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Madras Christian College - Univ of Madras


Madras Christian College - Univ of Madras


Work experience

Jul 2007Present

Business & Technology Advisor


Carotechs provides Search Engine Optimization Solutions, an Integrated Advertisement platform for companies to implement exceptional Marketing and Communication solution, and mobile applications for iPhones and Blackberry based mobile phones.

Co-Founder of : A cheaper way to make conference calls, international calls, and voice and text broadcasting over the internet.    Industry focus: Marketing & Communication, Content Advertising, & Web Publishing

  • Serving as one of the board of advisors addressing both business and technical strategies
  • Playing the Chief Technology Officer as well as technology advisor role for the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) engineering team
  • Designed and Developed an Advertisement platform based on open source products and tools such as OpenX. Carotech also evaluated Right Media, another advertisement platform.
  • Designed and Developed a E-Commerce system and deployed for
  • Providing product and business plan for the mobile based product development efforts
  • Development Platforms: Java on LAMP Technology Stack;, .NET 3.0, Silverlight on Microsoft platforms with Microsoft’s SQL server database
  • Extensively used iPhone SDK to build the software to deploy on iPhones
  • In the process of building the mobile platform for use on all mobile phones.
  • The entire solution for tallcall was built on top of VoIP platform.
Aug 2008Present

Chief Technology Advisor


Hemstech provides Energy efficient solution for homes and small : Revolutionary wireless sensor network for electricity usage control and budgeting for homes and small businesses.    Industry focus: Homes and Small Businesses

  • Serving as one of the board of advisors addressing technical strategies and development
  • Developed the Energy Management System using openRF protocol using Microsoft .NET 3.0 platform;
  • Evaluated both Silverlight and Adobe’s Flex 3 technologies for designing and developing the Rich User Interface for the system
  • Providing product and business plan for the SaaS and mobile based product development efforts
  • Developed the solution for the mobile platform as well based on windows CE platform.
Jan 2007Jan 2009

Vice President of Development & Technology

Viziant Corporation

Built the next generation discovery product with patented Knowledge Modeling and Discovery technology to deliver a Precise, Insightful, and Collaborative system with social networking functionality.   Industry focus: Military & Defense:  The Viziant System transforms unstructured data into actionable intelligence.Financial: Business Intelligence, Discovery, & Predictive analytics solutions for investment & Hedge fund business intelligenceLife Sciences: Implemented a predictive Analytics solution for Life Sciences domain by integrating Wikipedia system of Life Sciences repository, causes, symptoms, and reactions on patients from different part of the world.   Software Delivery Model: Enterprise Software Licensing & Software as a Service (SaaS)

Core technology include: Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning techniques, Text Retrieval, Data mining, Extract Transform & Load (ETL), distributed data processing and forward looking features based on semantic web techniques (Web 3.0)

  • Brought the company from 0 to 35 million dollar in market value in 2 Years.
  • Built the next generation, web 2.0 based, system and human networking & collaboration software
  • Built the engineering team and the system infrastructure from the scratch and delivered a state of the art knowledge intelligence system in the shortest possible time frame.
  • Managed all sorts of engineering activities towards building and delivery of a scalable and highly performing data mining centric Enterprise Information & Knowledge Intelligence Management System; Managed engineering resources in multiple geographical locations: Boston-MA, McLean-VA, Baltimore-MD
  • Defined and built next generation mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) solutions and systems for DOD customers for use in battlefield JTRS in a C4-ISR environment; The same solution was built for mobile phone devices such as iPhone and Blackberry.
  • I managed a team that researched, architected, designed, and developed complex discovery based solutions and delivered the results on MANET devices on the high QOS enabled defense networks.
  • Responsible for Human, IT and Engineering budget along with hiring the engineers, architects, and consultants to put the product in the market.
  • System components include a Java-based Service Oriented Architecture platform, Oracle based Real Application Clusters, Open source based JBoss application server and BEA Weblogic’s scalable application server environment. Ported the application to IBM Websphere at a later date;
  • Core technology include: Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning techniques, Text Retrieval, Data mining, Extract Transform & Load (ETL), distributed data processing and forward looking features based on semantic web techniques (Web 3.0)
  • Used Microsoft’s BizTalk Server as the web services to exchange data between multiple systems and orchestrating business processes which require multiple systems
  • Developed a supplementary web based Ruby on Rails (RoR) clients to support the life sciences domain implementation
  • Integrated the system with geospatial solutions like ESRI’s geospatial solutions, GeoBoost Visual Intelligence from SSS research, and prototype implementation of Google’s earth enterprise.
  • Improved Text Retrieval Quality Metrics such as precision, recall, and utility of Viziant search engine towards achieving competitive TREC (Text retrieval conference) benchmark results.
  • Used open source based openX advertisement platform to device an online advertisement platform for Phulaxis when deployed as a SaaS solution for Financial and Trading Customers on the internet; Used Google’s Adsense
  • Designed and Developed a Content Management System (CMS) to be integrated with Viziant’s Knowledge Modelling system. Integrated with open source based Drupal CMS to provide a comprehensive CMS system well integrated with Enterprise Search & Discovery system.
  • Developed in-house tools to automatically test critical and complex portion of the system and used Mercury’s Test Suite to automate testing of other portion of the systems.
  • Used Google's Map Reduce  technology to parallel process the extremely large volume of incoming data.
  • Followed industry standards and came up with a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) framework and implemented the entire Knowledge Management/Knowledge Intelligence System conforming to those standards.
Jan 2005Jan 2007

Founder, CTO, & co-CEO

Phulaxis Inc

Built Enterprise Compliance Solutions for Security, Information Technology, & Financial Controls Management

Industry focus: Financial: Financial Controls Management Solution to comply with Sarbanes Oxley and Basel IIManufacturing & High Technology: Information Security awareness & Information Technology General Control

  • Founder, CTO & VP of Technology and Compliance of Phulaxis Inc. – a company that provided Continuous Security Compliance, and Financial Controls Management System for Enterprises.
  • Managed the engineering resources in USA and India
  • Addressed IT and Financial Controls Management Solutions for High Technology, Financial, & Insurance industries.
  • Served as a Chief Information Officer to manage the daily information systems operations to provide reliable and highly available systems and services.
  • Served as a Consulting Global Technology Architect to deploy Phulaxis solution at CISCO Systems to deploy the system worldwide towards achieving local technology and financial controls and gain global visibility.
  • Responsible for the technology architecture and development for devising an Enterprise Compliance solution for resolving the Enterprise Security Compliance and Controls Management Requirements
  • Managed a team of software engineering and content management professionals to build the system software infrastructure, interfaces, appliances and applications in a UNIX and WINDOWS environment
  • Designed and developed a real-time Complex Event Processing and analytics using advanced rules and policy engine with J2EE, open source tools, and XML technologies
  • Built a vendor agnostic platform to address both IT and Application controls management requirements to provide a solution to handle the best practices requirements such as ITIL, ISO17799, COBit and regulatory compliance requirements such as Sarbanes Oxley (SOX), HIPAA, FISMA, NIST, and Basel II.
  • Architected a Business Control solution to provide a solution for companies to handle Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) requirements on internal controls and incorporated a preventive solution to address the Segregation Of Duties (SOD) requirements for Oracle E-Business Suite, Peoplesoft, JD Edwards and SAP applications.
  • Built the required content (knowledgebase) for business and information technology compliance solution mapped to various best practices and regulatory compliance policy frameworks.
Sep 1997Jan 2005

Senior Director of Development

Oracle Corporation
  • Architected, Developed, Launched and Managed Oracle E-Business Online services of Oracle Corporation to provide new ways of selling software (i.e.) software as a service(SaaS). Built the hosting application framework including the system and network infrastructure from the scratch. Played a key role in transforming IT for the entire group worldwide
  • Managed various development teams that were responsible for developing Oracle Quality Online product suite; Oracle Content Management and Publishing System for and E-Business online services; Oracle Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul vertical application product and licensed to high profile accounts like GE Aircraft Engines, United Airlines, and others
  • Managed the engineering and IT resources in various locations in USA, New Zealand, Netherland, China, & India
  • Devised and advised on best practices such as ITIL, ISO 17799, & CMMI for the internet deployment of CRM online services and advised Oracle E-Business Suite product development teams.
  • As a deployment architect, collaborated with business analysts and architects to deploy the business application worldwide; achieved Global Single Instance deployment of Oracle Applications. Reviewed Change management processes and Chaired Security architecture review board for the deployment of Oracle Applications worldwide
  • Conceived a new outsourcing model for Fortune 500 clients; increased client base by 20%
  • Spearheaded partner relationships, researched key vendors and negotiated price agreements. New relationships reduced operating expenses by $10 million per year

Senior Director of Architecture and Development - Oracle E-Business Online Services:Managed the development and deployment of Oracle and CRM Online services including,, and other online services for Oracle.Award: Obtained the “Service of the year 2001 award” for “” by Communication Outsourcing Group.        Responsible for managing a team of 110 people performing Development, Architecture, Systems & Network Specialists, Support, Customer Management and Quality Assurance activities. Delivered a system to online enable Oracle E-Business products. This hosted E-Business Suite of product includes all CRM products, Oracle Financials & Manufacturing, Oracle HR, Oracle Payroll and Personnel. Devised the Network and system topology for hosting the entire suite of online products. Entirely responsible for managing the system architecture, system tools development, system infrastructure, scalability, reliability, & high availability.     Oracle E-Business online offering included Content authoring/publishing, Sales, Support, Marketing, iStore, Customer care, contact center, Email center, and iRecruitment along with other base product offering.Developed a mobile interface to Oracle Customer Relationship Management System (CRM). Integrated with Pumatech software and tailored the mobile interface to fulfill the requirements of Software as a Service (SaaS) offering as well.    Content Management System (CMS) Integrated with vendor based product suite such as InterWoven to develop a CMS platform for Oracle E-Business Online Services. Implemented a CMS solution for

  • Implemented advertisement platforms for Oracle E-Business Online Services as well as
  • Online advertising: Search (Google Adwords - AdSense, Yahoo) & SEO
  • Online advertising: Display Advertising (Doubleclick)
  • Online advertising: Video ads : Custom Video Ads developed by CMS team
  • Online advertising: Call tracking using Double click and Oracle’s ClickStream product.

    Senior Director of Development: Oracle Quality Online Product:Managed a software development team to develop the automated quality assurance testing procedures of Oracle E-Business Suite     Head of Development: Systems Intelligence Product:Managed a software development team to develop the Systems Intelligence product for E-Business Suite.     Senior Director of Engineering and Information Technology for Oracle E-Business Suite: Security Compliance

  • Responsible for strategic planning with respect to E-Business Suite division-wide information security technologies and architectures.
  • Managing the development, selection and coordination of IT security technologies & products to provide reliable and cost effective information protection solutions that meet defined business requirements (e.g. regulatory compliance, industry, and audit) across the enterprise.
  • Creating and maintaining the E-Business Security Best Practices to provide advices on developing and deploying well secured information systems.
  • Responsible for understanding and implementing regulatory compliance Security and IT control measures such as Sarbanes Oxley, ISO 17799, GLBA, HIPAA, and FISMA for Oracle E-Business Suite products and tools.
  • Provided various Security and system hardening solution to E-Business Suite architecture and development teams, internal IT organizations, partners and customers.
  • Directed the evaluation of emerging technologies risks such as E-Commerce and the associated security implications, potential infrastructure impact and provide solutions, which meet business requirements.

Director of Development: Self Service Administration Product:Managed another development and product management teams who designed and developed the Self Service setup and configuration framework for Oracle E-Business suite 11i.Director of Development and Information Technology: Oracle CRM Product Suite:Managed development and product management teams who designed and developed the Customer Care, Service,  Support product and the required foundation components to support Oracle CRM suite. Oracle CRM suite was shipped and licensed as part of Oracle E-Business suite 11i.Using Oracle Spatial and Locator products, I managed a team the designed and built the Oracle field Sales and Services product Lines. The Oracle CRM was then integrated with ESRI's Geo Spatial solutions during the implementation of our enterprise software at many customer locations.Director of Development and Information Technology: Oracle Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) Product:Built and managed an application development team for building the Oracle MRO product. The objective is to provide MRO solutions for complex machineries involving better configuration management, significant increase in inventory, reduced turnaround time, reduced errors, compliance with industrial processes and standards. Released the finished product to GE Aircraft Engines for the worldwide implementation.

Jan 1996Sep 1997

Senior Development Manager: Information/Data Architecture

AT&T Labs Internet Platforms

Served as an architect/Chief Scientist for the database and distributed information/data architecture team. My team was responsible for building a next generation internet application platform. I chaired the design and architecure review board of distributed, scalability, and performance aspects of various applications that run on such an internet platform. Licensed the product to British Telecom, Telia Telecom (Swedish), Nippon Telecom, and others. Responsible for managing the implementation of the Relational and Object Oriented Database Management systems including installation, configuration, administration, design, and development. In addition, I was solely responsible for managing a team of software professionals to design and develop Registration, Customer Care, Usage, and Billing Services.

Jun 1995Jan 1996

Systems and Applications Development Director

Grimsley Associates

Served as a Systems and Applications Development Director for the Credit Card Services project for NATIONS BANK. Managed a team of 35 software engineers to design, develop, deploy, and license a Customer Care product for NATIONS BANK.  Developed screen scraping procedures using the Entry Emulation High Level Language Application Program Interface (EEHLLAPI). Enhanced the scalability and performance of the product and deployed the system to be used in all brnaches of NATIONS BANK.

May 1994Jun 1995

Database Technology Consultant

Served as a Database Administrator and system technology consultant for INGRESS and ORACLE databases during graduate studies; Performed installation, configuration, administration, tuning, and backup & recovery of databases; Implemented Database Clustering and Parallel Server architectures. Conducted classes and seminars for the students of department of Computer Science on Relational Database Management Systems.

May 1987May 1994

Principal Systems Analyst

Various Multi-national Companies - India & Middle East

Performed System Analysis, Design, and Development for various Business Application Systems for Hotel Management, Hospital Management, Retail Management, and Financial Management software application systems. These projects were implemented for local and international corporations. Functioned as project manager, principal designer, chief technologist, client support and implementation specialist. Maintained direct oversight for the development team, product managers, and new product development.

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Aug 2004Present


US Patents
May 2001Present

Service of the year 2001 award

Communication Outsourcing Group

Technical Experience

Technical Experience: (Hardware/Operating Platforms, and software)

  • Experienced with J2EE framework along with advanced understanding of IP networking concepts, including TCP and UDP.
  • Experience with Microsoft technology stack and .NET framework
  • Designed and Developed applications and utilities using the computer programming languages such as C, C++, JAVA, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripts, Perl, Tcl/Tk, html, dhtml, xml etc.
  • Experienced in managing systems on Sun Servers, HP N & V-class servers running HP-UX 11i, IBM mainframes running AIX 3.2, VAX 4000-200 running Ultrix, Intel based Servers running various flavors of Linux, various versions of NOVELL Netware, and various Microsoft os versions ranging from DOS to Win 2003 and XP.
  • Advanced user of software products such as Microsoft Office Products, various versions of Oracle RDBMS upto 10GR2. Testing suites from Mercury Winrunner and Loadrunner, Internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mosaic, and Firefox. Webservers such as Netscape Commerce Server, IBM Web Sphere, BEA Weblogic, Microsoft Internet Information Server, and Apache.
  • Adobe’s Flex based Rich Internet Application (RIA) framework, Blaze Data Services, Google’s Window Toolkit and Ajax

Professional Profile

Architecture Design Development Management Products Delivery Outsourcing Web 2.0  Web3.0 Semantic Web GUI RIA Ajax Flex OEM Partnerships President CTO co-CEO Executive Vice President Government Top Secret Clearance Corporate Geo-Spatial Mobile Applications Microsoft Oracle IBM BEA SaaS Social Networking LAMP startup Fortune-500 Dynamic Enterprise Customer Communication Business Development Security & Compliance Advertisement Platforms Search Engine Optimization Data-Analytics Parallel Processing Cloud Computing Linux JEE .NET open-source


Experienced technology executive with high business focus to build great team and delivered complex products in record time to market; Believes in execution by giving importance to focus, determination, and passion; Exceptional at managing projects, operations, cash flow, clients, consultants and employees; I thrive to enhance engineering processes and cultivate a clear discipline, focus, and clarity towards product deliverable; Excellent oral and written communications skills. <<                            Visionary: well-versed in inspiring and leading teams to success                        >>