Work experience

Work experience

Senior Qc & System Coordinator

Feb 2015 - Present
Nui Phao H.C. Starck Tungsten Chemicals Manufacturing
LLC-Vietnam (Manufacturing Mining Chemicals) nd Senior QC & System Coordinator Job Description-Developing and establishing Quality Assurance department function, Framing, seeding and formulation, documentation, training in joint venture Company for ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management System, Leading, guiding and mentoring Kaizen proposals and implementation. Action-Proactive approach towards system development irrespective of all odds & Result-Developed Maturity in system by education, training, mentoring and involving th st

Management Consultant

Jan 2015 - Jan 2015
Nui Phao H.C. Starck Tungsten Chemicals Manufacturing
Management Consultant, India(Freelance)(12 Oct') Job Description-Business Process Improvement. Client interaction and presentation, Project Work contract finalization, Liaison with external agencies, Third Party Audit, Maintenance of ISO 9001/14001/18001 Certification System Action-Gap Analysis, Documentation, Training, Implementation, Internal Quality Audit, Resolving non-conformities, Management Review Meeting, coordination for certification audit, surveillance audit and maintaining system. & Result-On time certification, Increase in Sales&Customer base, Employee contribution & satisfaction, Reduction in rejection & wastage, Customer complaints, Plant Breakdown

Workshop Manager

Apr 2013 - Oct 2013
Seahorse Services

Corporation, Vietnam (ROV service provider for Oil and Gas companies) th th Workshop Manager(10 Apr' 13 to 9 Oct' 13) Job Description-Managing workshop viz. procurement, maintenance, Stores Management, Administration, Delivery, Maintaining Health, Environment and Safety, Crew mobilization with Equipments for ROV service to Oil and Gas project Clients. Action-Monitoring maintenance activities on daily basis against planned and initiating corrective action if delayed, Identifying of critical spare parts inventory on daily basis, Ensuring use of protective gears for safety and zero accident, Monitoring Quality inspection and tests of equipment before delivery & Result-On time mobilization of Delivery of ROV and allied equipments and accessories, Reduction in maintenance time and cost, achieving zero accidents, Increase of projects in hand HPDC, India(Training and Skill Development Institute) th st

Plant Manager

Nov 2010 - Sep 2011
Manufacturing Plastic Ceiling Profiles & Rubber Profiles
Plant Manager Job Description-Managing manufacturing, planning, process optimization, Installation and trial on new machines, Layout optimization, Administration, Union handling, maintenance and delivery

Works Manager

Feb 2007 - Oct 2010
Surelock Plastics Pvt. Ltd.
India-(Manufacturing Nylon Cable Ties & Accessories) nd th Works Manager Job Description-Manufacturing, planning, ISO 9001 QMS implementation as MR, Inventory Control. Maintenance, QA, Delivery, Purchase, Managing Inspection, Liaison with external bodies, administrationetc.

General Manager

Dec 2005 - Sep 2006
Surelock Plastics Pvt. Ltd.
General Manager Job Description-Manufacturing, Planning, ISO 9001 QMS maintenance, Inventory Control. Machinery Maintenance, QA, Delivery, Purchase, administration etc.


Nov 2002 - Nov 2005
Manufacturing PVC pipes and fittings
Consultant for ISO 9001 QMS Job Description-Gap Analysis, Documentation, Training, Implementation, Internal Audit, Management Reviews, Third Party Audit and maintenance of ISO 9001 Action-Consultancy for ISO 9001 & Result-On time Certification (st st

Plant Manager

Jan 1998 - Oct 2002
Manufacturing PVC pipes and fittings
Plant Manager Job Description-Manufacturing, Planning, ISO 9001 QMS implementation as MR, Inventory Control. Maintenance, QA, Delivery, Purchase, Managing BIS & Third Party Inspection, Liaison with external parties, administration etc Action-Productivity Improvement & Result-Better men, material and machine yield Uniweartex Ltd., India-(Manufacturing Men's Suits) st st


Jan 1995 - Dec 1997
Manufacturing PVC pipes and fittings
Manager Industrial Engineering Job Description-Monitoring project progress & Completion, setting production targets, line balancing, managing material handling installation facilities, Stores, Management, MIS, Implementation of System Action-Monitoring and supervising garment handling system projects, Liaison with government agencies for getting project clearance facilities, Liaoning, monitoring and coordination with foreign consultants for implementing system, Setting production line targets and line balancing

Production Manager

Jun 1993 - Dec 1994
Trident Steel Pvt
Result-Expediting plant project completion & starting production, utilization of resources, higher productivity. Ltd., India(SS Rolling Mill) st st Production Manager Job Description-Liaison with external parties, Action-Liaison with government agencies for getting project clearance & Result-Nil


Nov 1990 - May 1993
Grindwell Norton Ltd., India
Manufacturing Grinding Wheels) st st Superintendent Industrial Engineering Job Description-Productivity Improvement, Time & Motion Study & Modernization of Plant & Layout Action-Method and time study for productivity improvement under modernization phase project, Study of workplace layout and implementing better layout, Negotiation and agreement on production targets and process and plant layout with union and concerned manager, Internal Quality Audit Conducting for ISO 9002 certification, Plant housekeeping by removing and disposal of unwanted material & Result-Higher productivity, Productive plant layout, ISO 9002 Certification

Work Study Engineer

Sep 1986 - Oct 1990
Hawkins Cookers Ltd
India (Manufacturing Pressure Cookers and Kitchen Appliances) th st Work Study Engineer Job Description-Setting production targets for new product, implementation of new method, methods improvement, negotiation with union, workout labor cost saving and management approval, Incentive scheme, Codification of Bill of Material for multi location plants, MIS etc. Action-Method and time study for productivity improvement for existing & new products, Negotiation and agreement on production targets with union, Getting approval of top management on production targets, Monitoring Incentive Scheme, Visiting other plant for productivity improvement studies & Result-40% labor cost saving in existing & new production targets, Union's offer voluntarily for increasing production targets




Institute of E&R Technology



Plant operation, Quality Assurance, Inventory Management, Quality Management System



Nov 2012 - Nov 2012
International Standard Certifications

ISO 9001 / 14001 / 18001 Lead Auditor

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