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Ashleigh Slater

Master-weaver at warpweftweave studio

Work experience

Jun 2012Present

Weaver & Designer

warpweftweave studio

I own my working studio and shop. Visitors are welcome to drop in and learn about slow textile heritage by watching the hand-weaving process and exploring the fascinating journey from raw fleece to fabric.


Weaver & Tutor

The Weaver Incorporation of Dundee

Weaving tutor for various on-going projects in and around Dundee & Perthshire, teaching core weaving skills to schools as part of extra extra-curricular activity. 


Designer & Maker

Hand-woven designed blankets


Weaver & Researcher

Ala Mairi

Ala Mairi is a luxury ethical label that focuses on fine craftsmanship of hand weave by artisans in Scotland and fine hand embroidery from Pakistan. By supporting the artisans and mixing cultures through design


Starfish Art's co-ordinator 


Startfish (Original) - working with with the learning disabled, co-ordinating arts activity and workshops.



Arts Voluntary work

co-coordinating artist's & venues - hosting workshops -teaching

Ala Mairi

Researcher - Designer  - Master-Weaver - Blogger

warpweftweave studio

Master-Weaver - Designer - Tartan Designer - Teacher & weaving demonstration


Ashleigh Slater graduated from Duncan & Jordanstone College of Art and Design, in 2012 with a BDes (Hons) in Textile Design specialising in weaving.  On leaving university he was invited to join the Nine Incorporated Trades  of Dundee as a Master Weaver. After University Ashleigh was able to expand and open his working studio: warpweftweave.

Ashleigh Slater creates bespoke textiles created and designed to meet the growing market for locally sourced, handmade goods.

“I don’t intend to upgrade to machine operated - power-looms; I want to create hand woven cloth on looms that still require manual and mental dexterity using a principle of slow textiles; and recreating the skills of pre-industrial woven textiles.”

When he is not actively weaving, Ashleigh undertakes regular 1:1 teaching sessions and has worked closely with community development schemes such as the Pitstop Youth Project, Forfar. He is a keen supporter of local Arts initiatives such as the Strathmore Arts Festival, and his 2013 “Introduction to Inkle Loom Weaving” proved very popular with adults and children alike! Ashleigh's teaching skill continue to expand working closely with schools to teach children on how to weave.

After successful launching his own brand tartan design service and registering the Berries and Cherries Tartan alongside Thomas Thomson (Blairgowrie) Ltd. in 2015, Ashleigh was recently asked to demonstrate and register a new tartan with the service-users at Oakland Centre Dundee


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