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I am an enthusiastic educator who has worked with students of all ages. My strength is teaching students mathematics using their individuality as the key to their understanding.


To obtain a challenging and responsible position working with a team of professionals, contributing my skills to help young adults to obtain their G.E.D. or high school diploma.


  • Created and implemented several functional unit and lesson plans used in the classroom.
  • Created various styles of pre, summative and formative assessments and tested them for reliability and validity.
  • Utilize Usage of proximity in the classroom in various ways.
  • Created and expanding a children's literature file for classroom use.
  • Gathered many different activities, lesson plans, and materials for use in the classroom throught the curriculum.
  • Using Gardener's theory of Multiple Intelligences in the classroom.
  • Use guidance-based learning and investigative learning in the classroom.
  • Utilize multiple forms of media in the classroom, including various computer software.
  • Work on a budget for supplies when teaching lessons.
  • Able to be the sole authority figure in an educational setting.
  • Able to work collaboratively with others to provide the best education possible for students.
  • Effectively and efficiently create materials for use in the classroom.


  • Continuous expansion of my knowledge base through my curiosity and asking questions when clarification is needed.
  • Belief in discussion-based and investigative learning.
  • Children's advocate.
  • Ability to establish myself as an authority figure in the classroom while maintaining a mentor role with the children.
  • Sensitivity and experience working with socioeconomically and ethnically diverse populations.
  • Conversational Spanish speaker.
  • Ability to develop and administer creative lessons based on multiple intelligences of all students in the classroom.
  • Dedicated work ethic.
  • Worked at a school where 80% of the students were eligible for meal subsidies.
  • Compassionate mentor to special needs populations.
  • Flexible in all work situations.
  • Collaborative worker to provide the best education possible for each student.
  • Wonderful at explaining content to students of all ages (toddler through elderly).
  • In the Oregon Employment Department- Child Care Registry.


  • Attended a cultural recognition day while volunteering at a school where students attending had families from over 35 different countries, with 25 different primary languages.
  • Praxis I scores of 266 in reading, 294 in math, and 263 in writing.
  • Praxis II scores in Elementary Education: Content Knowledge score of 167, including 27/30 on math section.
  • Worked while going to school full-time, and volunteered at times simultaneously while maintaining outstanding GPA.
  • 3.59 cumulative GPA in High School, as well as awarded for doing so well on the state standardized testing by the governor and recognized for academic achievement by the President of the U.S.A.
  • Passed ORELA tests first time through, with 268 in subtest 1, 291 in subtest 2, and civil rights test at 265.


Jun 2012Jun 2015

M.A. Education with Certification in Adult Learners

Portland State University

  • More than 3.8 cumulative GPA 
  • Plenty of field experience

In this program, I Took M.A. classes in the education program. In the P.A.C.E. program, I was learning theories and instructional strategies pertaining to adult education. Kept a good GPA with starting a family, and focused on becoming a G.E.D instructor. 

Jun 2008Aug 2008

Spanish Classes (No degree)

Chemeketa Community College

Took my second year of Spanish language classes in Summer of 2008.  Can now speak Spanish quite conversationally, and some say fluently.

Aug 2005Aug 2007

B.A. Elementary Education

Washington State University
  • 3.77 Cumulative GPA (Magna Cum Laude)
  • Member of Kappa Delta PI
  • On the President's Honor Roll for all 3 terms that I was in the education program. 

Also took several Human Development classes for younger ages, and was in the HD classroom for about a year on top of my field experiences in an elementary setting. 

Mar 2002Jul 2005

A.A. General Studies

Clark College
  • 3.37 Cumulative GPA.
  • Kappa Delta Pi member.
  • Tutored classmates on several occasions, and did it for work study. 
  • On vice president's honor roll several times.

Attended several classes in Early Childhood Education/ Human Development, and was in ECE classrooms for about a year.  Also took several classes in Elementary Education, and had a lot of experience in elementary classrooms as well.  Would have received A.A. in elementary education if the school had it available.  


High School Diploma

Holt High School, Michigan

Basic High School Diploma where I took plenty of college preparatory classes, and was on the National Honor Society. I also completed 3 years of Spanish classes and attained a cumulative GPA of 3.59.

Work experience

August 2018Present

Special Education Assistant

Multnomah Education Service District (MESD): Arata Creek School

Assisting (under the direct supervision of special education teacher, specialist and/or classroom teacher) in the instruction and supervision of students with disabilities; relieving teachers of routine clerical tasks; and assisting students by providing for special health care needs. Students may have one or more academic, emotional, cognitive, physical and/or sensory challenges. Working with students who have high aggression.

September 2017August 2018

Special Education Assistant

Gresham Barlow School District: Hollydale Elementary School

Assisting (under the direct supervision of special education teacher, specialist and/or classroom teacher) in the instruction and supervision of students with disabilities; relieving teachers of routine clerical tasks; and assisting students by providing for special health care needs. Students may have one or more academic, emotional, cognitive, physical and/or sensory challenges. I also help manage students at recess.

August 2016September 2017

Behavioral Therapist


After an unparalleled training program, I became a supportive team of Behavior Therapists making a difference by helping children grow and learn. In my job as a Behavior Therapist, have been connecting with families, and working with kids to learn the abilities for the social world.

April 2016July 2017

Zoo Snooze Guide

Oregon Zoo

Navigating groups of children and chaperones around the zoo after hours. Showing and teaching lessons of parts of the zoo that the public can not see regularly. Teaching proper behavior using behavior management strategies, and teaching important information not only about the zoo, but about how to help their environment and animals within it. Serving dinner and breakfast to clients, and communicating with security as I have locked exhibits for the night. Providing hands-on experiences for children and adults in groups of 12-30.

April 2016July 2017

In-Home Tutor

Tutor Doctor

Tutored students of all ages one-on-one in their homes. Discussed with parents what specifically the students needed to work with. Went through students' school work to see where they are academically, and supplemented places they were struggling. Teaching new concepts in Language Arts and Mathematics. Working with students at their level and strengthening their confidence while gaining a professional relationship.

Nov 2015Feb 2016

Job Coach

United Cerebral Palsey

Assisting individuals in their vocational supports. Arrive at each individual's job and help them learn new tasks, perform tasks better, while supporting them to become more independent within their workplace. Filling out paperwork of my time with clients, including incident reports, contact logs and for billing purposes with VR, county and brokerage agencies. Following all procedures and rules for the state when working with people with special needs.

Mar 2013Jul 2013

Instructional Assistant

Learning Tree

Worked in classrooms with ages two years through elementary school students. Aided in helping students through lessons, snack, nap time and even recess. Planned activities, created materials used in lessons, created implemented management strategies, and instructed lessons when necessary. Helped students with homework in various subjects. Quite flexible on where I was needed and transitioned regular teachers out for lunch regularly. Even though hired on as an instructional assistant, I was able to be left alone to care for students as if I were a regular instructor. Resolved issues students had with each other through discussion, and handled emergency situations as needed. Documented accidents and other pertinent information about students as needed, and discussed them with parents when they came to pick up their children. Became a confidant for students as necessary and allowed them to discuss issues they were having within their lives. 

Sep 2012Mar 2013

Preschool Instructor

Sunflower Preschool

Taught students ages 2 through 5 curriculum given to me, but sometimes came up with my own lessons to teach as well.Created materials for use throughout the day.Managed students’ behavior and focus on tasks.Changed diapers as needed, and helped with potty training.Discussed daily behavior and strategies to parents and co-workers.Worked, opened and closed at the two locations of the preschool, adjusting for compatibility with my co-workers, and being flexible in many ways.

Aug 2012Oct 2012

Instructor/Marketing Director

Success Learning Center

Started up with this new business. In the beginning, I made a brochure for them to use for marketing their new business. I went to new local schools to market the business to families of students and even contacted schools and other businesses for ways to market the business as a whole.Helped edit the website for best communicate the business to parents. Created and administered pretests for students for each grade to find out where they were academically, and what they needed to work on for the future using state standards. Using the pretests, I created plans for action and kept both students and parents informed on progress. Planned curriculum and activities to help students preschool through 8th grade (learning calculus) thrive and learn new content. Used worksheets, instruction and even computer activities to help students learn math and reading/writing best, and cater to individuality. Worked with students both individually and in small groups. 

May 2012Aug 2012


Game Star

Prepared games for sale, cleaned disks and cartridges.  Straightened shelves using alphabetical order, transferred items to other stores, sold games using a database system, and bought materials for cash and in-store credit by creating accounts.  Helped customers find materials they wanted and discussed similar games to what they played.  Found prices of materials and created labels to put them on each item.  Cleaned back room for organizational purposes and other various projects including putting video game accessories out on the floor for purchase.  I also Opened a new store, putting all of the materials on the shelves and emptying boxes of material to start my own organization method for the store.  Discussed and implemented methods to help sell the items more efficiently, including types of labeling and displaying within the store.  Opened and closed the store on my own, including efficiently and effectively counting out the cash register, and cleaning the store for the next day.

Jan 2012Apr 2012

Clerical Assistant

Advantage Tax and Accounting Services

Filed documents for different use throughout the tax process, scanned documents for filing and later use.  I also did janitorial work, like cleaning things around the office, taking out trash and recycling.  I was sent on errands to take deposits to the bank and pick up meals for the staff.  Answering phones and calling clientele to inform them important information about their taxes and if their yearly files were finished.  Used databases (Lacerte) in order to keep clientele information and add to their files, especially for repeated customers and IRS use.  

Dec 2011Feb 2012

In-Home Tutor

Club Z! In-Home Tutoring

Tutored elementary school students one-on-one in their homes.  Administered pre and post tests to determine what content student knows before and after tutoring.  Helped students learn math concepts using pre-made curricula.  Supplemented curricula with games and worksheets that helped students learn important math concepts.  

May 2008Jun 2011

Substitute Paraprofessional

Woodburn School District

Long-term placement in a Kindergarten classroom 8:00 am until 11:00 am Monday Through Friday.  Worked with children during morning routines singing songs and learning months of the year and numbers.  Helped manage classroom during writing time and math time.  Watched children during recess and even worked iundependently teaching lessons to whole classroom for extended periods of time while teacher tested individual students.  Provided teacher support such as preparing materials for future lessons.  I have been called for multiple placements in the life skills/ special ed classroom and have been placed in the front office as well.

Jun 2009Aug 2009

Art Director/Instructor

Camp Adams

Taught children who have finished grades 2 through 12 various art lessons daily.  Each week had a different age-group, starting with the youngest grade, and progressing through high school.  Worked with other adults to lead trust groups in order to have children learn to trust each other physically and emotionally.  Art lessons were taught to allow children to learn the curricula more thoroughly as well as allow children to have fun developing artistic talents.  Organized and bought all art supplies on a budget, and was in charge of being the main leader daily with the children in both organized educational settings and in recreational activities.

May 2008Jun 2009


Sylvan Learning Inc. center 101

Instruct and tutor students on basic mathematics and academic reading skills.  Listing and planning lessons and activities for the next hour that the student is instructed at the center.  Working with students who struggle in subjects previously listed, sometimes students with disabilities.  Discuss with co-workers and superiors about future lessons, teaching strategies and behaviors of the students. Preparing books for future lessons and getting materials for lessons.  Recently, I have also been preparing materials for filing and other materials for sending out to past and present clientele.

Aug 2007Mar 2008

Substitute Paraprofessional

Garfield-Palouse School District

Worked with students in a variety of settings including T.A., SPED, cafeteria, and recess.  Primary authority figure on recess duty.  Worked with both elementary and high school students.  Taught curriculum to small groups of students.  Resolved many difficult situations where immediate intervention was needed.

Sep 2007May 2007

Volunteer Teacher's Aide

Colfax School District

Worked with small groups of children for lessons.  Assisted teacher with classroom decorations, made copies, and graded papers.  Administered and evaluated oral literacy tests for fluency.  Discussed educational strategies with senior teacher.  Volunteered with third grade teacher, Carol Myers.

Aug 2006Mar 2007

Clerical Assistant II

Washington State University- George B. Brain Education Library

Used research databases, and taught others how to use them.  Shelved books and other materials using multiple different alpha-numeric call number systems.  Checked books in and out using library database for patron usage.  Helped patrons find materials, sometimes for research.  Placed plastic protective covers on books to prepare them for patron usage.  Placed materials on hold and requested materials from other locations for clientele.  Created and sent copies of materials to other locations using 'Aerial'.  Opened, closed and maintained the library independently.

Mar 2003Jul 2005

Peer Tutor

Clark College

Tutored students ranging from GED classes through Math for elementary teacher's class.  Also tutored peers in some of the same classes I was attending.  Worked with professionals to help students understand material in math and english primarily, but other subjects as well.  Worked with student schedules in order to be available almost anytime I was not taking classes myself.  Marketed myself as a tutor, and went to some GED classes specifically to help individuals struggling with the material.  Used various strategies to help explain the content to the student in order to help them understand it more thoroughly.


Volunteer sunday school teacher

New Heights Church

Utilized curriculum already created in order to teach kindergarten and preschool children lessons out of the Bible. First I read a story, then helped students complete an activity pertaining to the lesson of the day. Utilized proximity and kept students engaged in the lesson. Also answered questions pertaining to the lesson. 


Volunteer Teacher's Aide

Vancouver School District

Volunteered for over 500 hours.  Worked in small groups and with individuals who had special needs.  Administered individual literacy exams.  Made copies and set up supplies for upcoming lessons, sometimes with short notice.  Practiced and developed classroom management skills.  Assisted with recess duty.  Practiced Spanish language skills with students on a daily basis.  Volunteered with first grade teacher, Anne Wiley.

Trainings and certifications

  • 8/23/2018                         Infant, Child & Adult First Aid and CPR (2 year certification)
  • 8/24/2018                         Safety-Care: Crisis prevention and Intervention
  • 9/4/2018                           Blood-born Pathogen training (1 year Certification)
  • 10/26/2018                      Emotional First Aid (People working with emotional crises)
  • 11/15/2018                      Medication Administration Certification

Letters of recommendation

Here are my letters of recommendation.