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Ashley M. Wright, Gregory S. Tschumper, and Nathan I. Hammer, “Computational and Spectroscopic Study of the B-N Dative Bond in Ammonia Borane,” 66th International Symposium on Molecular Spectroscopy, Columbus, Ohio, June 2011. (oral presentation)

Ashley M. Wright, Austin A. Howard, Gregory S. Tschumper, and Nathan I. Hammer, “Spectroscopic and computational investigations of noncovalent interactions between pyrimidine and hydrogen bonded networks,” 66th Southwest and 62nd Southeast Regional Meeting of the American Chemical Society (SWRM/SERMACS), New Orleans, Louisiana, Dec 2010. (oral presentation)

Work experience

Jan 2010Dec 2012

Research Assistant

University of Mississippi
  • Co-authored 6 articles in professional journals to date including 1 first author paper (3 additional manuscripts in preparation)
  • Presented at 8 international, national, and regional conferences
  • Delivered oral presentation at international conference on molecular spectroscopy
  • Mentored 6 undergraduate students on original spectroscopic and computational research projects which resulted in publications
  • Funded continuously on NSF grant CHE-0955550 “CAREER: Spectroscopically Tracking the Evolution of Noncovalent Interactions from the Single Molecule Level to the Condensed Phases”
Aug 2007Dec 2009

Teaching Assistant

University of Mississippi
  • Taught fundamental chemical concepts to undergraduate students
  • Demonstrated and enforced correct laboratory procedures


Aug 2007Dec 2012


University of Mississippi
Aug 2003Jul 2007


University of Central Arkansas