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I love photography.  It is my passion.  That is simple enough, right?  Not really.  With cameras being so cheap and technology putting cameras in the hands of more people than ever in history just loving something doesn't make you a professional at it. 

My parents bought my first camera for me when I was ten years old.  I immediately started snapping away,  Shortly after I started doing my own editing with an xacto knife and a lot of patience.  When it started getting pricey they invested in an enormous digital camera and a box of a hundred floppy disks.  Then at seventeen I found the passion that I have for photography alone in the darkroom at my high school.  I spent most of my senior year there.  From the time I was seven years old I was destined to be a lawyer.  Over a year in to college (and while I was working as a legal secretary) I found my calling.  Walking the halls of the law firm I could only focus on Mike Sanford's images on the walls not my case files.  I enrolled in a class at the college and made the decision to make my passion in to my career.  Needless to say my family was in shock.  They have been able to see that it was the biggest and best decision I have made for my career and life. 

I continued to take classes in photography and I pushed in to new areas of photography.  I have learned to edit digital images, hand paint wet prints, use studio lighting, and most importantly connect with my subject.  I was hired on at Prestige Portraits photographing senior portraits.  I learned a lot in the studio but I learned even more on the road the next two summers.  From seniors I ventured in to school portraits which yes, it doesn't require the greatest knowledge but it is hard work and it takes dedication, then on to event, sports, candid, and group photography. 

Now I have been fortunate enough to start my own business, AA Scott Photography.  After marrying my husband I was relocated to North Carolina and soon after we were blessed with a son.  I have been working with other military families capturing their memorable moments as well as providing them with beautiful family portraits.  I love working with other families here and it has encouraged me to be mobile so that not only can I photograph in my own home but I can go to others homes as well as in family centers and other meeting areas for local spouses with an entire portrait set up.  I have also ventured in to HDR photography, macro photography and high speed photography. 


My sole purpose when I photograph someone is to provide them with the best possible images to mark the occasion or that moment in their life.  I have learned that capturing just the smallest thing can make the biggest impact in someone's life. 

I am looking forward to working with military families in the area that I live in.  I want to work towards providing Deployed Daddies & Mommies with portraits of their children while they are gone.  They are of course missing a chunk of their children and wives or husband's life while they are gone. This has become incredibly apparent to me due to the fact that my own husband is deployed right now and he missed the birth of our first child and will miss the first five months of his life.  Sending special pictures to Daddy has become incredibly important. 

I have also been a huge fan of the pin up girls in the 40's that were real motivators during WW2.  I am excited to get to work with actual wives and girlfriends in pin up and boudoir fashion to send their significant others moral boosting portraits.  Oh, and ladies, I am the poster child for not being ashamed of your body no matter your shape or size.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I believe everyone is capable of taking a beautiful picture.

I hope in the future to work with the Wounded Warrior Project.  I have a few different ideas in mind and it has now become a goal for me.


Preliminary Work for AA

Yuba Community College
Jan 2007Present

Pursuit of AA

Sierra College

Work experience


Designer, Photographer, Editor

Yuba Sutter Legal Center

-  Compiled, sorted, organized and edited data for Resourse Directory

-  Designed Resourse Directory layout and edited all entered data

-  Processed all final data

-  Photographed local area services and landmarks

-  Edited images and designed cover layout for Resource Directory

-  Assisted in distribution of Resource Directory



AA Scott Photography

Photographer Specializing in the Following Areas:

- Portraiture

  * Children

  * Senior Portraits

  * Engagment

  * Posed Sports

  * Family (including large groups)


- Team Pictures including Sports cards and Team Composits

- Candids during events

- Set up Action Shots  

Special Events and Groups

- Weddings

- Proms

  * Posed Portraits

  * Candids

- Church Groups

- Business Groups

School Portraits

- Posed Traditional Head and Shoulder

- Group Pictures

Digital Editing

Basic to Complex Editing

- Multi Image Composits

- Names on Wallets

- High Contrast Images for Drama

- Soft Focus

- Removal of Scars, skin imperfections

- Body Toning

- Vignettes

- Specialized Text

May 20072010


LifeTouch National School Studios

-  Lead photographer position

-  Carried out complex photo shoots involving varied types of lighting effects

-  Photography sessions varied including:

    * School Portraits

    * Senior Glamour Portraits (Studio and On-Site)

    * Posed Sports Portraits

    * Sports Candids

    * Special Event Candids

    * Special Event & Group Photography

-  Special equipment use for ID production

-  Assembly of On-Site photo studio including backgrounds, lighting, and camera equipment


Administrative Secretary, Dispatcher

Wilson Towing

-  Clerical duties including:

  * Typing- 75 WPM average

  * Answering multi-line telephone

  * Calendaring

  * Processing incoming and outgoing mail

  * File management

  * Generating payment requests

-  Dispatching tow trucks

-  Processing Lien documents


Legal Secretary

Harris, Sanford & Hamman

Worked in the following fields:

  • Estate Planning (Wills, Trusts, DPA, HCD)
  • Estate Administration
  • Real Estate
  • Litigation
  • Business Law
  • Elder Law

-  Secretarial duties including:

  * Filing

   * Typing 75 WPM average

  * Reception

  * Answering multi-line telephone

-  Preparation of legal documents

-  Processing prepared legal documents for court/ clients

-  Meeting with clients

-  Notarizing Documents

-  Calendaring and scheduling appointment

-  Overhaul of filing system and storage system

-  Created new file monitoring system


Computer/ Technical Literacy
Competent use of the following programs: Microsoft Word WordPerfect PowerPoint Excel Outlook Publisher Adobe Amicus Abacus TimeSlips Quickbooks -  Typing with an average of 75 words per minute -  Use of peripheral devices -  Trouble shooting common problems -  Media literacy -  Knowledge of computer security  
Hand Coloring
Use of many different medias to hand color fiber based prints including: oils, water colors, special dyes, pens, spotting inks, acrylics and pencils.  Digital methods using photo editing software to hand color digital images.
Digital Editing
Use of photo editing software and in camera software to facilitate retouching, image manipulation, and general photo editing to achieve higher quality images as well as unique images.  Proficient with Adobe Photoshop 7/8 and CS3/4.  Currently learning CS5 program.  General knowledge of all basic tools and some advanced techniques.
Digital Photography
Advanced knowledge of digital SLR equipment.  Subject matter varied from childrens portraiture to night photography and fine art photography.  Knowledge and use of RAW images.  Use of controlled and studio lighting.
Black and White Photography
Advanced skills in black and white photography including, but not limited to, exposure control, film development, contact printing, enlarging, composition, lighting, print finishing, and presentation.  Using large, medium and 35mm format films and both resein and fiber based paper.  Also experience with experimental techniques and toning prints.


Pano, Landscape, Nature, Sports