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IR Data/Sound in Light Bulbs


Languages: C, C++, Java, Verilog, Shell scripting, Embedded-C (MSP430, Atmel AVR MCUs)

Software tools: Matlab, Hspice, Cadence virtuoso, Eagle PCB design, Latex


Electrical Engineering internship position for summer 2014.

Professional Memberships

IEEE-HKN, Tau Beta Pi, Phi Kappa Phi, Mostar Board, Lambda Graduate Student Network 

Two-Stage Fully Differential CMO

Ultimate Bike Reflector (UBR) AS


Leadership and Volunteer Positions

  • Task Captain at UCLA Volunteer Day Event UCLA Volunteer Center, September 2013
    • Collaborated wih LATM in guiding freshmen volunteers in leading educational activities for students at Webster Middle School. 
    • Helped managing the painting project at Webster middle school. 
  • Volunteer Coordinator Tau Beta Pi, March 2013 – May 2013
    • Coordinated Volunteer activity events at Benton Habitat for Humanity for Tau Beta Pi engineering honor society. 
    • Volunteered in exterior painting, roof repairs, yard maintenance, weatherization, insulation and gutter cleaning and repair.
  • Corresponding Secretary IEEE-HKN, March 2013 – May 2013
    • Secured membership certificates for newly elected members and insured communications with IEEE-HKN headquarters.
  • Participated in highway clean projects offered every term by Mortarboard honor society.
  • Assisted in with food preparation, serving, dishwashing, and cleanup for a free meal assistance program.

Work experience

Mar 2012Sep 2012

Undergraduate Research Assistant (unpaid)

Applied Magnetic Laboratory

  • Awarded $1900 for the Honors Research Experience by the Honors College in RF and microwave circuit design and layout.
  • Designed microstips and coplanar waveguides circuits for layout and fabrication on PCBs for graduate students; characterized the boards’ behavior in terms of the characteristic impedance and the reflection coefficient using time domain reflectometer. 
  • Presented findings to the professor’s graduate and Ph.D. students and attended weekly meetings.
Mar 2012Jun 2012

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Oregon State University
  • Instructed, tutored, and helped groups of 25-30 students through weekly recitation/lab meetings.
  • Reviewed material from the weekly class lecture to facilitate questions regarding homework.
  • Taught students how to use LTspice (SPICE simulator, schematic capture, and waveform viewer).
  • Evaluated student assignments, graded quizzes and labs, and organized appropriate lab set-ups.


Sep 2013Present

Master of Science

University of California, Los Angeles

  • Current Coursework: 
  • Analog Integrated Circuit Design, VLSI Design Automation
  • Projected Coursework:
  • Advanced Digital Integrated Circuits, Analysis and Design of RF Circuits and Systems, Design of VLSI Circuits and Systems, Analog Microsystem Design, Signaling and Synchronization.
Sep 2009Jun 2013

Bachelor of Science

Oregon State University
  • GPA: 3.57
  • Relevant Coursework: 
  • CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits I, CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits II, Energy-Efficient VLSI Design, VLSI System Design, Microprocessor System Design, Computer Architecture


Standard Cell Router

VLSI Automation, Fall 2013

Ultimate Bike Reflector (UBR) ASIC Design

VLSI System Design, Spring 2013

Two-Stage Fully Differential CMOS Op Amp

CMOS Analog Integrated Circuits II, Winter 2013

Senior Design: IR Data/Sound in Light Bulbs

fall 2012-Spring 2013