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After beginning my career as a programmer, where problem solving was a necessary skill, I went on to obtain my Masters in Business Administration where I was introduced to Analytics. It sparked my interest and I went on to complete my internship in the same domain. Now, I wish to foray into the domain of marketing analytics and determine human behavior using numbers to light the path


Data Mining, Database Handling, Data Analysis and Interpretation, VBA Macro Coding, Microsoft SQL Server, MS Excel

C# Programming, Javascript, HTML, Application Development, Testing and Management

Work experience

Apr 2014Sep 2014

Summer Intern

Genpact Limited

Project: To identify the working of a peer-to-peer lending firm in order to understand the feasibility of such a firm in terms of investment. Customer mapping was done to ensure a detailed understanding


  • To identify the change in probability of acceptance of a loan based on the changes in various criteria
  • To identify the ideal customer based on analysis of the data


  • Logistic regression model detailing the probability of acceptance of a loan based on employment length and grade of the loan to be done in SPSS
  • Changes in probability of loan acceptance with changes in parameters
  • Customer pyramid was constructed to identify profitable segments 

Project: To determine an optimized pricing model for syndicated loans so as to maximize the profits for the company while ensuring that the end consumer is not overcharged or undercharged for a loan

Objectives :

  • To improve the current pricing model being used by the client
  • To identify untapped market segments for increased profitability


  • Rudimentary analysis of the variation in the chosen dependent variable with change in Total Cost to Borrower (TCB) done in Microsoft Excel
  • A linear model predicting the relationship between the chosen dependent variable and the TCB to be done in R
  • An improved linear model using the concept of TCB as well as other parameters of the client’s choice
  • cluster analysis of the data based on the chosen parameters along with an explanation of their business relevance
Feb 2012Jun 2013

Systems Engineer

Infosys Limited

Worked as a team member; Primary role was to implement the design that was finalized for the client.  Work profile also included providing solutions to any production issues that arose later.

  • Development and ownership of a module
  • Coordination with on-site team to ensure resonance between client expectations and deliverables


Worked with a team of developers and UI specialists to translate user requirements for a major agri-business into a tool that would benefit the end users of the company's products.

Worked with C#,Javascript and SQL Server 2008.


Data Analytics

Having worked on several projects during my time at IMT as well as during my internship at Genpact Limited, I have had the chance to work on analytical techniques such as sample generation, sample validation, linear modeling, logistic modeling, model stress testing and model validation

All of this was done on tools popular within the industry such as R, SPSS, SAS


Having won several paper presentation competitions during my graduation and post-graduation years as well as making several presentations as a professional, I have gained both skill and speed coupled with an understanding of the most effective way of presenting a particular point

Acceptance Testing

While working with Infosys Limited, I got a chance to closely understand what the users wanted and how acceptable would a particular feature be to them



PGDM (Marketing)

Institute of Management Technology , Ghaziabad

Obtained a B+ grade on completion of the diploma

Co-Coordinator of the Research and Consultancy Enterprise, IMT Ghaziabad

Helped establish a dramatics society . A first for the institute

Academic projects           

  • Positioning of Maruti Suzuki Alto 800
    • Created a perceptual map to identify the brand’s position
    • Suggested modifications to design and accessories to improve position
  • Increasing Movie Viewership: A Promotional Campaign Strategy Research
    • Mapped the ratings of the movie, time of release and the genre to its success
    • Ranked the factors according to their importance
  • A sectorial study of E-Commerce in India and analysing Snapdeal’s service design
    • Analysed the drivers and obstacles to success in the sector
    • Analysed the service design used by Snapdeal and identified potential failure points

International Academic Project                                                                            

  • To design a market entry strategy for an educational toy manufacturer
    • Studied several potential markets and analysed their feasibility subject to social, economic, political and demographic constraints
    • To identify a channel for market-entry and design a marketing mix for the same

B.Tech. (Electronics and Communication)

Poornima Institute of Engineering and Technolocgy

Obtained an honours degree

  • Took Internet-Library-Writing sessions for the junior batch in college (2010-11)
  • Acted as the senior group mentor in the college mentorship program (2010-11)
  • First prize in Inter college debate competition at Poornima Group of Colleges (2009)
  • First prize in Inter college debate competition at Malviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur (2009)
  • Winner of the extempore competition organized by Dainik Bhaskar (2009)
  • First prize at the paper presentation competition at JECRC Jaipur (2008)
  • Anchored at the National Conference “Innovation in Engineering and Technology” (2008)
  • First prize in Inter college extempore competition at JIET group of institutions (2008)


Mar 2014Present

Strategic Decision Making

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