Arvid Orbeck is much more than the founder, board chairman, and co-manager of Energy and Environmental Technologies (EET), LLC. Over a 35-year career, he has developed a reputation as a model entrepreneur and community leader. Now, with EET, Arvid Orbeck Jr. devotes his skills and energy to making petroleum extraction safer and cleaner.During his career, Mr. Orbeck has led half a dozen ventures in activities ranging from window coverings to personal fitness, gaining considerable knowledge of everything from research and development to finance and marketing. Arvid Orbeck’s primary focus today is the future of EET. When he founded the corporation, he obtained the patent rights for a new “sleeper” technology that removes petroleum contaminants from wastewater generated by oil and natural-gas extraction. The technology has effectively cleared petroleum residues, and now EET’s team is working to patent technology that will remove boron, another byproduct of extraction wastewater.In addition to overseeing company research into boron contamination and its elimination, Mr. Orbeck is responsible for EET’s strategic planning. Among the company’s initiatives are building industry partnerships and finding new applications for EET’s patented contamination-removal techniques, the most popular of which is Catalytic Encapsulation Technologies and Systems.Arvid Orbeck’s philanthropic efforts include his service as president of U.S. Redevelopment Agency, an organization that worked to provide housing for the economically disadvantaged. Mr. Orbeck also has served as a Recreation Commissioner for the city of Lancaster, California, where he led efforts to solve problems associated with gangs and juvenile crime and promoted family support groups centered on the city’s recreational programs and facilities.

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2000 - Present

Founder and Chairman / Co-Manager

Energy and Environmental Technologies, LLC