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Civil Engineer with more than 9 years’ of experience in Aerial Image acquisition, flight planning, image processing & data analysis. Managed multiple (Eddy-Covariance, Bowen-Ratio etc.) flux towers. A professional who always strives to find innovative solutions to image processing tasks.

Work experience

Oct 2010Present

Research Engineer

Remote Sensing Services Lab, Utah State — University, USA

Research Engineer Flight planning, managing & operating multi-spectral, thermal & LIDAR imaging system installed in Cessna 206 aircraft. Installation and management of Eddy-Covariance, Bowen-Ratio etc. flux measurement system for several

Jan 2006Oct 2010

Research Engineer

Remote Sensing Services Lab, Utah State — University, USA

Graduate Research Engineer Upgraded 3-band multi-spectral imaging system, by assembling custom computer, modifying software code to adapt 3(Kodak Megaplus 4.2i) camera controller cards to the new system. Assisted in installation and management Eddy-Covariance(4 towers) and Bowen ratio(1 tower) for 2 years (2007 & 2008) of field campaign in Blythe California. Analyzed and compared 2 years of multi-spectral imagery, ground measurements and Eddy-Covariance time series flux data. Create/modify program codes for CR5000, CR3000 and CR21x Campbell Scientific data loggers to adapt the installed instruments on Eddy-Covariance and Bowen Ratio towers. QUALIFICATIONS






Allahabad Agricultural Institute