.P.A.I.E ( Pakistan Association for Inclusive Education –PTAN)


 I have been participating in sports and other activities. I held the position of a captain and in my tenure the intermediate baseball tournament was held and we won the runner up trophy in Karachi.


I meet and interact with many people, offer something different everyday and is fun. I used my keen powers of observation and my capacity for absorbing and remembering facts. I use my ability to search for solutions using firsthand experience and critically analyzing these solutions to find the best one. I am active and full of adventure and fun where things happen quickly and where I am allowed to take risks and be alert to new opportunities. I respond to unplanned situations using unconventional approaches where I can skillfully negotiate satisfactory solutions. I am practical and logical where I can use my reasoning abilities to find discrepancies or flaws in the logic of a system and fix it on the spot. Leaves me free to respond to crises and work in an expedient manner dealing with pressing issues. I involve myself with real people and things not theories or ideas where my efforts are directed to produce a tangible product or service.


·Observant with excellent memory of factual information.

·Able to see what needs to be done and realistic about what is necessary to complete it.

·Usually enjoy negotiations.

·Adaptable with many kinds different kind of people.

·Good at initiating.


Seminar on Gender Disparity in Education

Pakistan National Commission for UNESCO, Islamabad.

Techniques and Strategies for Teaching English Language.