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I am currently a first year student at Santa Clara University in the College of Arts and Sciences. I am pursuing a BS in Biochemistry, with a minor in biology. My goal after earning my BS degree here at Santa Clara is to attend graduate school and earn a PhD. With that, I would like to pursue a career in medical research.

Personal Summary

My goals for the next four years are to graduate high school and attend a private four-year university. The degree I would like to pursue is microbiology, because I would like to research cancer and make a difference in the field and the lives of everyone living with cancer. I am currently undecided on a top school, but a few of my top choices are the University of San Francisco, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, and Santa Clara University. My top three college choices are in cities that are hotbeds for medical research, and getting a job in one of those cities can be highly likely.

My interests include spending time with my friends and family. I enjoy weekend outings such as hiking, paddle boarding, and going to the zoo or Seaworld with my younger sister.



BS, Biochemistry

Santa Clara University

Fall 2016

Biology: B

English: A-

History: B+

Chemistry: B


Winter 2017

English: A

Calculus: A

History: A

Chemistry: B+


Spring 2017




Art History

Sep 2012Jun 2016

Valhalla High School

1725 Hillsdale Road, El Cajon, CA

Cumulative Unweighted GPA: 3.86

Cumulative Weighted GPA: 4.53

Class Rank: 15/474

ACT: 32

AP World History Score: 4

AP Chemistry Score: 2

AP US History Score: 3

AP Language Score: 3

AP Calculus Score: 4

AP Literature Score: 3

AP Physics Score: 1

AP Government Score: 5

12th Grade

AP Government

AP Literature

AP Calculus

AP Physics


11th Grade

AP Language (B/A )

AP Chemistry (B/A )

AP United States History (B/A)

Honors Precalculus (A/A )

Choir (A/A )

10th Grade

Choir (A/A)

AP World History (B/A)

Honors Chemistry (A/A)

Honors Algebra II (A/A)

Honors English (B/A)

Spanish 3/4 C (A/A)

9th Grade

Honors Geometry (A/A)

Honors English (A/A)


Physical Education (A/A)

Spanish 1/2 C (A/A)

Biology (A/A)

Pre-AP World History (A/A)

Extracurricular Activities

Santa Clara University A Cappella

Choir: 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16

Choir Class Officer and Choreographer: 2014-15
Choir Vice President: 2015-16

Water Polo Team Manager: 2014-15

JV Water Polo: 2012-2013, 2013-2014

JV Swim: 2013, 2014

Tennis 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015



Distinguished Young Women

  • Distinguished Young Women, or DYW, is an organization founded in Mobile, Alabama, in 1958. It consists of a showcase of fitness, talent, self expression, and academics and awards scholarships to five outstanding participants. The goal of DYW is to allow young women to discover their best selves and develop their full potential. I participated in the showcase in March of 2015.


  • My family enjoys traveling, and we have visited many destinations within the United States and outside. I have family in Mexico, and we try to get out to them as much as possible. We have taken several summer vacations to spots such as Hawaii, Alaska, New York, Cancun, and the Bahamas. My favorite element of our travels has been the different cultures I have been so fortunate to be immersed in.

Friends and Family

  • I am very passionate about my friends and family. I really enjoy spending time out with friends, such as going to the zoo or hiking, and going on family outings, such as paddle boarding at the bay.

Work History


Academic Tutor

Valhalla High School

I tutor students in math and honors chemistry. I have worked with many sophomores and helped them better understand chemistry and Algebra II.