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Dedicated Customer Service Representative backed with more than 2 years experience in customer relations. Motivated to maintain customer satisfaction and to contribute to success of the organization. Proven ability to establish rapport with clients and exceed targets in the production floor. Seeking to take next career step with a well respected firm in market research.


December 2015Present

Member Service  Representative

Concentrix Philippines - Health Insurance Innovations 

I held the position as a member service representative who helps members on their billing concerns and administers basic medical, dental, vision, and prescription benefits and coverage. When there were new hires, I was pulled out to do Subject-Matter Expert job. I was also the Point-of-Contact when our Team Lead was out of the office. Aditya Birla Minacs became The Minacs Group in 2016 and was acquired by Concentrix Philippines in the last quarter of 2016.

Customer Relations Advisor

Concentrix Philippines - Transurban 

After 2 years in Health Insurance Innovations, I transferred to a dayshift account. Transurban is one of the biggest toll operators in Australia. I held the position as customer service representative who manages accounts of customers who roam around Australia. De-escalating is also one of my job especially when we receive complaints. 



Secondary Diploma

BettBien High School

Primary Diploma

Cherubim Learning Center


Customer Service

I have more than 2 years experience in customer service. In Transurban, one of our incentive qualifiers is Customer Satisfaction (CSAT). In every end of the call, the customer is given a survey to score the agent and I can proudly say I never had customer dissatisfaction. Two years is already enough for me to move to the next level. 

Staff Coaching

In my previous account - Health Insurance Innovations, I was given a team within a team and my job was to do the coaching. It was like preparing me to be a Team Lead someday. Coaching an agent is not a piece of cake - you have to manage the agent and the team as well. 


I always perform research before sharing a content in the web as lack of research may mislead the audiences and readers. Cross-referencing is one skill that a good researcher must have because we do not want to just base on everything that we read. Also, I make sure to seek information from respected sources such official websites and news sources.

Data Encoding

I can encode data in more than 60 words per minute.

English Language

I am proficient in both writing and speaking the English language. I enjoyed participating in debates during my days in FEU, may it be I from the affirmative or from the negative.

Autodesk CAD

I can do simple computer-aided design in two-dimentional illustrations. In college, I got a flat 4.0 as a grade.

Google SketchUp

While my knowledge about Google SketchUp is close to a beginner, I can do simple three-dimensional figures and illustrations. I have compilation of my works since I started using SketchUp in my computer.

Microsoft Office

I am knowledgeable in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint - the basics in Microsoft Office. 

Macintosh Operating System

I am knowledgeable in running a Macintosh computer.

Windows Operating System

I am knowledgeable in running a Windows computer.