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Jun 2015

Bachelor of Engineering, Electronics

University of Mumbai

Work Experience

Jul 2014


ARK Technosolutions
  • Designed a Smart Robot System based on Image Acquisition and Processing and implemented the code on MATLAB

  • The system consisted of a camera used to capture hand gestures made by the user to control the robot

Jul 2012


Doordarshan, Mumbai
  • Gained exposure to operation and maintenance of sections in transmitting like High Power Transmitters and Earth Station


May 2015

Final year project: Auto Balancing Robot

  • Designed an auto balancing robot system based on Inverted Pendulum System

  • Achieved desired stability of the system by implementing Kalman Filter and PID Control Algorithm

Nov 2013

Ultrasonic Range Finder

  • Designed a system to detect and display the distance of the object from the sensor

  • Used Ultrasonic Ranging Module HC-SR04 to detect the distance and obtained the result on Seven Segment Display

Sep 2013

Smart Temperature Monitoring and Control System

  • Designed a prototype system to monitor and control the room temperature using Programmable System on Chip

  • The system senses the room temperature using a thermistor on the chip and controls it using a fan connected to a motor

Computer Skills

Programming Languages
Operating Systems

Windows, Linux


Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint), GIMP Image Editor


Auto-Balancing Two Wheeled Inverted Pendulum Robot, International Journal of Innovative and Emerging Research in Engineering Vol.2, No.2, 2014

Extra Curriculars

  • Completed course on Programmable System on Chip with Eduvance affiliated to The Cypress University Alliance

  • Successfully organised Technical Events in intra-college festival Connect and inter-college festival Fusion as Head

  • Assisted in designing robotics kits required for technical events


  • Secured second position in Invictus: An autonomous robotics coding competition organised by IEEE

  • Secured second position in Robotics event in Jolt 2012 organised by IETE