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Manufacturing and installing extreme sports equipment for more than 10 years, Ascensacion International Inc. is renowned for its innovative design, maximum safety standards, and affordability. Founded by Stephan Bernier and based in Mexico, Ascensacion specializes in extreme zipline construction and installation, but is also respected worldwide for its suspension bridges, climbing walls, and bungee trampolines.Over the last decade, Ascensacion has completed projects in Colombia, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, Iran, and Egypt. Recently, Ascensacion completed one of its most ambitious projects yet by constructing a zipline spanning 2,180 meters in southern Peru. As the longest zipline in the world, it allows riders to reach speeds as high as 140 kilometers per hour. Ascensacion has also pioneered zipline technology with the development of the ZipCurve, an innovative zipline design that combines the speed of a traditional zipline with the curves and excitement of a rollercoaster.Since 2002, Ascensacion has remained at the forefront of extreme game construction and installation while remaining true to the company’s vision of integrity, honesty, and ethics. In addition to incorporating groundbreaking technology and cutting-edge design into its extreme games equipment construction, Ascensacion has integrated high quality standards into its safety equipment. For example, Ascensacion invented a Passive Action Magnetic Brake, which is designed to smoothly and slowly stop a zipline rider traveling at speeds up to 150 kilometers per hour, no matter what the rider may weigh. In addition, Ascensacion exclusively uses Crosby turnbuckles, and other rigging hardware, due to its American certifications of safety.