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I have spent the last 7 years broadening my technical base. I have experience leading projects in  Web Development Using  C#,Type Script,Angular,Dot Net Core ,Node JS,MVC, win-forms And  few others fields. These have equipped me to successfully complete multi-domain projects catering to multiple vendors and industrial sectors.

I have worked more than 6  projects following agile methodology. My role includes  software design development, coordination with QC team and delivery management.

Work Experience

FIS Fidelity Information Services

Programmer Analyst

I am a part of agile Kanban team where i do adhoc development as per client requirement ,and helps other teams member in a terms of technical.

Samsung Electro Machanics

Lead Engineer

Knowledge in the areas of web application and windows application development, QA and SDLC.
Skilled in identifying and solving problems, proactive coordination of multiple activities, good at project leadership and interactive skills.
Have a experience to work on client side(south Korea) during this tenure about one year .
Selected as leading engineer in a year of 2014 -15.

JBN Infotech

Software Developer

having experience on  inventory project management  and knowledge of web pdf genrated tool, educational publishing,  Professional, flexible, creative, and service-oriented. Offering a unique combination of creativity and analytical skill with the ability to assess both vantage points to create cost-effective solutions for internal and external clients.


DIT Dehradun



B.Sc Computer Sciense

Utter Pradesh Board

Higher Secondary School

Utter Pradesh Board

Secondary School

EzBusiness & EzCard(2017 - Present)

Ezcard and Ezbusiness both are banking application, which is used by top listed bank of America like (BB&T),both the portal are used in Credit card industries . Feather which the application has like expense management where we can maintain the expense of credit card, schedule transaction, Balance Transfer etc,
Where Ezbusiness is a parent application where we can enrol and new bank and give all features to new banking using ezbusiness application. here we can modify user experience by unable and disabled the functionally. around 3200 customer we are maintain using this application which have number of features comparing todays market.


License Management System (LMS) is a web application that is used for managing the S/W licenses allocation and de-allocation in a specific process. This LMS system is intended to replace existing manual process of license allocation with a dynamic system

MES Portal (2013-2016)

MES Portal is a web application which helps in managing the service request activity in a smarter and in a more organized way. Samsung Electro-Mechanics has manufacturing plants across the globe. Whenever a plant level user encounters any issue, he can register a ticket and that ticket will be automatically brought to the notice of the concerned group leader where he can then assign to the specified technicians. On resolving the ticket, a feedback request will be sent to the requester and based on the requester feedback; group leader will take a decision on whether to close the ticket or to re-open it. MES Portal has been integrated with approval and notifications features through email, interfaced with JIRA for automatically creating a task whenever a ticket is assigned to the technician. Apart from the service request activity management, MES Portal also provides support for managing Setup Files and Manual Files online. MES Portal is integrated with a web service

Stacker AP & Server(2012 - 2013)

Stacker AP & Server is a web based application which is mainly used for displaying the real time and historical data of various sensors for a machine like Strain, Pressure, Vibration, PLC Cycles etc., This project has 2 main components.
One is the Stacker Diagnostic Viewer (SDV) and the other is Stacker Diagnostic Server (SDS).SDV is connected using TCP (a cross cable or hub) to the actual wand-board which is connected to all the sensors like strain, DAQ, vibration and PLC. In contrast to SDV, SDS is connected to the 40 different wand-boards using TCP/IP using HUB. These tool provides various useful features like Graphical Interpretation, Real time data analysis, Forecasting, Data Comparisons, Historical Data, Reporting, Early Warning, dashboard etc.

MES Smart APM (2011-2012)

MES Smart APM is an Application Performance Monitoring tool which will be used for real time monitoring the various server parameters like CPU, RAM, Physical Memory, Database Performance, Application Performance, Network and Other Events.
MES Smart APM Comprises 3 important modules namely MES APM Service which collects the information from the installed terminals and exposes the collected data using a WCF service, MES APM Consumer Service, which is a web service that collects the data from the different terminals wherever the MES APM Service is installed and then to save the collected information to the APM Central Database. The third module is MES APM Controller, which is basically a web application for configuring the web service, APM Smart Service, to setup the data collection interval, to monitor the Data Saving Process, to configure the ports and to manage the updates for APM Smart Service & APM Smart Consumer Service and for graphical interpretation of the collected data.