Technology industry veteran Ash Patel is best known for his contributions to Internet giant Yahoo!, Inc. Joining the company as a software developer and engineer shortly after its IPO in 1996, Mr. Patel played key roles in the development of such leading products as Yahoo! Messenger, MyYahoo!, Yahoo! Finance, and Yahoo! Mail. As a prominent figure at Yahoo!, Mr. Patel has been interviewed by such publications as the New York Times, The Guardian, CNET, and TechCrunch. In the New York Times, Mr. Patel discussed how Yahoo’s product consistency was an invaluable tool to wield against its competition. His dedication to the company did not go unnoticed by his superiors; Ash Patel was promoted numerous times, serving as Senior Vice President of Platform Engineering, Chief Product Officer, Executive Vice President of the Platform and Infrastructure Division, Executive Vice President of the Audience Products Division, and as Chief Technology Evangelist. Ultimately, after 14 years, Ash Patel decided to exit the company to follow other ambitions in the technology industry. Currently, Ash Patel resides in Silicon Valley, California, and acts as a supporter and advisor to several growing companies in the area. As an angel investor, he has supported such growing online companies as Vurve, Zencoder, Inc., OtherInbox, Inc., and Permuto, Inc. With a colleague, he co-founded Morado Venture Partners, which seeks to provide seed-stage funding for entrepreneurs with innovative ideas for the consumer Internet sector. Mr. Patel is also an active contributor to charitable causes such as Save the Children, CARE, and UNICEF.


Sep 1983 - Jul 1986


King's College London, University of London