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Best Work

Super Silly Silly Bandz- it had fun faces to make it funny and creative, we had a lot of fun filming this and met alot of great people doing it.

Wylie East Basketball- this was good because it had great shots of our boys making good goals and the music was intresting

Rose- this was a very creative but hard script but we did a good job getting the shots and tried to put it together as much as possible

Personal Initiative

this year i have taking alot of initiative by keepong people quiet. i make sure they dont argue or fight... because thats really imature for being in highschool. i make sure they get they get there work done by the time its due so they dont ruin there lifes by not caring or not working. i helped out tons on working on our group video, and  i offered to play the main girl in the video becuase no one else wanted to... i didnt want to quiet do it but i offered anyways. i make sure everybody gets their work done in our group and some what manage it.  i helped my group manage to make a 5 minute movie out of 6 minutes of recording... let me tell you thats VERY hard to do. i contibute alot of work to make sure this class is in check. 


Caring. i am always making sure people are okay. i give them tons, tons, and tons of advice to help people. anybody can tell me anything and trust me to keep it a secert. i hate it when people are mad or upset and i try to change their mood. i try to make people look at the positive rather than the negative, because looking at the negative will make you live a sad and lonely life... and who wants that! my goal is to make sure everyone has a friend and has someone who always has their back and that is what im here for i can be anyones friend as long as they will let me into their life!

Rights & Responsibilities

they must stay on task at all times and make sure what they are doing is correct. they need to do work and make sure everyone else is too. they need to be like a boss. they have to have everything together and be a hard, determined, and creative person to complete making a movie. you must  be a very very resposible like a boss. and you must be able to step in and do any job that is needed of you, so be prepared... very prepared.


i play soccer and volleyball. i am also in the soak club and fellowship of christian athletes. i go to the nursing home for the holidays and give them cards and talk with them. i go to the animal shelter and help wash the animals and walk them and play with them. and i go on several mission trips over the summer to help build houses and help wherever i am needed.


i learned how to use premire pro and adobe after effects. i also i learned important camera angles and lighting tricks for filming different moods. this class has also taught me about individual roles in a movie that need to be played such as editing, acting, producing, and directing..

Goals for next year

my goal for next year is to have all A's so i can get into Texas A&M. i plan to work hard so i can be very very very successful in my future life and so i can support my huge family that i have.

My highlight

i have a very vivid moment of when we shot super silly silly bandz. we had a lot of funny people make the video ten times funner than it would have been. Brad Oliver joined in and made it super funny. everyone loved the funny faces we did for them!