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Work experience


Chicago Federation of Labor

Designed and developed an ESP course for adult learners commissioned by the Chicago Federation of Labor. This was a whole-class project by a graduate level English course that resulted in a full course design including teacher’s manual, exercises and assessments for an adult level ESL class on job interview skills.

2008Aug 2010

Teaching Artist

Route 66 Theatre Company

Most recently designed and presented a three-day workshop utilizing student-centered improvisation games and group collaboration to create urban legends. Lesson focused on underlying “social warnings” present in contemporary urban legends. (Roger C. Sullivan High School - 10th grade)

Dec 2008Jan 2009

Teaching Artist

American Theatre Company

Taught Technical Theatre track to English & Art students at Collins High School as part of six-week residency program at Collins High School (12th grade).

  • Developed curriculum and lesson plans. Students mined text for clues about characters’ socio-economic status, time period, location and applied to design choices.
  • Supported & supervised students’ production of costume renderings, set designs and sound effects which were displayed for peers and community members during ATC’s production of “True West.”

Fencing Instructor

Chicago Swordplay Guild

Demonstrated techniques & drills, presented theory, led drills and assessed student performance.  Created lesson plans and exercises based on existing curriculum co-developed with the Chicago Swordplay Guild.

Skills & Professional Interests

  • Comfortable working & teaching in variety of “tech” environments: Mac or Microsoft platforms, cloud (ex GoogleDocs) and major softwares: Microsoft Office, iWork, iMovie, GarageBand, Photo/Video/Sound editing. I'm always ready to learn something new, and never afraid to be an early adopter.
  • Multi-disciplinary approaches to learning: i.e. plan to implement performance and project based activities into traditional curriculum.
  • Theatre/Drama: Over a decade of professional experience in the theatre arts including acting, directing, scenic design & artistry. Interested in participating in (or creating!) your school's drama program.
  • Emerging Technology: I love new technology and am eager to work with my peers to answer pressing questions like: How can teachers make the most of emergent technologies to foster communication between stakeholders? How can technology be brought into the classroom in ways that create excitement, enhance the learning experience but maintain a private/secure environment? How can cash-strapped schools find creative ways to bridge the digital divide?


To obtain a student teaching assignment in a second- or middle-level English/Literature classroom with a school that will embrace and encourage using my extensive experience in the performing arts to provide multimodal learning opportunities for all students.

Sample Writing

Interactive Field Experiences

Community Youth Development Institute, Alternative High School, Chicago, IL Feb-March 2010

  • Taught "Proficiency in Sentence Writing" to small group of students.

Haugan Aspira Middle School, 7th Grade, Chicago, IL October 2009

  • Designed and taught lesson on Assonance, Consonance & Alliteration in a 7th grade classroom.
  • Prepared and Presented “show & tell” lesson on clothing in the Middle Ages to complement current reading.

Collins High School,12th Grade, Chicago, IL January 2009

  • Guided reading of “The Iliad” and fostered understanding of character relations by creating a “family tree.”

Roberto Clemente High School, 11th Grade, Chicago, IL March 2007

  • Worked individually with student preparing for Drama Competition, focusing on text analysis/interpretation, word meanings and making personal connections to text and character.


Jan 2007Present

M.Ed. (Expected March 2011)

Sep 1991May 1995



Alabama Class A, Secondary Teaching Certificate in English & Drama

Alabama Board of Education

Illinois Initial Secondary Teaching Certificate

Illinois State Board of Education