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Full-stack App Developer / UX Designer


I have graduated as an MSc from Technical University of Denmark (DTU) with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering and a specialisation in Efficient and Intelligent Software.  Working since 2006, I have gathered an exhaustive development experience in javascript, html, css and related technologies in the front-end spectrum; and in design tools such as Illustrator, Photoshop Sketch and other mockup tools. I am currently working for DeIC as a Systemudvikler.

Additionally, I am adept at designing and analysing algorithms for combinatorially hard problems; analysing and implementing advanced AI techniques for automated planning in multi-agent systems and using formal methods to mathematically specify, develop and verify software systems using theorem provers. Some of my minor practical skills are in, design and analysis of systems of interconnected computing devices, design and analysis of cryptographic solutions and designing arithmetic processors based on given specifications.

I am looking for a senior full time position in Copenhagen, Denmark, that either deals with front end development and/or design (UXD) using the latest web (and design) technologies or one in science and research that requires my skills in algorithm design and analysis, AI and multi-agent systems and apply formal methods to systems using automated theorem provers. I am open to working in the finance sector as well.

Work History

Oct '16now

Systemudvikler, DeIC (

Currently developing restful APIs and a SPA that enables netadmins manage, visualize and analyze DDoS attacks on university networks. The API interacts with on a PostgreSQL db which in turn gets the data from a fastnetmon instance that detects and logs such attacks. Additionally, building data visuals with d3js with time series data from Influxdb. 

Jan '15Sep '16

Student Programmer, DeIC (

Worked on enhancing old features and adding new functionalities on DeICData. DeICData is a cloud storage platform for researchers and scientists that allows for metadata based data storage and retrieval. It is built using own cloud 7 and uses php, html5, css3 and javascript. Optimized assets for short loading time and ensured responsive features for user features. Created new add-on apps in the main application.

JunAug '16

Frontend Developer, Capdesk (

Designed and implemented the new newsletter layout in the capdesk application and added the introduction video on the homepage using Angular templates. Also, tested and wrote css media queries and additional javascript to ensure that the video was responsive across all platforms. Managed daily work and time estimates on JIRA.


Consultant Frontend Developer/UX Designer, 1985 (

Developed web applications for various clients of 1985. Work composed of front end design and development using RWD techniques and producing optimized web assets. (, Also, created a lot of RWD mocks and working templates, for one click website creation application that 1985 and I started together.


Consultant Frontend Developer/UX Designer, Axon Networks (

Designed UX for web applications for various clients of Axon, some in India and a web security company in London. Also developed applications for small startups in Bangalore that were in clients of Axon. Designed mocks using Illustrator and markup up the designs using html5, css and JS. Also, ensured design were responsive and optimized for production.


Consultant Graphic Designer, Wisden India (

Designed and developed the frontend for Wisden India started operations in India in April 2014. Conceptualised the initial designs and information flow on the web application. Most notably scoreboard widget.


Research Associate, Indian Institute of Science

Partly built a web app for acquiring vibrational data from a "mote" connected to a metal plate and displaying it in in a comprehensive and useful format, it  was for a project called Wireless Structural Health Monitoring and I was a part of a team of 5 MSc students in the department of Aeronautics ad IISc.


Technical Analyst, Oracle Corp.

Developed custom web applications, web reports and portals based on sales data used by Sales Managers and VPs in OracleDirect. Learned and used JQuery (it was the new open source library then) to improve parts of dashboards for speed and usability. Worked with shell scripts to run daily and hourly batch jobs. Also, used to extract data from the remote servers to create custom report dashboards.

JanSep '06

Application Engineer, Qwest Communications

Maintained and monitored business critical web servers and database servers. Learned and implemented UNIX shell scripts that automated daily activities on remote UNIX servers.


Sep 2014Aug 2016

MSc in Computer Science and Engineering. Technical University of Denmark

The primary focus of my studies have been about efficient and intelligent software, that deal with  artificial intelligence and sound logical inference systems. My MSc thesis on Computer-Checked Logic was based on formal methods. I partly formalized Skolemization algorithm that is used to verify validity of first-order logic formulas. An automated theorem prover named Isabelle was used for this purpose, that allowed me to do formally specify, and mathematically verify properties of logic and normal forms.


BS in Computer Science, Electronics and Electrical Engineering, American International University of Management and Technology


  • Winner of the best video cateogory (promoting Danish universities abroad)
    • I was a member of a team of 5 DTU (Technical University of Denmark) students who made an award winning video that showcased a few recent DTU inventions and startups
  • OracleDirect MVP Q3 FY06
    • Won the "most valuable player" award at Oracle after 4 months of joining the team around the beginning of Q3 of the fiscal year.

About me

I like solving puzzles, both mathematical and mechanical like sudoku and Rubik's cubes in my leisure time.I know how to solve a 3x3, 4x4 Rubik's cube and a Skewb and pyraminx and learning to solve a 5x5 Rubik's cube. Also I like to read books on astronomy and  physics. I am quite disciplined with my exercise regime and workout almost everyday. Also I love cooking and spend time on the weekends trying new recipes in the kitchen.