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I am currently a student at Claflin University who is majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in digital media. I'm bettering my writing skills by writing news briefs and articles for school activites. I know how to use and operate the camera and I have worked with the Pinnacle and the Avid editing systems and have created numerous videos and projects using these systems. My works include a music video, a feature film, a narrative sequence, a short commercial, a how-to video, and a documentary. I also have worked as the Chief Marketing and Public Relations Officer in a Virtual Enterprise class where I created a logo, business cards, employee name-tags, a website, HTML website coding, etc.

Community Service

Orangeburg Inspiration Radio Station

Salvation Army

Upward Bound

Boys & Girls Club

Ebenezer Community Center


Leadership Positions

Asbury Hall Vice President

Freshman Class Vice President


Claflin University


I won awards in Impromptu and Public Speaking with FBLA and went on to continue in a district, state, and national level.
I was a WCHS News Announcer at my high school. It was my job to do morning, midday, and afternoon annoucements which included the Pledge of Allegiance along with any school announcements presented to us that day.
I was a student in my high school's entrepreneurship class. It was my job to come up with a business that I wanted to create, which was a photography business, and handle all business aspects of it. I had to create a website from scratch using HTML coding, business cards, a company logo, etc.
Marketing Advisor
I was the Chief Public Relations and Marketing Officer in my Virtual Enterprise class while I was in high school. It was my job to create the website, create the company logo, create company ID cards, create company business cards, keep up with sales made, etc.
I have worked with the Pinnacle and Avid Editing Sytems. I have edited a narrative sequence and min-documentary with the Pinnacle Editing System along with a music video, how-to video, and 2 documentaries with the Avid Editing System.
I have been the producer for a narrative sequence, how-to video, music video, and 3 documentaries for my Television 1 & 2 and Narratives and Documentaries class. It was my job to come up with a production schedule, fill out production forms, and to make sure everyone on my production team has done their job.
I have filmed various productions such as a narrative sequence, 3 documentaries, a how-to video, and a music video through my Television 1 & 2 and Narratives and Documentaries class.