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Asena Dikbaş

Student at Yeditepe university


  • Enthusiastic collobarative team member who encourages her collegues to be better in the field, intensely curious about the legal concepts of EU related issues and international legal matters.
  • Energetic communicator who is a member of university clubs which deal with international students and international issues such as MUN(Model United Nations) and IAESTA(International Association for Erasmus Students for Technical Experience)
  • Received IELTS cerficate with a score of 7 and also received DELF A1 diplome for the French Language.In the MUN conferences, received a best judge award and an honorary mention.
  • Currently an undergraduate student(3rd year)  in the field of law who willingly wants to pursue a career in abroad in order to widen the perspective of law with various cultural impacts.Additionally, a new member of ELSA(European Law Student Association)
  • skillful communicator who has extensive English language skills which will make it easier to help the international clients.
  • A patient listener, a multi-tasker and an ambitious team member who always aims to learn any useful legal knowledge.
  • confident professional who is good at bridging the cultural gaps and maintaining healthy and effective interpersonal relations.
  • Extensive English Langauage skill  in addition to broad international communication skills.Computer skills:Microsoft Word,Powerpoint, Excel 
  • Familiar with the functioning of Westlaw that basically regulates how to find precedent for the related issues in the US law.

Extracurricular Actıvıtıes

Judge Samuel Anthony Alito,Jr

Ankara Universıty

In the MUN conference,Model Courts of Justice , as an US Supreme Court judge , we discussed on the topic "Does a person's will enable the renunciation from right to life"

Case Director

Yeditepe Unıversıty
Apr 2016Present

I am the case director of US Trial Court on the fictional case " Tony Stark v Thor Odinson" based on the US Tort Law.

Judge Dikbaş

yeditepe unıversıty
Aug 2015Aug 2015

In this European Courts of Human Rights court simulation, we focused on the case "Perinçek v Switzerland" and a case concerning Turkish Election System.Received an honorary mention in MUNIST conference.

Judge Dikbaş

Yeditepe Unıversıty
Apr 2015Apr 2015

As a judge, we made analysis on the fictional case "Grey v Steel" and a case named Heisenberg Pharmaceuticals by applying US Tort Law in Justinianus Moot Courts conference.

Delegate of China

Moscow state ınstıtute of ınternatıonal relatıons(MGIMO)
Apr 2015Apr 2015

As the delegate of China, we focused on the widely popular world problem "International Migration" in MIMUN conference


Yeditepe Unıversıty 

volunteered as a member of the organizational team responsible for the ELFA General Assembly Meeting and Conference Programme.

Delegate of Brazil

Yeditepe Unıversıty
Dec 2014Dec 2014

In the Disarmament and International Security Committee, I represented Brazil on the topic of Missile Defense Systems in YMUN Training and Development Conference.


Acceptance for Undergraduate Program

Toronto University of Scarborough
Sep 2013Present

received an acceptance in the Toronto University of Scarborough for the Social Sciences programme.

Undergraduate Law Degree(Bachelor Degree)

Yeditepe Unıversıty
Sep 2013Present

3rd year student who took courses like Legal Terminology/Legal Drafting for the purpose of learning the structure of US state and federal law. Also, Contracts Law, Tort Law, EU Law, US Company Law were a few of the courses taught.Therefore, familiar with the concept of common law.

High school

American Collegıate Instıtute
Sep 2008Jun 2013

Involvement in the International Baccaulaureate Programme(IBP), was a member of ACI Radio Club along with ISTA(International Student Theatre Assocation) and ACI Rock and Music club.


Internatıonal Debatıng, writing song lyrıcs,leadershıp,ınternatıonal communıcatıon

-I am a huge enthusiast of MUN(Model United Nations) notion which is basically a widely known simulations of United Nations organizations.I participated several MUNs throughout the world.

-I have a small collection of lyrics that I wrote.

-I volunteer in school for erasmus clubs such as International Association for the Exhange Students for Technical Experience.

- I hosted along with some colleagues an remarkable event ELFA(European Law Faculties Association) event in our university,Yeditepe University.


Certification of Participation 

Director- GEneral- BERk alyeni & Secretary -general-Seçkin kutlu
Dec 2014Present

Given for the purpose of the participation for Yeditepe Training and Development Conference.

Certification of Participation

Yeditepe Unıversıty - the dean of the law faculty
Apr 2014Present

Given for the purpose of the participation for the conference of Women Rights.

Certification of Participation

MGIMO -Unıversıty rector
Apr 2015Present

Given for the purpose of the representation of China in the ECOSOC committee.

Certification of Appreciation

Dırector-general zehra nur başol & Secretary -general 
Apr 2015Present

Given for the purpose of appreciation for the performance in US Trial Court of Justinianus Moot Courts 

Certificate of Attendance

Prof.dr. OTmar Seul; Prof.dr Stephanıe Dıjoux and Geraldine demme along with Prof.Dr.jochen hoffman and Prof.DrHaluk kabaalioğlu
Jan 2016Jan 2016

Given for the purpose of attendance in the Trinational Winter University "Private Enforcement in Law" Certificate Programme organized by UNIVERSITE OF PARIS QUEST -NANTERRE A LA DEFENSE , FRIEDRICH ALEXANDER UNIERSITAT ERLANGEN-NÜRNBERG and YEDITEPE UNIVERSITY.

Diplome d'Etudes en Langue Francaise(DELF A1)

Le presıdent de la commissıone natıonale du delf et du dalf
May 2010May 2012

Given for the purpose of achievement in the beginner level of French Language.