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A young enthusiastic IT Professional having over 7+ years of work experience. He has good command over Objective-C, Swift, iPhone SDK, Xcode. Already he has been working in diverse range of Business Domains including Social Networking, Travel, Books, Medical, Music, including analysis, design and creating development plans and solving any kind of Development based problem.

He is very energetic his field and always love to accept challenges and like to work in competitive environment. Along with his programming capabilities, he has a very strong knowledge of Software engineering i.e. iOS Application Development.



BTE (Telecom Engineering)

Govt. College University, Faisalabad

Work History

Aug 2017Present

Agile Senior IOS Engineer

ILSA Interactive
  • Administered design and implementation of mobile applications for iPhone, and others. 
  • To follow the agile process to the best of your ability, and to do your own reading-up and self-education on the principles of agility.
  • To employ high-bandwidth communication mechanisms such as voice and video to
    ensure that communication is as fast as is possible.
  • Worked directly with product and program management.
  • Supports and develops software engineers by providing advice, coaching and educational opportunities.
    Developed core set that seamlessly fit into overall product roadmap.
  • To keep lines of communication open within the team, to ensure that all developers.
  • Managed the App Store approval process.
  • Managed code Git and BitBucket.
Oct 2014Aug 2017

Sr. iOS Developer

Nextbridge Pvt. Ltd
  • Administered design and implementation of mobile applications for iPhone, and others. 
  • Refined and documented innovative and compelling user interface solutions. 
  • Worked directly with product and program management. 
  • Supports and develops software engineers by providing advice, coaching and educational opportunities.
  • Developed core set that seamlessly fit into overall product roadmap.
  • Managed the App Store approval process. 
  • Managed code Git and BitBucket.
Nov 2013Oct 2014

iPhone App Developer

Ingenious Zone Pvt. Limited
  • Ensured to meet the business, project, and design goals and objectives. 
  • Developed and maintained the iPhone application codebases. 
  • Managed to implement any new, remaining features. 
  • Managed the App Store approval process. 
  • Managed code Git and BitBucket.
Jul 2011Nov 2013

iPhone App Developer

Adroit Pvt. Limited
  • Responsible for development of full lifecycle IOS applications.
  • Implementing product features within a team using best practices to meet product deliverables.
  • Planned and carried out daily scrums, weekly estimations and retrospectives and pair programming.
  • Designed applications using object-oriented concepts.
  • Managing a small development team at technical level on day-to-day basis.
  • Providing guidance on implementation and design best practices to other developers.
  • Partnered with Lead Developer to design the application.
  • Managed code Git and BitBucket.


Fayvo (iPhone Application)

Fayvo is a social media app that allows users to share their favourites and discover the favourites of others which in turn creates a quality collection of trustworthy recommendations, advice, and suggestions that you will truly enjoy.

Whether it be a picture, video, restaurant, product, movie, quote, book or just a favourite moment, Fayvo lets your followers know who you are as a person and truly engage with your audience on higher level.

Lango (iPhone Application) 

This application is for finding interpreters on demand for different languages. User can choose his/her own selected languages to search for appropriate translator and then application creates a call connection between them. After have initial communication with translator, user can include third caller of different language. There is also a Translator mode in which translator can view it's call history, draw payments and can be available as online/offline for users when finding translators.

Tower Streets Holdings (Universal Application) 

A universal, CRM application that is used to interact with customers and allow them to access their organisations, contact, opportunities, reports, documents, campaigns, services & activities from home page. It provides easily search for contacts, organisations & opportunities listings etc. With it’s map feature user can view geolocations of contacts & organisations & draw a visiting route. It also comes with email feature which allows to access messages. With all of it’s features, it greatly helps the customers to enhance their business growth.

Sportody (Universal Application)

A universal application that is used to find outdoor sports. It provides listings, independent reviews & the ability to book an outdoor sport for sportsmen & women, as well as a platform for outdoor sports providers to promote their sport. This application also offers sport providers to reach adventurers by having their reviews. Providers can also see what numbers of adventurers are tracking them.

Tripicx (iPhone Application)

An iPhone application that is used to save the trip/travel memories in the application. User can record past trips or plan the upcoming trips with friends or family member by using this application. User can save activities for any type of trips. Each activity then have multiple images/videos in it. All the data will be saved in the application. User can also share any trip/activity on Facebook. User can send Feedback if needs some improvement in the application. Most app features work in offline mode. On Adding Trip destination, application will suggest the places (fetched from Google Places API). The suggested place can be seen via Apple Map. User can enter his family/friends manually or pick from iPhone Contact Book. User can see the slideshow of his saved images or videos.

Swap Device

An iPhone application that is used to upload / download data within different smart devices (iOS, Android). User can transfer it’s data like images, videos, contacts or calendars from iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to Android, Android to Android. This application helps user to take the backup on Server and restore it on any smart device which uses platform either iOS or Android. All the data is secure & save on web server. For this, user must signin/signup through the application.

Finding Food (iPhone Application)

An iPhone application that used to find the dishes & recipes on the basis of current location or custom set location. User can also see the dishes or recipes on Google Map. Each dish is displayed with the image, name & location of dish. User can add/edit dishes in the application to share it with other application’s users. User can also find recipe/dishes in different country groups. User can see comments & votes for dishes. User can also share any dish with his/her friends which are part of this network. User can mark any dish, if he/she find it inappropriate. Then admin can take decision on the marked dish. Whenever user is out of home town, he/she will be prompted to Add Trip/Activity on new place.

GST Best Buddy

A Universal application that is used to record & manage Business Activity Statements. This is basically an Accounting application for Australia. In fact, this is a GST auditing tool. User can enter the data to audit and then application with generate a PDF Report which can be sent via email.

Last Rate

An iPhone application that used to see the deals for different categories (e.g. Hotel, Shopping, Fuel etc). User can select any category to see listing for deals with the start & end time for that deal/offer. It also includes the push notification whenever there comes a new offer/deal. User can see the deal’s detail and Book the Deal. User can see the deal’s location on Google Maps or Call the Phone number given on deal detail.

Ray Kelly's Ultimate Weight Loss

An iPhone application that gets the information (e.g. number of Bench Press, Leg Press, Lat Pull Down, One Arm Row etc.) from User and then creates a full month/ Weeks/ Daily plan for user to do exercises. At the end, user can print all the forms (from problem to solutions) in PDF format and also can send PDF file to any email address. 


A Universal application that is used to streamline the audio contents from iBroadcast Server to the application. All the audio contents are downloaded in the application. Even if there is no internet connection, user can still play it’s audio files through the application. In order to download the contents, user must create an account with Server and then upload the contents to Server.

iProblem Solve

An iPhone application that can solve any problem on a specific scientific methods. User fills multiple forms to fully describe the problem, then at later stage, user fill in the problem with possible solutions. At the end, user can print all the forms (from problem to solutions) in PDF format and also can send PDF file to any email address.

Sales Nation Network

An iPhone application that connects the travellers. Any user can see the travellers which are added in this network. User can invite and send messages to any other traveller. To use this application, user must create an account. User can also edit his profile. There is also an online radio streaming. User can also draw route on Map and see the distance between locations.

Body Intelligence

An iPhone application that is used to enhance the workouts by adding the Nature rules in it. Four major categories of exercises are introduced in the application. User can see the images and videos in the applications. User can create the workout with it’s selected exercises and then mark it as completed/InCompleted. On the basis of completion of workouts, user can see the bar chart which indicates what percentage needs to be completed and what percentage of exercise, he/she has taken.

Scitica Relief

An iPhone application in which users can check to see that what conditions from he/she suffering and what rehabs would be better for him/her for rehabilitation process. It also includes the Helping Notes for users to fully utilise the application.


An iPad application that is used to analysis a patient completely from Conditions to Rehabs. It is a huge enterprise level application . This application first download the contents (images/videos) from the Server and then it is added to the application. User can first select the Joints (with Problems), then select the condition suffering from and then user is navigated to the Rehabs Section. Where user sees all the Rehabs for each selected Condition. User also selects the Rehabs. Then there comes the Report Section, where user can send the report to anyone via email. User must login in order to send a report.


  • Remarkable developing app for the iPhone and iPad 
  • Familiarity with Apple OSX and Apple iPhone user interface 
  • In-depth knowledge of Objective-C & Swift on Mac OS X, XML, Web Services, JSON, SOAP 
  • Proficient with XCode IDE, iPhone SDK, Apple Approval & Distribution Process
  • Developed and debugged via XCode and Instruments.
  • Core OS - Accelerate, External Accessory and Security Framework
  • Cocoa Touch - Message UI, Map Kit, Game Kit, iAd, Event Kit UI
  • Complete comprehension of memory management in Objective-C.
  • Address Book UI Framework
  • Strong object oriented programming and designing skills 
  • Sound knowledge of interacting with web service APIs 
  • Skilled in developing UI for media applications 
  • Excellent problem solving, critical thinking, and communication skills 
  • Profound ability to work in a fast-paced environment 
  • Proven ability to meet compressed deadlines
  • Daily interaction with Sub versioning (e.g. Git, SVN).
  • Supporting junior team members, providing ongoing advice and guidance.