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Inspection Engineer

Bureau Veritas

Bureau Veritas, a professional services firm dedicated to Quality, Health & Safety, Environment and Social Accountability (QHSE). With a presence in 150 countries1000 offices worldwide and a qualified workforce of more than 47,000 experts.

Bureau Veritas provides an extensive range of specialized services in the areas of  Certification, Conformity Assessment including Inspection, Testing, Audit Assessment, Ratings, Training, Consultancy and OutsourcingBureau Veritas acts as an independent third party, consultant or technical  assistance provider for large Industrial project in the field of Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical etc.

 Mechanical Integrity Manual: 

As per the OSHA/process safety requirements have developed a manual containing organized inspection activities and forms for each individual class of equipments as means to ensure their mechanical integrity along with the acceptance criterion. Main contents are:

  • Procedure for Inspection of Piping, Pressure Vessels & Heat Exchangers.
  • Procedure for Inspection of Boilers and Furnaces.
  • Procedure for Inspection of Tanks.
  • Procedure for Inspection of Welding


For the purpose of inspecting various equipments for assessment of remaining life and repair work scopes, I have used and am familiar with various inspection techniques like: Visual Inspection. Ultrasonic Flaw Detection / Thickness Gauging, Radiographic Inspection, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Dye Penetrant Inspection, Pressure / Hydrostatic Testing etc.

Some of my achievements in the various sections I have spent in are detailed below 

Pressure Vessels:

  • Stage inspection of Pressure vessels as per ASME Section-VIII Division-I
  • In-service inspection, repair, re-rating and alteration of Pressure vessels as per API-510
  • Inspection of LPG Bullets in ENGRO VOPAK as per API-510
  • Inspection of Towers, scrubbers and flash tanks in PPL as per API-510
  • Inspection of Pressure Vessels in OMV as per API-510
  • Corrosivity calculations, CUI/CL-SCC, HIC/SOHIC/SSC and review of other cracking mechanisms, cathodic protection, inhibitor technology, paints and coating insulation, welding and inspection         procedures, chemical cleaning and fabrication technology.
  • To ensure the mechanical integrity of all static equipments like (Pressure vessels, Columns, Heat Exchangers, Air Coolers, Reactors) through the development and implementation of ASME and API Standards.
  • Inspection of PSV’s as per API-576
  • To conduct Metallurgical failure analysis.
  • Witness of hydrostatic and pneumatic tests as per ASME Section-VIII.
  • Daily activity planning and report preparation to the management.
  • Pre-shipment inspection of Pressure vessels.

Storage Tanks Inspection / Calibration:

  • Inspection of Storage tanks as per API-653
  • Inspection of Tanks fabrication and erection as per API-650
  • Responsible for the inspection of Pre and Post welding.
  • Witness of the Welder Qualification test as per ASME Section IX.
  • Monitor welder performance and welding activities to ensure work is being carried out in accordance with the approved welding procedure.
  • Performance/Witness of Non-Destructive tests as per ASME Section V.
  • Vacuum box test (VBT) of bottom welds.
  • Oil penetrant test (OPT) of bottom to shell welding.
  • Pneumatic leak test (PLT) of reinforcement pads.
  • Responsible for the preparing of the QA/QC format and reports.
  • Preparation of final dossier.
  • Preparation of punch list pre-test and post-test.
  • Verification of the punch list after rectification.
  • Witness of the hydrostatic and pneumatic tests.
  • Calibration of Storage tanks of OOTCL, PARCO, PRL, NRL as per API-2550, API-2551, API-2552, API-2555, and through Laser technique EODR.

Heat Exchangers / Boilers:

  • Verification of material identification by MTC’s and as per drawings.
  • Monitor all marking, fit-up and welding activities on boiler shells, furnace shells, access tube, boiler openings, tubes and stays, and smoke boxes.
  • Review of RT films and UT reports.
  • Final inspection of boiler assembly.
  • Monitor and witness of data punching on manhole and hydrostatic test pressure as per ASME Section- VIII Division-I.
  • Witness of the Welder Qualification test as per ASME Section IX.
  • Monitor welder performance and welding activities to ensure work is being carried out in accordance with the approved welding procedure.
  • Pre-shipment inspection of Boilers.


  • In-service inspection, repair and re-rating of piping as per API-570
  • Checking for consistency with P & I.D, Piping Plan and Isometric Drawing as to size, rating and material.
  • Responsible for the spool marking and welds marking.
  • Check Welding Procedure Specification (WPS) & Procedure Qualification Record (PQR).
  • Witness of Welder Qualification Test (WQT) according to ASME Section-IX.
  • Responsible for the inspection of Pre- and Post-welding.
  • Control of welding material (Electrode, Filler Wire) backing of Low Hydrogen Electrode.
  • Monitor welder performance and welding activities to ensure work is being carried out in accordance with the approved welding procedure.
  • Visual inspection of welding Carbon Steel, Low Alloy Steel (P1, P4, P5A) and Stainless Steel (P8).
  • Fabrication & Welding inspection of Duplex material A 790 (P10H).
  • During Duplex welding consumables, Parameters, Purge control, preheating and inter-pass           temperature control etc.
  • Execute all NDT (PT, RT, MT, and UT) as per ASME Section-V
  • Responsible for the preparing of the Test Packages, QA/QC Format, Reports and CMS data with     computer.
  • Prepared Piping and Steam Tracing punch list pre-test and post-test.
  • Verification of punch list after rectification.
  • Inspection of Hydro test, Leak test, Pneumatic test, Flushing/Air Blowing and Reinstatement.
  • Monitor bolt torqueing and tensioning as well as ultrasonic measurement of bolt length before and after torqueing / tensioning.
  • Control final documentation to submission to client.
  • Preparation of Packages for commissioning.
  • Coat Wrapping inspection with Holiday Detector.

Lifting Equipments Inspection:

  • Forklift inspection / Cranes / Overhead Cranes, Quay Cranes.
  • Lifting appliances and loose gears.
  • Inspection of RTG and STS.
  • Inspection of Cranes and Heavy Lifting Equipments.
  • Inspection of Vehicles and earth moving machineries.
  • Inspection / Calibration of Bozers.

CNG / LPG Inspection:

  • Inspection of CNG stations including Annual, Commissioning, Pre-commissioning and Re-inspection all over the Pakistan according to Pakistan CNG Rule 1992, provided by OGRA.
  • Inspect more than 500 CNG stations all over the Pakistan.
  • Inspection of LPG Plants as per NFPA 58.
  • Canopy audits of OOTCL and BAKRI sites.
  • Preparation of CNG / LPG Inspection reports.

Major Shut Downs:

  • Pakistan Refinery Limited
  • OMV Pakistan
  • National Refinery Limited
  • Pak Arab Refinery Corporation Limited (PARCO)



An individual with distinctive capabilities of doing the right things irrespective ofresources provided. A creative and critical thinker who strives for excellence and thirst for knowledge and success.

A result oriented professional holding API-653 Certification and having over 04 years of experience in the inspection sector as a Static Inspection Engineer and proficiency over ultrasonic equipment like USN 60 and DMS2.

Having experience in planning, supervision, execution and documentation of various inspection activities that are carried out on numerous in service and out of service equipment. Familiar with the use and implementation of various Engineering codes and Standards like ASME, API, ASTM, NACE, TEMA, AWS, NBIC etc anddeveloped a SOP to ensure Mechanical Integrity of Equipments


To seek and pursue a challenging career that stretches my learning curve and toperform for the better of myself, the organization and its concerns. 


Static Equipments
  Implementation of Mechanical Integrity program for Static Equipments.   



American Petroleum Institute