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Arun JeevaRaj

Masters Student , Embedded Electronics Engineering at Lund University




Masters at Lund University

Embedded Electronics engineering.



Electronics and communication at Amrita University

4 year Bachelor program, CGPA 4.4/5.

Work experience

Jun 2013Nov 2014

Electronics Design Engineer

Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre

Embedded firmware and Hardware - 

-interfacing with ADE7878 interface firmware and integration. 

-USB HID and Bluetooth firmware.

-Making Design Spec and product design.

- worked on low level driver  for an  IEEE 802.15.14 based radio stack. 

Jan 2013Jun 2013

Design Engineer

Start up- before acquired by ACNS 

Working on a smart charge controller with bluetooth and USB,  that can plug solar panels in and control the inverters from charging during peak load time.

- Worked on boot loader for the controller over USB . 

- worked on bluetooth interface.

-worked with low level driver for maxim 3 phase energy monitor ASIC.



For digital ASIC and FPGA design. Have experience with Modelsim and Vivado IDE.

Embedded C

C language used for compiling programs for micro controllers. Have experience with XC16 and XC8 from microchip. Have used GCC for TI micro controllers.


Making behavior models in Matlab and experience with Matlab scripting. Have also used R language for data analysis.

ASIC work flow

From behavior simulation in modelsim ,synthesis , place and route to  power analysis. 

Hardware Design and testing

Designing circuits ,mainly interfaces between controllers to sensors and other peripherals like  LCD, GLCD, bluetooth modules, FTDI etc. 

Using DSO , digital decoder to debug the interface.


python, Html, TCL script, and C++.


Masters 2015-2017

Currently working with  colleague Deepak Yadav on indoor localisation using radio waves and implementation into FPGA with professor Liang Liu and Frederick tverson.


During Masters 2015-2017

  • FPGA implementation with VGA out , keyboard and a self designed ALU with square root functionality in FPGA nexys 4 Board.
  • ASIC workflow and used it to design a Matrix multiplication. 
  • Layout design in Cadence 

During Bachelors 2008 to 2012 arranged in the chronological order.

  • PhotoRobot August 2009 to Present Members: Arun J.raj, jayakrishnan

PhotoRobot was a simple bot that was designed with multiple LDR sensors that help it to navigate to the place with brightest light. I designed the firmware, simulated the design in Proteus and implemented the bot in a breadboard.

  • Stenography using DWT transform Members: Arun J.raj, Vivek, Akash, vishnu yeshodar 

The idea behind the project was to implement stenography using DWT transform db6 and embed a secret message in an image file. I contributed to this project by implementing the transform and simulating stenography in Matlab.

  • Elderly aid using Zigbee Members: Arun J.raj, Dinesh Parvathaneni

To help Elderly to interact with home such as open/ locking the door , alarm for help , and other basic necessities in a wearable form.

  • VANET based secure network to locate vehicle Members: Arun J.raj, Anand mohan, Abhijith, Gayathri Narayanan

This was used to locate and gather the status of vehicles without using GPS or GSM networks securely. i simulated the VANETS networks in NS-3 with AODV routing and was involved with designing and managing the project , implemented the firmware for the controller that stays in the vehicle to acquire the status and interfacing and lastly Implemented RSA algorithm and street simulation in Matlab.

  • KL transform of a image Members: Arun J.raj I implemented the SCILAB code to compress a given image


  • Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects
  • Coursera Verified Certificates License STNVHGMLG4 February 2015
  • The Data Scientist’s Toolbox Coursera Verified Certificates License J5VXS36LQ8 February 2015
  • Image and video processing: From Mars to Hollywood with a stop at the hospital Coursera Verified Certificates License WKTKWX8TPC March 2015
  • Introduction to Philosophy Coursera Verified Certificates License TV5Q2U3TKQ8Q October 2015
  • R Programming Coursera Course Certificates License B5QDV6T4UNCU February 2016


Malayalam - mother tongue, fluent.

English       - fluent 

Svenska     - learning , elementary.

Deutsche  - learning , elementary.

Hobbies and Life style

I find myself to be a life long learner,  and I like to spend my leisure around learning. I spend time on guitar and pickingu up new languages. Currently I am learning Svenska and a bit of Deutsche. 

I spend some time meditating,  because a sharp mind is useful at any situation. 

I exercise daily by running in the morning and like spend weekend on cycling. Seeing new places is exciting on a bike.