Seeking a position to utilize my skills and abilities in the organization that offers

professional growth while being resourceful, Innovative and flexible


VFX Trainer/Compositor in film and television with Knowledge and experience of a 2K­

4K feature­film stereoscopic multi­pass compositing workflow, Specific experience with

Nuke & After effects for chroma keying, Grading, Rotscoping/Painting, working with

render passes, and channel manipulation. Experienced with using Nuke's 3D

compositing features, stereoscopic workflow, Furnace and Ocula plugins.



Post Production
• Final Cut Studio
    (Soundtrack pro, DVD studio, Compressor, etc.)
• Photoshop
• Foundry Nuke
• After Effects
• Premier Pro
• Mocha
• FTP Uploading & Management
• Good sense of timing, style and structure
• Intimate knowledge of video & audio codecs and formats, quicktime, wmv, mp4, OMF, MXF, XDCAM, etc
Basic Experience: Maya

• Panasonic DVX100 and other mini-dv based video cameras
• 16mm film
• Working with digital still cameras as well as 35mm SLR

General Skills
• Microsoft Office, PC and Mac savvy
• Master Archiving, both physically and digitally.
• I ooze Organization!