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- Python 2/3.5
- Django/Flask
- TDD, Selenium
- REST API development
- DevOps (ansible, docker, Ubuntu/Centos)
- Git
- Continuous integration (Jenkins 1, 2/Travis), Continuous delivery
- JavaScript (mid-level)
- C (mid-level, system programming, bug fixing)
- Currently learning: ElasticSearch 2.4, Hadoop 2, Java 8 (Lambdas/Streams), PostgreSQL 9.5
- Fluent English

I use Linux servers a lot. I like to be involved in system configuration. I have a lot of difference experience like: PHP 5, Yii, Symfony2, Sphinx, MySQL optimization, Wordpress, Drupal, Redis, MongoDB, API integration, libevent, valgrind and much more.

Interested in Big Data technologies and currently learning Java 8/Scala/Hadoop.

I am very business oriented person and like to be involved in all the aspects of the project I'm working on. I understand all the challenges of IT entrepreneurs in this rapidly changing world and like to be part of the solution.

Work History

Jan 2016Present

Svitla Systems

Flask/Angular/Docker/Kubernetes developer for

Aug 2015Nov 2015

Senior Python Developer (freelance)

Tabernus, LLC (now Blancco Technology Group)

Developing Django-based product for corporate environment. TDD. DevOps. Continuous integration (Jenkins).

Apr 2015Jul 2015

Senior Python Developer (freelance)


Working on high-load issues, server profiling, celery worker optimization, API integration. Creating back-end API for, code review of junior developers.

Feb 2014Nov 2014

Full-Stack Developer (freelance)

Cake Intake

Full Stack web development for US based HIPPA compliant startup. Server administration, JavaScript development, Integration testing, Database administrator.

Feb 2013Nov 2013

Web Developer (freelance)

Full-Stack Python developer working on project with complex backend (crawling on large scale, text processing, text categorization, MySQL optimization, replication, async i/o, async DNS resolver written in C).

Dec 2012Feb 2013

Python Junior Developer (freelance)


Marketfy Django/Flask junior level developer, first experience working with US-based startup. Pair programming, sendgrid integration.


PHP Developer (freelance)


I've been working on mostly small projects with local clients. PHP 5, MySQL, Apache/nginx, Wordpress, Drupal, memcached, JavaScript, CodeIgniter/Yii/Symfony



Physico-Mathematical lyceum

Slavutich Liceum

Winner of city and regional programming olympiads.

Freelance Project - Traffic Delivery System

High-load Traffic Delivery System written in C. Project has extensive C backend (libevent, jemalloc). Double-write log, write-ahead log, data consistency. Redistributing traffic based on geolocation, time, user-agent and much more. Memory leak detection, licensing system using blowfish encryption. 

Freelance Project -

Personal Project -

scrapy project to collect ads from Google. MySQL replication.

Personal Project - Data-Adviser

Personal Project - Minecraft Hosting

PHP/C project. Using C daemon I've been managing Vanilla/CraftBukkit webservers, automatic Minecraft plugin install, Yii web interface.

Personal project - Uploader

C/PHP project to split and asynchronously upload torrent files to file hosting systems (DepositFiles, RapidShare,

Personal Project - Sports Data Parser

Working on Java 8 project scraping sport data to further analyze with PostgreSQL. Stack of technologies is: Java 8 (Maven, jsoup, junit, Sentry, log4j2, JDBC), PostgreSQL 9.4. Auto-deployed with ansible to DigitalOcean.

Personal Project - Financial API


I have a lot of experience scraping web data using PHP/Python, Scrapy, curl, async i/o, async DNS, DNS caching, proxy validation, port forwarding, proxy tunneling (delegate/RedSocks, ipconfig), full-browser scraping (Firefox, Selenium, Chrome, Safari), phantomjs, Xvfb and much more.