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Work experience

Jul 2008Jul 2011

Associate Lecturer

The University of Western Sydney



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Kevin Daly

Mr. Asghar proves to be a tremendous asset to our school as he collaborated with me on numerous research and teaching projects. He followed through on his promise to have some of his work published during his PhD

candidature. Some of his research work has already appeared in ranked journals such as the International Review of Financial Analysis, which shows his high level of commitment.

Craig Ellis

I have witnessed Mr. Asghar’s passion for research and have been very impressed by his diligence in work. Demonstrative of his commitment to his work Mr. Asghar would, when necessary, work long hours to complete a task. He has excellent time management skills and is always more than willing to pull his weight on any project assigned to him. For example, Mr. Asghar worked diligently on his manuscripts and promptly incorporated suggestions for improvement. Thus, his work ethic of being self-dependant enabled him to achieve significant milestones such as publishing his work during his PhD candidature, and submitting his thesis on time. 

John Ablett


I have recently lodged my PhD (finance) thesis with the University of Western Sydney, and expect to receive the examiner report in a few months’ time. I also had a teaching appointment (part-time) with the University. In 1996, I completed my MA (specializing in finance) with distinction. I then took up an appointment in the banking industry. During my ten years of working for a commercial bank, I served in diverse roles, from retail banking to money market analyst to head of finance. I have also completed a 1st class Bachelor of Science degree from Pakistan.