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Work experience

Oct 2011Present

Student Development Advisor (SDA)

Rural Education Access Programme (REAP)

My duties include:

  • Student Support Services: To provide a safety net of services that will enable students to succeed in their studies
  • Engage with HEIs and service providers on behalf of the students for accurate and timeous addressing of students’ needs and circumstances
  • Plan and facilitate student-specific development activities by way of customised IDPs in accordance with their overall SDP
  • Deliver and monitor student support activities in accordance with the particular SDP and within agreed budget
  • Managing finances and administering payments to programme beneficiaries according to the budgets.
  • Refer students to relevant academic or psychological professionals as required
  • Maintain an on-going telephonic and one-on-one contact with students
  • Facilitate advocacy and provide advice
  • Develop database of resources and programmes required for student support
  • Organise and facilitate SDP workshops
  • Provide mentorship and support to students on the programme as well as volunteers.
  • Providing basic counselling and career guidance to students

I work with students studying at the following institutions: Rhodes University and Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.

Mar 2007Dec 2009

Office Administator

Hero Design and Advertising

My duties were as follows:
  • Answering phones
  • Working on chase, E-mail, Microsoft Office, Internet
  • Assisting Traffic
  • Assisting Accounts
  • Office Admin
  • Work with suppliers accounts
  • Chase
  • Assisting Production Manager
May 2006Mar 2007

Client Operation Officer / Client services -NQF Level 3 in Banking-Asset Based Finance- Administration


My Duties were as follows:
  • Data capturing,
  • Mailing of security documents to customers and branches,
  •  Bar-coding of security documents,
  •  Retrieving and dropping of security documents,
  • Contacting customers for unclaimed mail,
  • Scanning & filing of security documents.
  •  Handling and resolving customers and branch queries pertaining to arrear accounts
  • Handle and resolve customer queries,
  • Pertaining to arrears accounts,
  • Processing service requests,
  • Liaison with other departments & branches,
  • Management of Natis records,
  • Inbound & outbound communication,
  • E-mail and network correspondence
  • Providing assistance to dealers and customers on general operational queries
Jun 2005Feb 2006

Junior Registry Clerk

Department of Education

My duties were as follows:

  • Data capturing
  • Filling
  • Checking list ad per NMIR
  • General Human Resource Information System
  • Knowledge of Persal Systems
  • Creating of new folders for Files


Jun 2008Dec 2008

Advance Project Management

Jan 2001Nov 2002

Sport and Events Management




Budgeting/ Accounts
Public Speaking
Coaching and Sports Management
Customer Services
Event Organising
Microsoft Office


I am an ambitious, career-oriented and self –motivated graduate. I am a principled, dependable and professional individual with a great deal of sales experience.

I am a self motivated team player who utilises every opportunity I am given to excel and improve on my capabilities I am a target driven worker, who takes on every challenge I am given with a positive attitude and a drive to succeed.

I am reliable, punctual and have an outgoing personality. I do not mind travelling as I have no dependents.

I have impeccable organizational, communication, and coordination skills. I am able to multi task, manage my time accordingly in order to meet deadlines and thrive under pressure. I am a team player and work well alone. I have a good eye for detail, and I enjoy the ever changing pace of the industry; it allows me to stay creative at all times. I am looking for an opportunity to continue learning & growing within the industry whilst allowing me to take ownership of my work.

I enjoy playing sports in particular hockey

I’m the Co-founder of the New Brighton United Hockey Club in PE

The Club was founded in 2004 for girls in the township.

My responsibilities are managing the club, coaching the two teams, and getting sponsorship for the club.  The club is currently affiliated with EP Hockey Federation and play in the women’s 3rd league. 


I am currently involved in an initiative where we adopt a learning child programme from our disadvantaged schools and become a sponsor for his/her education by paying for school fees for the annum, providing uniform, providing tutoring services and/or stationery/books or anything that will assist the child at being motivated to go to school and experience school life to its fullness. This is an opportunity for us to do our little bit and contribute what we can to assist a struggling young child through schooling.The programme is structured for us to adopt a learning child for a period of minimum a year up to whatever years we feel comfortable and able to sponsor.Sponsorship is not payable to the learning child’s parents but it is payable directly to the provider i.e. to the school for fees or to the uniform store for uniform or to the tutor for tutoring lessons etc. The programme is also structured that we are in continuous knowledge of the learning child’s progress at school as the whole point of the programme is to ensure that the child’s performance and experience is enhanced. The parent and the teacher has full knowledge and support of our sponsorship and communicate with us about the child’s performance. We will meet the parents of the child so to make a relationship not only with the child but parents as well. It is important to see the environment the child is coming from in order to help appropriately.

Another Programme  I am currently involved in is Activate Leadership and Public Innovation Programme.

The basis for this initiative is that:

Many of our most difficult social problems (HIV, crime, domestic violence, substance abuse and corruption) have a common root - a perceived lack of real and imminent possibility in life. Developing a new cadre of youth leaders represents a ‘nexus strategy’ that tackles this common root by changing the way in which young people respond to their circumstances while building social cohesion at the same time.

In highly polarised societies such as South Africa, individual empowerment often results in the benefits being captured for private gain – with little direct benefit to society. The experience of India is that a key strategy for public innovation is to create social and economic connections between the poles of society.

While the focus on economic empowerment is important, there need to be constructive channels of engagement and civic participation for those who continue to feel left out.

There will always be personalities who dominate the political landscape, but we need to develop a deep collective leadership that operates at community, sub-national and national level.

There have been significant youth development efforts over the past few years, driven both through Government departmental initiatives and through civil society organisations. What is missing is a national network which allows the best programme graduates to continue to develop as leaders and to link to each other in ways that sustain the transformation of South African society. This initiative provides a mechanism for amplifying the youth development effect of respective Government departments and linking together Government and civil society efforts in a synergistic manner.


The three key objectives of the programme are to:

Build a strong sense of identity among the young leaders, focused on the common goal of public innovation;

Build a mind-set of innovation, able to place problems in context and use ideas to solve them;

Create opportunity for personal growth and development for participants, which can serve as a precedent for other young people.

The outputs of this programme will most tangibly be felt through the network of vibrant and engaged young leaders contributing to, and driving, public innovation. Beyond these outputs, however, the programme aims to shift the discourse around the role and opportunities for young people in South African society, provide excellent role models of committed and creative problemsolvers, and begin modelling a shift in all sectors of society towards proactive, innovative solutions. Ultimately, we aim to see increased efficacy in service delivery through instilling innovation at critical points, increased accountability for service delivery through activating young people’s voices, and the expansion of opportunity for young people to be powerful agents of change across South Africa and beyond.

Activate! Programme Synopsis

The Activate! programme supports young leaders to hone their abilities and to step up to tackle some of toughest problems facing their communities around the country.

By inspiring action, Activators! are catalysts for positive change and aspire to:

Spark public innovation

Drive innovation at local and national levels

Connect with each other to achieve more through their combined efforts

Grow a dynamic network of leaders and points of influence across communities around South Africa

Develop a deep sense of community and a strong desire to solve social problems

Build teams with complementary skills to tackle big scary challenges

Take action and make things happen

The Activate! programme must support young people who have a positive vision, who are determined, motivated, equipped, fired up, passionate and driven to get things done.

Activate! is leadership for the purpose of public innovation, not as an end in itself. We are growing connections across social, economic, racial, geographic and other divides and the result is a charged up network of change makers attempting to reach a critical mass

The results of the Activators! activities on the ground and the positive impact that results within communities around South Africa will be the measure of our success.

The overarching aim of the Activate! Programme is to inspire a network of youth who recognise their individuality, celebrate their commonalities, respect their differences and are bold enough to take positive risks to shape their future as individuals and as a network of activist-activators.

A number of attitudinal shifts are implicit in the Activate! programme:

A shift from an IF/THEN mentality to a NOW/ HOW mentality.

A shift from seeing our options and opportunities as EITHER/OR to a THIS / AND understanding of the choices and actions that are available to us. It is valid to address incremental change. It is equally valid to address root causes – the two are not mutually exclusive.

Everyone, at every level, every day, has leadership potential and opportunities. You do not have to be a member of economic, political, academic, intellectual or creative elite to be a change agent in your own society and context.

In an increasingly globalising world, two opposing trends are emerging; international socio- political and cultural uniformity and radical adherence to cultural, political and national identity and difference. The Activate! programme argues a third position: that the very basis and motto of the South African emblem and constitution a !ke e: /xarra //ke "Diverse People Unite" is a radical ideal and challenge.


Nadeema Talip

Kim Roodt

Willy Jacobs

Pumla Damana